Christmas Books

Reading Christmas books has become a family tradition with my children in the lead up to Christmas. Last year we had a Book Advent with the children daily unwrapping Christmas books in December. This year we will definitely continue you this activity and Scholastic has gifted us two delightful books which are going to be a delightful addition to our Christmas read-a-long.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town and We're Going on a Santa Hunt

Both books have bonus CD’s, which always adds a bit of excitement for the kids!

“We’re Going on a Santa Hunt” has a recording by popular children’s entertainer Jay Laga’aia which is going to make the triplets excited because they have been a big fan of Jay since watching him at a Kindy Counts concert earlier in the year. Jay has such a calm soothing voice, yet somehow still manages to get children excited at the same time. This book is written in the style of “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”, which is a big hit in our family, especially when we act it out. The morning the children open this story I am going to have a Santa Hunt ready and waiting. My plan is to string some tinsel from trees to mimic swinging from tinsel trees, we will do some ninja jumping, ride pretend trains and reindeer sleds before squeezing down a “chimney” (I’m still trying to work out what this will be – it’s a pity I don’t have a play tunnel at home.) Of course we won’t bump into the real Santa like Laine Mitchell and Louis Shea’s crew did! We’ll save meeting Santa during a shop visit!

We're Going on a Santa Hunt

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” has a CD included with this much loved song sung by Human Nature from their ¬†platinum selling record, “The Christmas Album”. ¬†I always was a bit of a fan of a boy band, and having an excuse to listen to male vocals crooning while hanging out with a storybook and your children – I call that a win! The vibrant illustrations of cute animals getting ready for Christmas by Nathaniel Eckstrom are delightful. But let’s face it – any book that promotes good behaviour – once again #winning! I for one, am a parent who will milk anticipation of the naughty and nice list during December!!! (Not as a threat mind you – I prefer to focus on it as an incentive!)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town


Are you getting any Christmas reading ready for your children? Have you got any ideas for me on what I can construct (it has to be simple!) for my children to imagine they are crawling down a chimney?


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