Feast of Life

I thought I’d share a clip today.

It is a song written by the worship pastor at my church.

Evan Shelton is a truly gifted muscian, but more importantly he is a man who is passionate about living a life that honours God. His music is a reflection of this passion.
I can remember the early days of Evan’s music career. My sister was in his class for most of their schooling. With a few others, they started a band towards the end of high school. While Julienne remained musical, she pursued theatre over music. Evan continued studying music and afterwards began working for the chuch. Since those early days Evan has written many praise and worship songs in his own unique style.

What I love about this song is that it taps into the heart of God to bless his people, regardless of race, social standing or whether we consider ourselves worthy. Take a moment to listen, and I pray that as you do, you will feel a hunger and accept the invitation to eat at the table of God.

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In 2007 I received an email from a South African friend living in China who I had worked with in the UK. (Globalisation has been great for my friendships) It was an invitation to join facebook. I can remember thinking it sounded interesting, but I had no idea what it was about. I entered my details thinking that I could always cancel it if it was pointless or dodgy.

Little did I know.

Totally CHANGED.my.world.

Mark Zuckerberg is pure genius.

Love Facebook. I love it because through it I am able to connect with friends near and far. I love catching up with old school friends that I had lost touch with. Friends that I had got along famously with, who thanks to facebook, I once again get along famously with. Cousins who live apart. We played together as kids and younger cousins I had once doted upon. It’s so hard to maintain such relationships with distance and time separating us. I love facebook for being the connecting point in between family celebrations, weddings or funerals.

I love status lines. Love trying to write something that will get a great response. Love reading other status lines. I love that I know what people are up to. I love sharing life, photos and … well … stuff.

(Dislikes. For the record. Stalkers. The Games. Being invited to play games. (And quizes, and all that type of stuff…) Bad spelling and grammar. Including my own. I hate that it’s hard to edit after you’ve published. Oh, and it can totally sap your time. If you’re not careful. I’m often not careful.)

So, the other day I decided it was time to share the facebook fun with the blog.

Caitlin’s Happy Heart has a blog page now. Feel free to swing on by and like the page. You can keep updated to short little updates, know when new posts come along, and share incidentals along the way.

So here’s the link. Come along, press the “like” button, share a comment. Tell your friends, share a link. I love having lots of readers, it inspires me to keep writing and sharing.

Are you a big facebook fan? What do you love/hate about it?

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Month Two – Three Babies in a Tub

My friend Linda has been taking monthly photos of the babies.

Here she is having a cuddle with Missy in between shots.

I’m a little behind, but I thought I’d share the first two months of the babies in our leather tub chair. (I rather love it. The Accountant gave me a pair as a birthday gift a couple of years ago.) The babies were a lot easier to get along with in their first month, where we were given a little (emphasis on little) more time to play around and arrange them in the best position for the camera. Month Two, they objected strongly and all cried voraciously. Not happy at all. But, that pretty well summed up what Month Two was like for us all!

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Triplets – 4 Weeks

On the weekend my lovely friend Linda from 100 Days of Living and Giving came and started a year long monthly project photographing my babies. Aren’t they darling? So tiny, but four weeks on, they have already grown up so much. It’s a shame we weren’t able to get a photo when they were first born, but beginning their first weeks in hospital makes that difficult.

PS. I was so frustrated. I almost wrote a lovely post over the weekend, but when I got on to finish it, I discovered somehow it was all deleted. Hopefully I’ll find time during the week to try again.

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A Lovely Day

After Tuesday’s parenting low, we had an excursion to Ipswich on Wednesday.

Every year we go to the Ipswich Rail Museum’s “Day Out With Thomas”. Jonty absolutely adores the whole event. So much so we got an annual pass in 2009. We didn’t last year, but he begged to go the train museum all year, so I’ve got another one this year. Toot toot! (They have lots of special events for the kids with well structured activities, the kids love it.)

J Boy’s behaviour was exemplary – all day! He was sweet, responsive and back to his well mannered self. Hooray, and a big sigh of relief.

Lookie at that face! Such delight. Such a delight! If only parenting was always like this.

The fact is, you’ve got to have the hard moments and stay strong if your child is going to grow up to be a productive man or woman.

One more picture because it makes me smile. Here I am hanging out with The Fat Controller!

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Teacher's Gifts

The other day I was lined up at Target. (BTW, does anyone else find the new queing system irritating, I know it’s a fair way to organise things, but it seems I wait longer now…) The two women standing behind me started a conversation discussing the merits of giving their child’s teacher a gift. The two of them were favouring a no gift policy.

The ladies spoke loudly that they felt it was ridiculous how many people bought teacher’s presents these days. Why should teachers get gifts for doing their job? They get paid to work after all. Why should they need anything when they collect a pay check each week? One of the women went on to comment, “No one gives me gifts for doing my job well.”

Now, I don’t think for a moment that teacher’s are automatically entitled to gifts. As a teacher, I don’t not think less of the parents or children who have not given me gifts. Alternatively, I don’t favour the students who do give me gifts.

What the gifts do is make me feel appreciated. It is a form of acknowledgement to me that, “Yes, you are doing a good job.” It makes me feel that all the extra hours work I have put in preparing lessons, resources and activities has not gone unnoticed. It gives me encouragement that I am making an impact on that child’s life and provides inspiration to keep doing my job as well as I possibly can.

To the ladies in the que, I simply turned around and said, “As a teacher, I really do appreciate a gift I am given.” At which one of the ladies looked amazed, (and slightly embarrassed) and gasped, “Really?” She was so completely incredulous it astounded me. I wish I had said, (you know how you always think of good things to say after the event…), “Well if your boss or a client gave you a gift as a token of your great work, wouldn’t you appreciate it and wouldn’t you feel appreciated?” 

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The Happy Heart of a Sweet Tooth

It was birthday recently. This is what my sister gave me.

All homemade. Vanilla fudge. Chocolate fudge. Pistachio Fudge. My childhood favourite, Russian Caramel.

WORST present EVER.

I have no willpower.

They are YUM. They are DELECTABLE. They are HEAVENLY.
I am on a SUGAR HIGH.

If she weren’t 2 sizes smaller than me I would suspect sinister motives. Like she was trying to steal my wardrobe. (Sorry, not steal. Just long term loan.) A sister would do that.

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