Happy Heart Story: Sexist Swimming Strokes

J Bomb was asked this morning by a friend of mine (who obviously does not have children and understand the swimming capabilities of 4 year olds) what stroke he swam. “Do you do butterfly when you swim?” she asked, clueless to the fact that his strokes were any movement that helps him avoid sinking.

He looked at her indiginantly. “I don’t do butterfly, I’m a boy. I don’t swim like a girl.”

“Oh,” she said, “what stroke do you swim?”

“I think I will swim shark stroke, boys like sharks.” he seriously replied.

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Anyone have anything to say?

Hi! I would love to hear some comments if you are reading this! It feels like I’m talking to no one, which I would have thought quite possible because I haven’t advertised the fact that I’m blogging yet. However, I can see there are some visitors. (Yay!) Would love some feedback and hear what you think, whether you’ve dropped in before, of if this is your first visit… (Pretty please?)

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Beware – Another Mummy enters the Blogosphere.

So this is it. My debut blog! Welcome to me! (In my head there is a gentle applause and lots of smiling faces murmuring that it is good that she’s finally arrived.)
There is just too much funny stuff that happens in life that ought to be reported on like the time the baby ate glass and the boy pee’d on the dog. Sorry. I agree, that’s not funny, that’s just scary and gross. Will report on funny at a later date… or I’ll just make gross and scary sound funny. Whatever works.
I am looking forward to the blogging experience and hope that I do gain an audience as I tell the tales of my life. Let the blogging begin!

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