How to Wear Stripes Stylishly

This week I am joining Style and Shenanigan’s Print Challenge. I like wearing prints, they are versatile, flattering and stylish. My wardrobe has a lot of prints in it, so I shall enjoy finding things to wear for the next six days. Stay tuned to my Instagram (See link on this page, or find me as Happyheart75)

I also thought it might be fun to do some fashion posts throughout the week.

Today’s print is stripes. I do like a stripe over here and and a stripe over there. (To quote Playschool.)

I could see myself wearing this first outfit as I strolled along a beach boardwalk. It’s Autumn here in Australia. This set is bright and cheerful, yet also functional. It’s got the marine feeling with the stripes and brilliant blues, a colour that is very much in vogue right now.

Bright and Casual

Bright and Casual by c-happyheart featuring blue patent leather flats

If I were still teaching, I could see myself standing in front of a classroom in this next outfit. Since I’m not, I could also see myself trotting off to a picnic with the shady pink hat that matches the lovely pink stripe detail on the skirt. I love prettiness, and pink always gives that pretty feeling.

Pretty in Pink

For a more preppy look, a stretchy striped jacket teamed with a stylish pair of brown boots would be a comfortable and stylish option. I’m loving wearing coral right now, not altogether pink, and not altogether orange, but certainly altogether chic. A pretty little clip to tuck the hair back and an infinity scarf finishes the look. (I do not personally own an infinity scarf yet. But I do so want to.)

Preppy and Comfortable

This sweet vintage style dress in a lovely cool mint colour would be a delightful outfit to go to church in. The diagonal stripes are a lovely option adding interest to the detailing in the dress.  
Cool Mint

Cool Mint by c-happyheart featuring sterling silver jewellery

I think the most classic striped combination is black and white. You don’t need to look like a zebra at all, although zebra’s are 100% cool. I love the chevron skirt on this little number. The shoes are also a bold option and absolutely swoon worthy. Every woman’s dream really. There are so many combinations of black and white, thank you Chanel for bringing the black and white stripe to our attention! It’s a truly enduring print.

Classic Black and White

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