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I have recently been introduced to a new web community: Karimums. If you like connecting with other mother’s with young children who are a similar age to yours, you may want to check it out. And there are some very sweet pictures that proud Mum’s have posted of little kiddies there too! Plus there is the opportunity to connect with dietitians, a midwife and experienced mothers.

Below is some information from their website about the nutrients you need during pregnancy which may interest you. I certainly didn’t know these facts. When I was pregnant with the triplets, I knew that what I was eating was really important in getting the babies as big and healthy as possible before they arrived. Thankfully it seemed to work as they were all great weights for being four weeks premature. But my goodness, reading through this makes me realise how important it is that you are eating for two (or more!) while you are pregnant, even if you aren’t supposed to necessarily eat the quantity for two.
Mums-to-be, are you getting the nutrients you need? Statistics by Karimums

[Source: Karimums. Real mums. Real expertise. Real support.]

What stories can you tell me of eating while pregnant? Feel free to share your current stories if you are pregnant, stories if you have been pregnant, or share another person’s story of when they were pregnant! Did you eat well? 

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Spray Painting Sand

I have a whole heap of photos that have been waiting to be blogged. You can tell by the clothing that this was a few months back, (May) but it was such a great activity that I thought I should share it now.

The activity was Sand Spray Painting.

Very easy. Fill spray bottle with water, add food colouring and let the children squirt the sand or sandcastles with colour. My boys were happily occupied with this activity for hours. I can’t tell you a good ratio or food colouring:water because I think I may have added too much because my kids hands were coloured for a few days, although the faulty spray bottles are probably more so the culprits for this.

So here are the pictures of my boys hard at play.

Oh, and our dog has a hot tip for you if you do this activity. Put the spray bottles safely away so the children cannot have unsupervised play with them the next day.

Watering the sand so it was wet enough to build sandcastles.
Great concentration to fill the bucket to the very top.
The spray painters hard at work.

The yellow didn’t really show up very well. T-Star didn’t care.
T-Star soon decided (much to his brother’s chagrin) that jumping on sandcastles is just as much fun as spraying them.
Squashed sandcastle.

Hours of fun.
The poor dog the next day. Thanks T-Star.
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Wow. I’m glad that I didn’t say a time on Monday that the winner would be announced. I’ve just had my first opportunity to get to the computer. Life is super crazy right now. 
Super crazy. 
For example, I was trying to get out of the house this morning, and I didn’t drive away until 11:15. It didn’t help that Chook grabbed a flag that J Boy had sat in a very large vase, which knocked the vase over and it smashed into a million pieces. But we did make it into town. Myself, T-star and two babies. Which is easier than three babies. The poor third baby stayed at home and got lonely. When we came home, he was so overjoyed to see the other two babies, he hugged them, no really he did. (It’s actually the 2nd time he’s given a sibling a cuddle now. It’s adorable.) And he gave his sister a kiss. An open mouth kiss at that. But it was innocent, truly it was. And just a tad sloppy. 
Back to my shopping trip. It went quite well. Until I refused to buy T-star the plastic ball he found with a rubber ducky he desperately wanted to take home. When I denied his request, he kept dropping to the ground and refusing to walk. It’s a commonly used two year old tactic, and unbelievably successful at driving mothers such as myself particularly crazy. Anyway. I eventually got him back to the car. It wasn’t easy. And then we shopped for fruit and vegies after he had settled down. We got home, fed babies, had haircuts for the older boys and myself. Made food for babies. Made dinner for the rest of the family. Fed babies.Put babies to bed. Had dinner. Got boys to bed. Babies awoke. Got babies back to sleep. Soon it will be time to feed babies again…

Without further ado. The winner of the $50 Mini You voucher is:

Congratulations Selena. Contact me and let me know what email address you would like your voucher sent to. Your kidlets are going to be looking simply scrumptious dressed in their Mini You clothes!
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Me: A Vain Blurter?

I’ve been a bit quiet. No reason. It’s just a busy life I lead at the moment. I thought I’d try to write a little post, just to kill the silence, but not to take too long, because I have no Nanny today, so there’s stuff I want to get done while the babies sleep. (Well two of them.)

Do you ever have patches in life where you just feel insecure and doubt yourself? I think I’m in one of those patches at the moment, and it annoys me. It annoys me, because I know all the positive things to say to myself, and I really do believe in the power of positive words and in believing in yourself and recognising your own abilities.

But those little niggles at the back of your mind, sometimes they just keep buzzing around. But the thing I’m reflecting on at the moment is, that which ones are negatives that if I listen to I can turn into a positive, and which ones should I just straight out ignore.

Here’s 2 examples of my current musings.

1. I had people around last night. My wonderful bookclub. I absolutely adore these women and hanging out with them and having conversations that span from being incredibly intellectual one moment and talking about poo and vomit the next.(They are all Mums) After they left, I went to have a shower and looked in the mirror and realised I looked all bedraggled and worn out. In the rush of the whole day. (I was still breastfeeding when the first person arrived early and hadn’t eaten dinner yet.) I had forgotten that my hair was a mess, I was wearing daggy home clothes inclusive of my ugly “Mum jeans”. (Trinny and Susannah would cut them up or tear them to shreds.), no make up and bags under my eyes. Because these ladies are beautiful people and  good friends, I know they wouldn’t judge me for instant about my appearance. But I still didn’t like what I saw in the mirror at the end of the night. I don’t need to look a certain way. If I don’t want to wear make-up, I shouldn’t have to but I like wearing make-up and I think I look better with it on and I definitely feel better with it on. Given this is the way I feel and because I feel more confident when I feel like I’m looking good, should I be taking more pride in my appearance? Especially when I know that I’m going to be seeing people later in the day/night? (Taking into consideration I also took J Boy to soccer training that afternoon, so ‘the public’ was exposed to me twice in one day!) Some days I feel embarrassed when I look at my reflection at night just when I known the Nanny has been seeing me look like this all day. I can always find the time to put on a bit of make-up and tidy my hair, if not straighten it if I know I’m going out, so why don’t I just find the time during an ordinary day? Of course the alternate negative truth is, am I just being vain?

2. I can be outspoken at times. I have defined myself. I am a blurter. If I have been thinking and thinking about something. Sooner or later you will probably discover what my point of view is. This is not always a good thing, and it has often got me in trouble. Sometimes I know I’m going to say something to someone that I disagree with. I spend ages mulling over in my mind how to say it the nicest possible way. I also firmly tell myself what not to say. Then, on the spur of the moment, in the heat of the conversation or when I’m not sure what to say next – Blurt. Out comes whatever I didn’t want to say. Far out. Why can’t I have a re-wind button? I sincerely think that too many people don’t say what they feel when they should. Sometimes I think I need to speak up for them. I’m learning I don’t always need to. Sometimes I have learned it’s better to fight your own battles rather than get mixed up in someone elses. I’ve also learned that often people just don’t want any feedback that they would consider negative. And because the person doesn’t want the negative feedback, (I try to be more constructive then negative. I suppose it’s open to interpretation.) It’s pointless giving it. They end up angry at me and I end up digging a hole deeper by trying to explain myself. Sometimes I just get frustrated because I wish that people just can’t take on board a suggestion without being offended or think I’m trying to attack them. Sometimes I wish that everyone could just be blurters. We’d all just blurt something out, no one would be offended, they’d dismiss it without a second thought if it were irrelevent and be grateful for the feedback and take it as a chance to improve if the blurt was constructive. Ideal. But it’s not going to happen. I know because even though I try to react that way myself, there’s been many a blurt by other people that I’ve been stung by. But on my current blurting situation, I wonder, are some blurts what people need to hear? But I also wonder how much is my blurting just my ego rather then a conversation filtering problem? When is my blurting just making me a person people would rather not speak to? Is it a bit of both. How do I get better at communicating in love?

I think the crux of both these topics that have been on my mind, is that my thoughts can be incredibly self absorbed. The Holy Spirit had a little poke at me today, (in his gentlemanly manner), and reminded me to fix my sight on Jesus rather than myself. Instead of mulling over how I’m thinking and feeling, to pray, “Lord, not my will, but yours be done.”

Anyway, as it turns out this isn’t exactly a quick post. Welcome to the distractions in my mind. If you’ve got to hear, thanks for mind wandering with me. What are your thoughts? Do you want to offer me any words of wisdom? Or are you a blurter? How much pride do you place on appearance and being seen by others?

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Zara Jane Photography WINNER


Thanks to all who have entered in the Zara Jane Photography competition. Last night The Accountant very seriously sat down and read through the entries that I had dutifully blacked out all the names with my sharpie. He was very systematic about it and very thorough. I knew he would be an excellent judge. I was very relieved that I did not have to choose, there were so many brilliant response, and I just wanted to give it to everyone!

Anyway, after re-evaluating the entrants this morning, including the new overnight ones, we have a winner!

Samantha Harman
Samantha, give Zara Jane a phone call on 0401 948 860 to book your fabulous sitting. 

Now – put your hand up if you are a wee bit jealous? Well guess what? Zara has a special offer for Caitlin’s Happy Heart blog readers! So here’s a great opportunity to get some happy snaps of your own!

So here’s the deal:

Half Hour Mini Shoot
5 Photos on a disc

Seriously, how awesome is that? It won’t take too much of your time, and it certainly won’t break the bank yet the images of that half an hour will remain with your family throughout the years.

The conditions are simple to get this great deal. Book the mini-shoot before August 31. You can schedule your appointment anytime from today up until February 28, 2013. This is a great Christmas idea. Get in early and get your pictures taken, and you’ll be nice and organised to have them printed, framed and wrapped ready for Christmas. Or, Zara has appointment space available still in August, so you could get the disc back in time for a fabulous Father’s Day gift.

Of course, if you want more than five photos, you can always choose the same photography session as the giveaway – 1 hour Family Shoot, 20 photos on a disc – $150. Really, Zara Jane offers great value. If you were to pop into one of the shopping centre photography studios and get a price on their packages, you really would realise what a bargain this is. Plus, if you are photographed by Zara, you will have absolutely unique photos.

Oh, and if you aren’t from Toowoomba, but live somewhere nearby in South East Queensland, Zara is happy to come to you, she will just charge the travel costs in addition to the package cost. If you get a group of you together, this could become very affordable. It’s certainly worthwhile talking to your friends and discussing a day where you could gather all your families together in a park, the kids could have a play while each group has their session. Sounds kind of delightful, doesn’t it?

Thanks once again for
your enthusiasm with this competition. Hopefully we can continue to build some momentum so we can continue to have some giveaways regularly. In the meantime, the Mini You giveaway is running so click here to enter.

Anyway, I really hope you take advantage of this great offer if you are a local. Contact 

Zara Jane Photography 
Phone: 0401 948 860
Email: me@zarajane.com.au 

Feel free email me your favourite photo. I would LOVE to see it! (happyheart@y7mail.com) Oh, and I still haven’t decided which photo to put on my wall. It will be dependant on frame sizes etc. But it seems that the picture of The Accountant and I, Mummy and Trentstar and The Five Kids were the favourites. When my wall is finally done, I’ll be sure to share with you.
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Mini You Giveaway

I’m so excited to offer you a chance for another giveaway today. Are you like me and love competitions and freebies?

Today I have $50 voucher for one reader to spend at the ever so sweet children’s online boutique Mini You

Head on over and have a visit and tell me if you could picture a little person you know looking adorable in some of their clothes? I know I’ve been doing some imagining of my own. I love the accesories, such as the girl’s headbands and the little boy’s beret. And as for clothing, my favourites include a cute little jumpsuit and the girls swimsuit. Totally old world charm.

After you’ve had a poke around the e-store, come back here and let me know what your favourite is. Can you tell why I’m excited to offer a giveaway for such sweet clothing?

So – how to win?

Browse Mini You and then come back here and leave a comment below telling me the item of clothing or accessory you like most. (It doesn’t necessarily have to be what you will spend your $50 on.)

Bonus entries: 1. “Like” Caitlin’s Happy Heart facebook page.*
                      2. Follow me on Twitter C_Happyheart*

The winner will be announced next Monday, 13th of August. Anyone is able to enter, since Mini You is happy to post overseas. Winners will be chosen at random. Hopefully using random.org (If the Accountant can help me work out how to use it!)

*Just make sure you let me know in the comments section if you have qualified for bonus entries so I know you want to be in the competition.

By the way, if you haven’t done so already, enter my Zara Jane Photography competition. It ends today! So come back tomorrow and check out who won!

Disclosure: I have not been given anything to promote Mini You. I just thought some of my readers would like the opportunity to win a gift voucher from them.

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Increasing in Size – 8 Month Old Triplets

I’m just taking a quick break. I’ve started unpacking clothes.

The triplet’s 00 (3-6mth) clothes are getting tight so they are ready to start moving up into size 0. (6-12mth) At the moment size 0 is all big and baggy on them, but before I know it, these clothes will also be feeling snug and they will be moving into size 1. *Sob* My babies are growing up!

The triplets yesterday. The boys always pull themselves so they are standing in the cot now. I added Missy to join in the fun. This is a good example of the variety of clothing they have. Chook wears a new shirt from Grandma and his a friend’s hand-me-down jeans. Missy wears her cousin’s dress and a new shirt. Joey wears T-Star’s old shirt and cousin’s pants. (L-R)

It’s been a little bit nice having premmie babies that are growing a little bit slower than usual. I love holding onto their babyhood for as long as possible. It’s so brief in time. I watch them learning to crawl and sometimes I want the moment to suspend in time and space. It doesn’t. So just like the mother of Jesus, I try to treasure these feelings and moments in my heart. It makes me sad though, because I don’t know if the Holy Mother did better than me at storing them in my heart, I keep springing a leak and just little things disappear from my mind. Like I keep trying to remember how J Boy used to say “dinosaur” when he was beginning to speak. I know it was completely adorable, and I thought I would remember it forever. But I didn’t, and it is like an arrow piercing my heart every time I wish I had written it down.

(Here’s where I moan that I’ve discovered blogging far too late! I love recording precious memories in this context! Thanks for sharing them with me!)

Back to unpacking clothes. There is so many emotions swirling around as I do this, that I thought I might take a moment to document it. Here are some of my thoughts.

  • I am thankful as I pull of tags of brand new clothes, of the generosity of my friends and family who gave us so many beautiful things at my baby shower last year for the triplets to wear.
  • I remember with fondness the few articles of clothing I picked up for the babies off the sales racks while I was pregnant. My mind was overflowing with what was to come and uncertain of how it was going to work out. Yes it did work out, and it’s wonderful!
  • I smile at the brand new girls clothes as I remember a pregnant me delighting in finally adding pink to my children’s wardrobe!
  • I sigh as I consider the mammoth job of re-organising the triplet’s wardrobe once again. It’s such a big job sorting through so many clothes and then arranging them in a very limited space. Particularly when in the changeover period I often still have two sizes in their wardrobes.
  • I am grateful for the used clothing that friends have passed onto me. I have been given so many clothes for the triplets, and it has been so helpful not having to furnish a full wardrobe for them. As it turns out, triplets are very expensive, so every penny saved helps.
  • I chastise myself for buying a five pack of onsie singlets last week. They were on sale, but I have unpacked so many singlets. It was an unnecessary purchase.
  • I reflect on my two former babies as I unpack their baby clothes. My mind wanders down memory lane as I remember dressing my babies in the clothes I know hold in my hands. I look forward to dressing these babies in such sweet outfits once again.
  • I have a moment of despondency as I realise that after this I will probably be the last time I dress a child in size 0 and that I will be giving away 00 forever. No more boxes of baby clothes stored in the cupboard. Hurrah and Hiccup, (as I hold back a blubber).
  • I contemplate how my nieces and nephews are also growing as I unpack the mountain of clothes that my sister has passed onto me. It’s like Christmas unpacking little surprises and picking favourites from the new stash. I think of when the babies will wear the outfit and how I will make sure that Aunty Katrina see them in it, so she too can have a little trip down memory lane seeing a little baby in clothes that are so familiar.
  • I bemoan the fact that I will need to re-launder the clothes because they have absorbed the musty odour of the shipping container where I stored them.
  • I wonder who I can pass the babies clothes onto and hope that it will be a blessing to them also.
Baby Number Two: T-Star.
Baby Number One: J Boy

How do you feel when you are changing children’s sizes, or are about to recycle/get new clothing of your own? How do you organise new clothing, especially when the kids are wearing two sizes? What do you do with your old clothes?
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Feast of Life

I thought I’d share a clip today.

It is a song written by the worship pastor at my church.

Evan Shelton is a truly gifted muscian, but more importantly he is a man who is passionate about living a life that honours God. His music is a reflection of this passion.
I can remember the early days of Evan’s music career. My sister was in his class for most of their schooling. With a few others, they started a band towards the end of high school. While Julienne remained musical, she pursued theatre over music. Evan continued studying music and afterwards began working for the chuch. Since those early days Evan has written many praise and worship songs in his own unique style.

What I love about this song is that it taps into the heart of God to bless his people, regardless of race, social standing or whether we consider ourselves worthy. Take a moment to listen, and I pray that as you do, you will feel a hunger and accept the invitation to eat at the table of God.

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In 2007 I received an email from a South African friend living in China who I had worked with in the UK. (Globalisation has been great for my friendships) It was an invitation to join facebook. I can remember thinking it sounded interesting, but I had no idea what it was about. I entered my details thinking that I could always cancel it if it was pointless or dodgy.

Little did I know.

Totally CHANGED.my.world.

Mark Zuckerberg is pure genius.

Love Facebook. I love it because through it I am able to connect with friends near and far. I love catching up with old school friends that I had lost touch with. Friends that I had got along famously with, who thanks to facebook, I once again get along famously with. Cousins who live apart. We played together as kids and younger cousins I had once doted upon. It’s so hard to maintain such relationships with distance and time separating us. I love facebook for being the connecting point in between family celebrations, weddings or funerals.

I love status lines. Love trying to write something that will get a great response. Love reading other status lines. I love that I know what people are up to. I love sharing life, photos and … well … stuff.

(Dislikes. For the record. Stalkers. The Games. Being invited to play games. (And quizes, and all that type of stuff…) Bad spelling and grammar. Including my own. I hate that it’s hard to edit after you’ve published. Oh, and it can totally sap your time. If you’re not careful. I’m often not careful.)

So, the other day I decided it was time to share the facebook fun with the blog.

Caitlin’s Happy Heart has a blog page now. Feel free to swing on by and like the page. You can keep updated to short little updates, know when new posts come along, and share incidentals along the way.

So here’s the link. Come along, press the “like” button, share a comment. Tell your friends, share a link. I love having lots of readers, it inspires me to keep writing and sharing.

Are you a big facebook fan? What do you love/hate about it?

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Month Two – Three Babies in a Tub

My friend Linda has been taking monthly photos of the babies.

Here she is having a cuddle with Missy in between shots.

I’m a little behind, but I thought I’d share the first two months of the babies in our leather tub chair. (I rather love it. The Accountant gave me a pair as a birthday gift a couple of years ago.) The babies were a lot easier to get along with in their first month, where we were given a little (emphasis on little) more time to play around and arrange them in the best position for the camera. Month Two, they objected strongly and all cried voraciously. Not happy at all. But, that pretty well summed up what Month Two was like for us all!

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