Cookie Monster Cupcakes

A quick post today to share with you the cupcakes J Boy took to pre-prep to celebrate his birthday with his kindy friends.

When I spotted these cookie monsters here I knew instantly they were a great kindy option. Primarily because I knew they would be simple, which was the theme of birthday number 5 for me. I mean, you don’t even need to obsess about making the icing smooth – you are trying to reflect a monster’s complexion after all!

I think the Serving Pink Lemonade cupcake’s eyes are a lot more reflective of the genuine cookie monster’s loopy cookie crazed eyes. However, my I don’t think my blog inspiration got the richness of an authentic blue cookie monster coat that I achieved.

The evening after Toddler T consumed one of these fine creatures. He took almost 2 hours to go to sleep, and slumber only arrived after he provided a brilliant blue nappy. (Happily it was The Accountant who discovered it.)

A last piccy. You have to angle the camera perfectly when you are 22 weeks preggo with triplets. Otherwise the shot looks like this.

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  1. Well then, I’m guessing Givinya will be hurrying away from my page today and not wishing to comment. No blue, huh? I’m curious as to why…!

  2. These look great! Anything with goggly eyes is proclaimed to be “cookie” by Sienna! Will def. have to make these as a special treat! Love the belly pic!!

  3. Blue colouring kills brain cells. My naturopath says that blue and yellow colouring are banned in other countries… Nasty things.

    But hey, kindy kids are so young, surely they can afford to lost a couple of brain cells.

    Just serve them fish for dinner, that should replenish them!!

    They are adorable by the way – as is your bump!

  4. “C is for cookie that’s good enough for me!” I love Cookie Monster! I remember always wondering where his cookies went as a child. My husband claims he never thought about it. I guess I was always “assessing” things, even as a child. Nursing is in my bones…Anyway, I love those treats. Simple treats are the best. I once made puppy dog cup cakes that used chocolate squares for ears and jelly beans for noses with sticks of gum cut to look like a drooling tongue. Sadly, I bought plastic googly eyes. Yours are much more creative!

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