Cute Speak

We have a plague of crickets at the moment. We have several crawling around our floors every minute of the day. J Boy thinks it’s wonderful and is constantly catching them and examining them very closely.

I joked with him the other day that he should eat one. He didn’t respond so I continued. “In China they eat them like chips. They fry them.”

He suddenly looked up and asked in an incredulous voice, “Do chips get frightened?”

Obviously he was only half listening.

Today his brain was fully engaged. He came up with a great plan to make a day last forever. (We had lots of fun playing Lego and he didn’t want to go to bed.)

“I’m going to get Santa’s sleigh off him. I’ll fly it up into space, bump the moon out of the sky, and then it will be daytime forever.”


Watch out. Time is about to be frozen.

Just as soon as we work out how to hijack Santa’s sleigh.

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