Fiddlesticks! GIVEAWAY

I normally reserve pre-packaged snacks for when we are out and about, it’s a special treat that way, plus packaged things are just easier to carry around a lot of the time. If things are really busy at home, I may let them eat a ‘commercial’ snack, sometimes when the triplets are waiting for their dinner it can be quite handy to give them something to nibble on while they wait.
I’m always on the lookout for healthy little snacks to give the kids. I had come across the Little Bellies range in my local supermarket (in the babies section) and was pleasantly surprised that they have produced snacks for young children which are certified organic, very low in sugar and use quality, healthy ingredients which are free from artificial additives, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified ingredients.
Little Bellies sent us some Fiddlesticks to try. They are organic mini cheesy breadsticks made spelt and wholegrain wheat flour, low in sugar, baked and not fried and of course no artificial colours or flavours. The first time the triplets tried them, I had my iPhone ready, so here is their reaction! As you can see they really do like them!
Oh. And a warning. They are terrible at climbing at the moment, and they just won’t keep seatbelts on. It’s all a bit wobbly at the start because Toby was doing his signature, “stand on the highchair tray move”. Be still my beating heart… But let me reassure you, we are teaching him not to!
Watch Jayden and how he refuses to let go of his dummy! They have been sick and teething lately and very dependent on their pacifiers. Sigh.

Jonty and Trent also loved them. I would happily send a bag of Fiddlesticks to school with Jonty, knowing that it will be a great, healthy snack for him.

Can you tell that we have been talking about how food is fuel for your body and gives you energy?

Here’s the exciting bit! Little Bellies is giving away a basket of Little Bellies goodies (one of each, RRP $30) to a Caitlin’s Happy Heart reader.

To win, you must be an Australian resident, like Caitlin’s Happy Heart on facebook and answer the following question, (include your email address please):

What healthy snacks do you feed the little bellies at your house?

The winner will be someone who inspires me to make/choose your easy, healthy snack for my five kids!

Competition closes on Tuesday 11th of June at 10:00am. The winner will be announced on facebook and emailed. If I receive no response within 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

Good luck!

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Priorities and Stuff…

Hello there. I have been awfully quiet around these parts lately, haven’t I?

I thought I should offer an explanation for my blog neglect. Plain and simply, it’s the stock standard excuse. In one word: Busy.

Here’s the thing with blogging. It takes a lot of time. Which means when you are busy, prioritizing is required to get it done. I’m hopeless at prioritizing. Have been always. When I was a kid in primary school, my school used a rather questionable learning model called ACE. (Accelerated Christian Education) While I’m glad that ACE allowed my church the freedom to establish a Christian school in the ’80’s, and there were definitely some really good elements in it, there were several glaring weaknesses. For one, it didn’t suit my learning style.Secondly it required a lot of self discipline to set goals and complete pages in little booklets. I did not have good self discipline and unfortunately this system did not help me acquire it. I was also a day dreamer and found it hard to focus, so combine all that together and it rather stunted my academic progress. Thank goodness I still had some caring teachers who did their best to work around the system and cater for my indivdual needs, so at the end of the day I got through primary school having solid foundations in everything, except maybe a slight handicap in Math. (But who knows, that could have happened regardless. Mathematics and I generally only have a relationship due to necessity.)

Anyway, sorry, I’m being reflective here which isn’t of that much importance, except to say I have always and still struggle with organising myself to be disciplined and prioritising my time. During this season of Lent, this has been something I’ve decided to work on. Especially with social media usage. So, with varying degrees of success, I’ve been reducing the magnetic compulsion to waste time at the computer. I adore Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogging, and I think they enhance our relationships with others. For me they have been an excellent escape and an opportunity for “me time”. And blogging has been wonderful for letting me express myself expressively while recording memories for our family. Sadly though, quite often when I switch on the computer, I tend to drift here, there and everywhere and before I know it, time has slipped by and when I surface into the real world, there is so often a level of chaos that I could have, alas, should have, addressed if I had reduced and better used my time on the internet. Because really, I don’t have unreasonable blogging times. I aim to do at least one post each week. My ideal is two posts, anything over that is real bonus material!

Having said all that, I have had many  delightful reasons for not blogging in the past busy fortnight. I went to Sydney for two nights with my extraordinary husband. Oh my, such a treat it was! But so busy leading up to that day, getting everything ready for Grandma to take over for three days. We have had rainy days to keep children occupied and parent teacher interviews and playgroups to attend. A cookie exchange to bake for and a memorial service to celebrate the life of a truly great man. (Another school friend’s father sadly passed away.) As well as that, I have had a guilty pleasure. In the past week, I have had read a book! But no, not just one book – THREE! On my way to Sydney on the plane I started the Hunger Games trilogy. On the plane ride home I started the second book. After that it was snatching a moment here and there to read a few pages at a time and staying up late at nights devouring the words and being transported to another time and place by an expert storyteller. It has been so long since I have enjoyed a read so much.

A leisurely breakfast in Sydney.

So tell me. Are you an organising, prioritising guru? Do tell me some secrets to your success. I will take all hints I can get. Or are you like me completely hopeless and procrastination is your middle name. Somewhere in the middle? Speak up, share, encourage or bemoan the complexities of juggling every day life! I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Personal Planner Special Offer

I am anxiously awaiting my personal planner to arrive in the mail. I’m so excited to see it and start using it. I have a picture of Alex and Jonty piggy backing on the front and an adorable picture of the triplets on the back. I think once it arrives I will have to tape a picture of Trent and I on the inside so we aren’t left out! I didn’t know whether to choose a small planner to fit in my bag, to travel with me everywhere. In the end I chose a large one and intend to use it to plan fun things to do with my kids each day, because you know somehow if you don’t plan these things, you just get bogged down in the day to day grind, and before you know it you’ve run out of time. It will also have loads of room for me to write some to-do lists. I hope I can check them off! (Such a fulfilling feeling!)
Anyway, I really would recommend Personal Planner to you, it was so much fun personalising it to make it suit my personality and my stage of life. Teaching friends, keep this in mind next year when you are choosing a diary. I definitely would have enjoyed using one of these back in my teaching days. You can choose to have all types of teaching editions such as class lists, records and a mark book. Too cool.
If you do want a Planner this year though, head over and order one before Valentines day, enter the code below and you’ll get 15% off. Bargain!

Disclaimer: I received a voucher and a planner to giveaway previously. When personal-planner offered this discount to my blog readers, I was happy to pass it on to you. I hope you are able to take advantage of it, if you are needing a new diary!
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Personal Planner – GIVEAWAY

It must be the teacher in me that enjoys planning. Of course back in my teaching days, extensive planning was required: term plans, weekly plans, daily plans and lesson plans. It was both exhilarating and exhausting.

Life as a Stay At Home does not require the same level of planning. Although for someone programmed to plan, such as myself, I still enjoy planning various occassions, events, not to mention the general day to day life of our family.  The time has come to rely on more than a just a wall calendar and scraps of paper that I’ve been using recently. I’m really excited that the good people at have given me a voucher to spend on a Personal Planner for 2013. 

Oh the possibilities! I feel I’m going to be so much more organised keeping everything in one place as I organise dates for playgroup and school dates. And or course there is always doctor appointments, coffee dates, birthdays, anniversaries. No excuse to miss a date right? (Ahem…) And then there are the dates I’m dreaming of putting in my diary for this year. A weekend away with the hubster without kids, maybe an overseas holiday before we have to pay for the triplet’s flights or my own trip to a spa for a manicure, facial or massage? 

In any case Personal Planner has a brilliant product where I will be able to record my ‘stuff’ in a really attractive book. I love the fact that you can put a personalised picture on the front. But which photo to choose?  

No matter if I can’t choose, there are plenty of other attractive options.

I could even be tempted to go simple with just my name and a chic design on the front…

Their planners provide you with endless design possibilities. You can change colour, text and design on front/back cover as well as inlay. There are also clever boxes for to-do list, gym session, preschool, idea of the week and weather. Friend’s and family member’s birthdays can also be added to the inlay directly from Facebook. They print and deliver the finished product directly to our your doorstep.  Here are a few things that I like about these planners:
  • Design the front/back cover
  • Tons of ways to design the inside to suit your style & needs.
  • Add friends & family members birthdays to the inlay 
  • Choose between 4 different sizes
  • You pick the start date. 
  • And best of all its fun and easy 🙂
Here’s the fun bit. Personal Planner is also giving one lucky reader of Caitlin’s Happy Heart a $45 voucher to spend on a personal planner.
Check out the range at or check out the Facebook Page, (They would love it if you ‘liked’ it as well) then let me know: What design would you choose and what plans do you hope to include in your Personal Planner in 2013? I will choose my favourite comment as the winner.

Some guidelines:
  • Entries close on Wednesday 30th January, Winners will be contacted first, therefore it is imperative I have a way of contacting you. If necessary, leave an email address in your comment or email me your address if you would prefer. (My address is listed on the right hand side of this page)
  • International entrants are accepted.
  • Prize cannot be exchanged for money
As I have mentioned, I will receive a gift voucher for doing this post. I have not been paid in any way and what I have written are my own opinions.

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Havaiana Kids Packs

Important note for my foreign readersA thong is what Australians wear on our feet, as opposed to something others wear in more personal regions. Some refer to them as flip flops or jandels, I don’t know what else you may call them, but they looks like this:
On to the story.
The first time I heard about Havaianas was when my sister-in-law excitedly showed me a pair she had received as a birthday present. I truly didn’t know why she was so excited over a pair of thongs. Then I saw the price? Huh? You pay that much for a piece of rubber with straps? Why not buy them from Kmart for a fraction of the cost?
A couple of years later, I saw some Havaianas that looked a bit more unusual and attractive than an average thong and I succumbed and spent the money. Never.looked.back. I had no idea it was possible to wear thongs which supported your foot. They felt comfortable and looked good. Totally worth the price, and let’s face it, compared to most footwear, they are very affordable.
Recently my sons were gifted some kids Havainas. They LOVE them. Predominantly because they have cool pictures on them – Batman and Transformers. But I love them too because I know that their growing feet will be supported and there’s less chance of their growing and developing foot rolling and not being supported by lesser quality soles.
And guess what? Havaina has gift bundles out with really cute children’s thongs, just in time for Christmas. If you love your Havaina’s (or if you want to try them out), this is an excellent Summer Christmas option.
Here are some examples
There’s Tranformer bundles:
Bundle Kids Transformers
Optimus Prime
Bundle Kids Transformers
My Little Pony
Bundle Kids

Each gift box contains one pair of Havaianas plus one from a selection of matching collectible toys.
Transformers bundles include either Optimus Prime, Megatron, Ironhide, Blackout or Powerglide toys.
My Little Pony bundles include one of two ponies in Sweetie Belle’s Ice Cream Train Car.
Havaianas x Optimus Prime Bundle
Available exclusively from:
Havaianas x My Little Pony Bundle
Available exclusively from:

What footwear do you and your family like to wear during the Summer months?

(I wasn’t sponsered to do this post, but my J Bo

y and T-Star were given a pair of Havainas. Anything I have written is my actual opinion.)

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Blogger Problems

Hello. I’m terribly sorry, but for the moment I am not blogging because blogger is saying that I have reached 1GB storage limit. But I’m hearing there are a fair few of these stories happening at the moment, and it just doesn’t seem right to me, so I’m just paused trying to work out my next move. I could pay the monthly $2.50, but quite frankly, I used blogger because it’s free, so I’m thinking it might be time to head across to WordPress, but that will take time also. So sorry, but stay tuned…

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Advice for Surviving With Newborn Triplets

Last week I mentioned that there is a couple I know nearby who are pregnant with triplets. I wrote some pregnancy tips. I’ve got a moment now to continue with some of my advice for when they are born. Of course, with all advice, some of it won’t work for you, I understand that, so if you are a new triplet Mum/Mum-to-be glean what you can! I’m just going to right as things pop into my head, no particular order, so pardon the haphazardness!

1. Get THREE good quality electric swings!
Honestly, this is the very first piece of advice that popped into my mind when I thought about what advice to give. I swings were almost in constant use for the first three months, and because they were small, they continued to use them up until about six months old.

Welcome to triplet central! They are all asleep in their swings after busy playing and bouncing, and basically using all their toys. This was at the five month mark.

We had 2 second hand swings plus a brand new one from my sisters as a baby shower present. Unfortunately the babies didn’t care that the brand new swing, was cute, compact and aesthetically pleasing. It quickly became ‘the despised swing’. And we ended up hardly using it because they wouldn’t settle in it. It was a small one that swung back and forward instead of side to side. I’ve heard since that many babies won’t settle in the smaller back and forward ones, so my advice would be to get the side to side swings. Ignore the cheaper cost of the small one, it will be a bigger waste of money if you buy a swing that doesn’t get used. Having said that, in the end, someone loaned us a larger Fisher Price back and forward swing, and it had seven variable speeds, so because it rocked quite fast, it was deemed acceptable.

But back to the 2nd hand swings. They all broke. Honestly, we broke three swings. It may have been that they were just in such constant use (except overnight) that they gave up the ghost, but if you have triplet’s with cholic and reflux, believe me you will get your money’s worth. I wish that we had bought three brand new swings. Because they were so little to begin with they used the swings for longer then usual, so we would have had good value. Once when a swing broke, we got absolutely ripped off buying a 2nd hand swing just because we were desperate. It had the most pitiful slow rock and stopped before long. I still kick myself that I didn’t buy a brand new one that was on sale at the time. Plus I’ve since discovered that electric swings have really good resale on Ebay, so you can probably get some of that money back. As for us, we lost all that we spent because we threw it out. (Truly, The Accountant had great delight cutting it up with a hacksaw) When they were first born, we only had two swings, and we were constantly rotating them. At first they would sleep really well in an old hand me down snuggly rocker, but as the reflux got worse and they got older they all preferred the swings. Just do it for your sanity!

This is the triplet’s on their 40 weeks due date. As you can see, Missy is protesting already about being  in the despised swing. Chook is in the rocker they used to love to snuggle in. Chook was in the swing. It looks nice but it was soon broken.

2. Feed them all at once.
When one would wake at night, I would get the others up and feed them also. You want to do anything you can to try and get as much uninterrupted rest as you can. Believe me, those first few months are brutal. If they are on a 3 hour feeding cycle you will be lucky if you get two hours un-interrupted. I tried so hard to get them to four hourly, which they were on when they left the hospital, and it’s what I did with the older boys, but the triplet’s just wouldn’t comply. In the end, I just had to make peace with the fact that the three hours was there to stay. I did this by reassuring myself that they must need the extra feeds since they were so small. When I say feed them all at once, I generally did it one after another. I really disliked feeding two at a time, and so did they, so we were all happier to have individual feeding sessions. Sometimes you just have to go with what works for you.

3. Write down their feeding schedule
For awhile after they first came home, I didn’t use my schedule that I had bought before the babies were born.  But I started getting confused all the time, and it made it so much easier to write down who was fed when. I wish that I got a larger book, I could have continued writing it down for a bit longer. Actually sometimes I still forget who I’ve breastfed and who had a bottle etc.

I bought one from here. I bought six months, but if I was to do it again, I’d probably get 9 or 12 months. I don’t really need it now, but sometimes it would be useful, because sometimes I just can’t remember who got breastfed last! You could make something similar and bind it yourself if you wished.

Accept help that you will find useful when it is offered to you. I was telling an older lady at church that I really had to decide beforehand that I was going to accept help. Too often in life we say that we are OK, when sometimes it would make life easier to just accept the help. She made a very valid point that it’s just pride that makes us decline a person’s genuine offer for help when we need it. Wow. Made me feel less guilty that I would be sinning to not accept help!!!

Useful is a key word. Now isn’t the time to let people ‘help’ you if they aren’t really helpful. Be polite when turning down their offer, I know it can be awkward, but extra stress right now is not good. Sometimes people start to help you, and it’s good at first, but you and the babies just grow out of it. Just let the person know also that you don’t need that particular help at the moment. Sometimes they are able to help in another way.

For example, My mother-in-law did the ultimate sacrifice and would come over and stay overnight and help feed the babies, but after awhile I was just getting so confused overnight because I was getting up sometimes and not others, (because I still had milk that needed to be drunk, and why express when there was a baby to be fed?), I would be waking when she was feeding and not able to get back to sleep anyway. So I just let her know that we were doing OK now with getting up throughout the night, even though it still meant I was sleep deprived

. Instead she started coming out Saturday afternoons, and she still does, which is super helpful. She plays, baths and dresses her grandkids which is creating a lovely bond and the big boys also get a chance to have some Daddy time without the babies.

It’s helpful to get someone to organise volunteers at first and while you are pregnant. My Mum was great at organising the volunteers. It’s just one less thing I needed to worry about by getting her to negotiate with people.

It’s really, really, really helpful to have meals made. We used Meal Baby, which really was great for booking meals in advance, and it let others know what meals others were providing so we didn’t end up with 20 dishes of lasagne. We also had people who made baked goods, which were great snacks, particularly for in school and work lunch boxes. Once the babies were older I’ve appreciated a friend once brought around baby food puree and my Mum now mooshes up vegies regularly from her garden for the babies. As you can imagine, we go through so many vegies and it all takes time, so that’s a great help.

At the start it’s useful just having a 2nd person around during feed times as well. It’s a pretty lovely job, just sitting having a chat and cuddling a baby, (of course there is sometimes a nappy to change, but that isn’t too bad in the early days generally!), but it’s so helpful. It’s such an awful feeling having a baby scream while you are trying to feed another one (or two).

Grandma is always willing to give a cuddle to a fussy baby.

I found it most helpful to get a weekly commitment from people. That way I could rely on them, I knew that I would have help when it was needed and I didn’t have to constantly go seeking help. So I literally scheduled people like the wonderful Crazy Sister to come Wednesday 12:00 to help nurse babies while I fed.

Other help that was appreciated was one lady who would come Monday mornings and clean my house for a few hours. (Blessed my socks off) And I still have our Pastor’s wife who irons for 6 hours on a Wednesday. How is that for sacrificial friendship?

5. Organise In Home Care

If you are in Australia, look into In Home Care. Basically it’s where you get someone into your house to help with the children as an independent contractor, and you will get back CCB and CCR from the government to reduce the cost of their wage. It will cost you money, but nothing like hiring a nanny, and it’s money out of the budget that is absolutely well spent. There are rules and regulations that took me awhile to get used to. If you were following me when I was pregnant, you may remember just how much it stressed me out. (To the point of bringing on contractions.) However it’s finding a balance. Get it organised while you are pregnant, that way they will be able to start when the babies come home. Also, when hiring an In Home Carer, go with you gut instincts. Find someone you can be friends with. I know they are working for you, but they are in your home, and you still need to feel comfortable in your home, and not like it’s being run as a daycare centre, even though the rules are designed for day care centres practically. You need someone who is of course good with children, but also friendly, flexible and willing to go the extra mile. It doesn’t matter if they look good on paper and you can think of all the reasons why they should be good, just go with your gut. After all, this person is going to be super important to your children, so I can’t stress how important it is that you feel comfortable with them in your home. Having said that, you absolutely CANNOT steal Miss Rachael. I’m already miffed that she will be finished her university degree next year. We LOVE her!

6. Cots

Even if you want the babies to sleep together in the early days, I would organise three cots before they come home. You’ll be so busy once they arrive so it would be good to have it under control. Or at least know where you are going to get them from so when you are ready to buy them you don’t have to go searching. We put our three straight into the cots. Basically I figured they had been sleeping in their own cots in the special care nursery, and eventually they would need to sleep on their own again once they started wiggling about, so I thought there was little reason to make them re-learn how to sleep on their own. Having said that, sometimes they just wanted to snuggle together. So there were times I’d put them all in their cot for a snooze.

Well. I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface with triplet advice. Anyone want to add some further thoughts?

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Advice for New Triplet Parents – Pregnant Triplet Mothers

Yesterday I discovered that some acquaintances of ours are pregnant with triplets. It’s a total spin out. The last time triplets were born in Toowoomba was over five years ago, but now there’s another on the way in less then a year! And I know the parents! And they live nearby! There’s a couple more amazing things, but I won’t go on, because I’ll let this couple make their own announcements about their exciting future. (Toowoomba is small place.)

Anyway, since I’ve heard this news I’ve had so much advice I could give them buzzing around in my head. I had never met anyone with triplets before we had ours. Except a lady at a museum one day while I was pregnant, and I had a very informative 10 minute chat which I still think about. I had some numbers for another triplet Mum. I hate ringing on the phone. It’s the introvert in me. I’m almost scared of the phone sometimes. So I finally got the courage up and rang, twice. And she was busy, and even though she said she would, she never called back, so that was it for me. I so wanted to talk to someone though. The most information I got was from reading blogs. Thank you triplet Mum bloggers! I had no links with Aussie triplet Mums. (If you are out there, let me know where you are! I’d love to connect!)

So, I thought I’d write some of my advice down. That way if you are a new Mum-to-be of triplets, or multiples, perhaps some of what worked for me might work for you. It won’t all work for you. It never does, you just have to pick and choose when it comes to parenting and advice. Of course this isn’t comprehensive, but it’s the first things that stand out in my head.

A. Pregnancy

1. PRAY! The power of God is amazing. Pray, and get others to pray for you, that your pregnancy goes smoothly and that the babies are born healthy and similar weights. Pray that it’s not too painful and that you don’t get too big. I prayed for all these things, and God answered my prayers. I don’t think my babies would have been born at 34 weeks with  weights ranging from 4lb 3oz – 4lb 13oz (I think) without some God intervention. And then once the babies are born, keep praying. Never stop. KC – I’m praying for you already also!

2. Do what your doctor tells you. If your doctor says stop hanging the clothes on the line. Stop. Get volunteers to help you. If he says stop doing the housework. Stop. Go to bed, get more rest. Just do it. I was able to stay at home right up until I had the babies. If you overdo it. You’ll end up in hospital. You may end up there anyway without it being your fault, so try to make sure that you stay our of there, or if you have to go on hospital bed rest, you do it with a clean conscience! Also listen to your body. If you are aching. Stop doing what has caused it. This is no time to be a superhero. There’ll be plenty of time to push yourself to the edge once the babies are born! Think of it this way. If all your babies live to be at least 80 years old, that’s a combination of 240 years worth of living, just waiting to get started within you! Don’t do anything to jeopardise their future!

3. Accept help It can be really hard to sit down and watch someone do your housework. You wouldn’t think so, but it really is. But accept the help when it’s offered. This also applies after the babies are born. Try to enlist help at certain times. I found if someone committed to getting the clothes onto the line on Tuesday morning and another person said they would take them off Tuesday afternoon, it would get done. If I randomly asked for help, sometimes it would get done, sometimes people would forget, because they have busy lives too. Get someone to co-ordinate the volunteers for you, it will be one less stress for you and having committed volunteers will help your home run smoothly.

4. Get older kids out of the house if possible. I have a great support network, so I was able to rely on family and friends to commit to times to take my boys each week. If you are a mother to older children, it will help you stay calm and rest if you can have breaks from the kids. I think I would have had the babies earlier if I didn’t get this help. You may also get someone to come into your home and help with the older kids while you rest. Make sure it’s someone who is thoughtful and really does make your rest their priority. Unfortunately for me, the days this happened I would end up with contractions every time by the end of the day from getting up so often to help the helper, and whenever I tried to sleep she’d let the boys come in and interrupt me. You may not want to hurt someone’s feelings, but this isn’t the time to put up with unhelpful helpers. I sometimes wonder if I might have lasted another week or so if I didn’t get those contractions after my ‘helper’ had been in the home.

5. Meal Baby Particularly if you have a family to feed, towards the end of the pregnancy ask for volunteers to start cooking night meals for you. Making meals started contractions for me, so I was so grateful for those who made meals for us during the last weeks. If you don’t have older children, talk with your husband whether he will need assistance with meal preparations. But definitely get people to help with meals the first couple of months after the babies are born. You will both be too tired to cook every night. Have a whole heap of frozen meals and easy to prepare meals (stock your pantry with packets and jars of food and frozen meat that you can throw something together in 15 minutes). My Mum still makes us a meal occasionally and she regularly makes baby food. It’s still appreciated! (Which is now no different to any mother on the planet appreciating a night off.)

6. Keep yourself busy but also rest. I was really disappointed how little I got done on bed rest. I had all these grand plans of things I was going to do. I found that I could only have limited computer time, because my stomach was so big it was awkward using the computer. When you are using the computer, it’s a great opportunity to find blogs (or forums, but I’m not a forum girl) that you find useful. Make connections with other people. Write comments on their blogs and establish a friendship, it can be helpful to have other multiple Mum connections even if you live on the other side of the globe. You can use my blog roll as a starting point if you like. I had also wanted to do more sewing, but lying down is better, I could feel the pressure of all the babies whenever I sat up too much, so I would have to stop. TV is good, although towards the end, the recliner wasn’t even keeping me flat enough. I read a ton of books. I was all caught up for 6 months ahead with my bookclub reading list. This was great because it meant I could still participate in bookclub after the babies were born, which is an excellent time for social interaction that just feels normal. Plus my bookclub girls were happy to come to my place for our meetings and cuddle babies throughout the night, so Alex got a night off too!

I think this post might be long enough for now, I’ll continue with tips for life after the babies are born in another post.

Does anyone want to add some advice? You may or may not be a triplet/multiple mama. Don’t feel like just because you haven’t had multiples that you may not have some good suggestions. I’ve had helpful advice from so many people. Plus, if you’ve been reading my blog, or other triplet mum’s blogs, you might just have some advice gleaned from there.

Are you a pregnant triplet mother? Do you have any questions? I’d love to answer whatever I can. Ask away about pregnancy, or if you answer before I do the next post, I might try to include it. (If I’ve already written the sequel, ask anyway, I’ll still see your question and be happy to answer or private message you.

32 weeks

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Triplet Hot Spots

Being able motor around independently has resulted in many triplet’s developing favourite places to hang out. I’m not a play pen type of mother. I’m not even fussed on gates to keep them out of areas, although sometimes it would be useful. Of course it’s important that there are child locks on the areas that have dangerous items. But I like the whole concept of them roaming wild, and if I don’t want them somewhere I shut the door or put a new child lock on a cupboard.  I thought you might be interested in knowing the triplet hotspots.

The Family Room

We have the triplets toys positioned in baskets out in the general area at the moment along with a bouncer thing. Thankfully they like to play with their toys. (Better than T-Star who hardly played with any toy until he was about 18 months old.) So you will often see them here hanging out in a serious toy session.

The Playroom.
The babies have all their toys in baskets in the family living area. But they adore getting into the playroom and playing with big boys toys.

The babies are 9 months here. J Boy found a way to keep them from getting into his cars.

We are constantly having to do inspections and sweeps to find small toys and an assortment of items that otherwise will end up in a triplet’s mouth. Even still, we have fished a huge amount of bits and bobs out of various mouths. One time Missy was not eating her food and making weird faces after each bite and a funny little cough. I thought she didn’t like the food I was giving her. So I tried something else. Same reaction. Then she did a big vomit so I thought, she must not be eating because she’s feeling a bit sick. Miss Rachael carried her off to her bath, where she discovered Missy had consumed a tiny piece of plastic from some wrapping J Boy had opened earlier and it had stuck to the roof of her mouth. Poor little girl. And just a tad scary for us too. It’s so hard keeping every tiny bit off the floor. Especially with two older brothers who seem to drop things constantly.

This is their favourite corner of the playroom. Who knows why. Do they need a reason? The Accountant likes it because Missy has started waving goodbye from the window as he goes to work if she’s in there.

The Kitchen

A big favourite. There are some points of key interest that all three triplets in this room.

The Dishwasher

It’s very hard to unload the dishes some days. Chook. Caught in the act.
I wrote about the triplet’s dishwasher fascination, and a few days later The Accountant yelled  for help when he was trying to unload. Instead I saw this and then ran for my camera. Illustrated my point beautifully.

The Pantry
The triplets ADORE the pantry. If the door is left even a little ajar and they notice, they will all make an instant bee line to it. I keep things at their level, so they love knocking around the plastic containers of drinks, lunchboxes, cereal containers. I also keep the children’s cutlery at a level that the big boys can access it in plastic cups. This is a favourite object to knock over. If we let them, they would hang out here practically forever.

First stop was the saucepan drawer.

But since then I have allocated them their own cupboard. The Tupperware cupboard. They pull everything out with gay abandon. I no longer have “a place” for anything in that cupboard. It is strictly a chuck everything randomly back in the cupboard and quickly shut the door. Sure it’s hard to find things. But sometimes, it’s all about giving the little guys another activity. And Tupperware throwing. Apparently it’s a great activity.

The Higgledy Piggledy Tupperware Cupboard is about to be dismantled.

The Bathroom

Waiting patiently bathtime.

The babies love their own baths and once it’s over (or while they are waiting to get in) they are always keen to supervise the others. If they crawl in to watch the big boys, they sometimes end up drenched fro

m T-Star’s vigorous splashing.

The Laundry

I really can’t work out why this is a hot spot for the trio. There really doesn’t seem like much for them to do in here. (As opposed to the plenty of things to do for those of us who can actually wash, fold and iron.)

But when the babies are in the mood for a bit of clean fun, they will happily congregate in here for a comfortable half hour and have been known to remain for up to an hour. All I’ve observed them doing is looking out the glass door, (even though this isn’t the only one in the house), squeezing in between the space in between the glass door and washing machine, talking to one another, chewing pegs, crawling in circles and banging on the washing machine. (I’m told it makes a great noise.)

Cheap thrills.

The Placemats

They are kept on a low open shelf. It is a huge amount of fun to get them out and throw the placemats on the floor. Huge amount of fun. (Just try it yourself one day.)

Uh oh. We’ve been busted.

So. Do you have hotspots in your home? Where are they, and who is your hotspot occupant(s)?

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5 Favourite Candid Triplet Photos

I am linking up today with Multi Mommas sharing is my favourite 5 triplet photos. I decided to only chose candid photos from our personal album, since I’ve already shared many of our professional photos on this site already. So here are my five favourite photos that we have happy snapped!

1. First time holding the triplets together.
I thought my heart was about to burst. I was so proud and so in love. This was day 8 in the special care nursery.

2. Triplets coming home.
It was so lovely the day we brought the triplets home and started life in our home with 8 family members under one roof. Later that afternoon Grandma, Grandad, Aunty Katrina and all the five cousins came around and our two big kids showed off their new little siblings. The cousins weren’t allowed in the special care nursery so this was the first time they met the little guys. The triplets were asleep when they arrived. (Not for long) and the room soon resembled a petting zoo with little hands poking through the bars in the cots to stroke the babies, kids hanging over the edge to get a look and cameras clicking away. I get tears just remembering how happy I was that day.

3. Christmas Photo
They look so sweet dressed in their Christmas clothes. But wow, weren’t they tiny?
4. Easter Photo
We went to Bundaberg for Easter and had a wonderful time hanging out with extended family there. Grandma gave these ears to the triplets as an Easter present, and they looked adorable dressed in them.
5. My Five Children
The triplets are seven months old here. I love the kids all dressed in their screen printed shirts that their great-aunts gave them. The triplets are wearing their cute stripey pants that a friend bought them in London before they were born. I’m just so proud of my kids. They make a good looking crowd, not that I’m biased at all!

So there you are, 5 of my favourite photos. I don’t think I could say with certainty that they are more top 5, because there are far too many to choose from, but these are the first five that came to mind!
If you want to check out some of the professional photos, here’s some links. 
Multi Mommas
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