Triplet Name Suggestions Continue…

Yesterday I shared J Boy’s triplet name suggestion was ‘Pingo’. It just keeps getting better. He is still suggesting Pingo, but has also brought another name to the table. ‘Pingi’. Of course I expected his third name offering to be something like ‘Pingu’. But no, if anything, J Boy is not predictable. He thinks that we should have Pingo, Pingi and … ‘Sixo’.

I know???? Makes no sense. But when you are four, things don’t need to make sense.

I have decided to compromise with him. I have said that if we are naming a new dog or cat, (of which I have a desire to acquire neither), then we would consider Pingo or Pingi.  He didn’t seem to notice that I had left Sixo out of the equation.

Matching the triplet’s Christian names is not on my agenda. The other day I saw two American twins on Dr. Oz. Their names were ‘Lovey’ and ‘Dovey’. I have to say I cringed. I mean, Lovey and Dovey both seemed to be lovely women. But I’d love to (or perhaps not) know what was their mother’s logic while naming them.  Of course The Accountant and I joke about it. How about for girls, ‘Rose, Lily and Dahlia’ or boys, The Accountant’s fav. is ‘Huey, Duey and Louey’? Or we could rhyme, how about, ‘Ryan, Brian and Kyan’ or ‘Holly, Molly & Polly’?

Or what about these names registered in the top 10 of twin names submitted to the US Social Security Administration in 2010. ‘London & Paris’, ‘Heaven & Nevaeh’ (Heaven spelt backwards), ‘Mia & Mya’, ‘Caleb & Joshua’ or ‘Taylor and Tyler.’ I mean they aren’t necessarily bad names, but surely your tongue must get twisted sometimes. Especially if you are really mad…

Anyway, I should stop. Chances are if they are in the top 10 list somebody may read it who has chosen the names. Whoops, sorry, freedom of speech and all that…

The Accountant never takes name choosing seriously, if he ever picks up a book, he always reads out the most awful possible names, like Bertha or Agnes, Harold or Rommel.

Has anyone got some hilarious triplet name suggestions for us to rival J Boy’s (I know, tall order) and keep The Accountant full of quips?

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Triplet Name Suggestions

J Boy suddenly came up with a suggestion for a name. “I think we should name one of the twipwets, ‘Pingo’.”

It just goes to show that his “thinker” is not broken despite his claims on Friday afternoon. I had arrived to pick him up from his cousin’s house and we couldn’t find his shoes. “Come on,” I said impatiently, “Think! Think where you were when you took your shoes off.”

“I can’t,” he wailed, “My thinker is broken.”

Considering his name suggestion, and his inability to comprehend why Mummy will not agree that it is not a good name, perhaps we do need a thinker upgrade.

Although admitedly, it is better than his previous name suggestions. Last time he had suggested a name for each triplet: ‘Toowoomba’, ‘Christian’ and ‘College’. (The school he will be attending next year.)

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Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Weeks 11 & 12

Week 11
Last week I stopped bleeding, which has been a huge relief. To replace this I am constantly wanting to pee. Lots of trips to the bathroom continue this week.  Also feeling more nauseous. Very sensitive to smells. The Accountant thought it was wonderful that I found the smell of prawns offensive so he got the whole lot to himself.
Week 12
Started the week with our final visit to Dr. E. When we walked into his office, The Accountant said, “Don’t you dare tell us you can see a fourth one on that screen…” But once the scan started, there were those three little heartbeats, (no more, no less), pumping away and three tiny human beings wriggling around. He did a nuchal translucency scan, for down syndrome, which came back clear. It’s always great to hear good news. And that was our last appointment with Dr Esler, as he is not doing obstetrics anymore. It’s kind of sad, since he’s got us to that stage, (although when I said something like this to him, he was very quick to only claim responsibility for only two of the little ones!), and was my doctor for my eldest two boys.
We met with our new obstetrician, Dr. G, a few days later. I had taught his son for two years in grades 2 & 3, and had a bit to do with his other 3 children while they were in school also. It gave me confidence knowing that the man who was going to track the growth and development of the triplets before their birth had such wonderful children, polite, conscientious and with a sense of humour.
I’ve seen Dr. G in parent teacher interviews a few times, but of course it is totally different seeing him in his professional setting rather than in my professional setting. Weeks 33-36 for me, right during the time that the triplets are most likely to arrive. He did say that we would try to get to 37 weeks, but since full term for triplets is 35 weeks, it’s very probable that another doctor will deliver the babies. But Dr. G was lovely, collecting all the necessary details, answering all our (many) questions and he spent a great deal of time examining the ultrasound. It was nice not to be rushed and really have a good look at our children.
He also recorded some of the footage for us on a memory stick, which has been fantastic, especially to share with our family. Ultrasounds weren’t around when my Mum was having children, so this was the first time that Mum and Dad had seen a moving shot of any pre-natal grandchild. As expected, they were tickled pink.
12 weeks, 4 days. The three little tykes all snuggly together.
The Two Identical Triplets
The Fraternal Triplet
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Triplet Pregnancy – Week 10

Week 10
Another scan, and what a shock! We see the two babies on the screen. All of a sudden Dr. E pauses and starts looking at the screen intently, then, “Yes, there it is … see? …” This time I don’t see anything on the screen, but my heart has skipped a beat and I am hoping he is not going to tell me any bad news, although I don’t know what it can be because I can see the two babies wriggling.
“There’s a third one there.” My heart skipped a beat again. My heart probably skipped several beats actually. My mind is instantly rushing ahead to questionning how are we going to cope with three babies at once? While simultaneously looking at The Accountant to see what his reactions are. A is looking equally stunned but is smiling, which is more than I could muster.

Dr. E continues to examine the scan. There is most certainly three babies, and he keeps on assuring us that he is not joking. I didn’t think that this is anything to joke about and have never doubted what he is saying.

One of the eggs has split and we have two identical children and one fraternal. The identical pair are squashed together and the one on the bottom is a bit smaller. We are reassured that they are not co-joined, and they each have their own sac, which is good that they are not sharing. I hadn’t thought to worry about any of that, my head is already floating with a vague sensation and I’m trying my hardest to concentrate. We are going to have to watch the identical pair carefully, they are most in danger. The third one is sitting pretty (or handsome, as the case may be) in his own (much larger) happy sac.
We go into Dr. Esler’s office and discuss more about the details of a triple pregnancy. When we walk out to the reception, I am shaking. I have said I will babysit our neighbour’s child for the rest of the day. I wish I didn’t now. All I want to do is crawl up in a hole and try and digest the information. I already love that third child. I want all three children to grow and be born strong and healthy. But the logistics of life with three babies, three children, three teenagers – plus having five children in my family is buzzing in my brain.
We have told J Boy about the pregnancy. He was at the scan, and very excited, although we completely ignored him once the triplet scenario was introduced. We had been wanting to let the world know after this scan. Now, we aren’t so eager and will wait for the 12 week mark. Jonty is incredibly cute and very excited about the “twee baby twipwets”. J Boy told Toddler T. Toddler T showed no emotion whatsoever, of course. The poor child will be not quite two when they are born. He won’t know what has hit him. We have also told the family. Everyone is excited, I’m starting to catch some of it and not be completely petrified.
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Triplet Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 5-9

Week 5
I was in town on Tuesday and went to the toilet to discover an alarming amount of blood. I freaked out and rang the nurses at the clinic in tears. Went straight there got some paperwork and went next door for a blood test. (Not the easiest job to do with two children in tow.) Got results back that afternoon after a nervous wait to discover there was good HCG levels. Phew.  Blood had settled down and become brown, which also was a good sign.
A follow up blood test on Friday. I had been bleeding again that morning so went in first thing in the morning. I was told the results would be ready by lunch time. Didn’t hear anything so rang the clinic at 1:00 to find out what was happening. The nurses rang the labs, to discover my sample had never left the clinic. Had fingers crossed and was praying that the results would come in before the office closed at 4:00 otherwise I would have to wait until Monday. Was beside myself with nerves. The results came in, just in the nick of time. My HCG levels had quadrupled. Normally they would at least double. A huge sigh of relief.
Week 6
Scan this week. There was more bleeding before the scan, but took heart in the good HCG levels.
I could instantly see when the scan begun that I did have a pregnancy. I’ve been to plenty of scans over all the years of my infertility and secondary infertility. I know what I’m looking for (to a certain extent) on that little black and white screen. Also saw at the same time that Dr. E told us that there were two sacs. We are having twins! Feeling nervous about the amount of work there will be but excited by the blessing that God is extending to our family.
Week 7
Bleeding settled down. Feeling good. Family and friends that we have told are very excited for us at the prospect of twins.
Week 8
More bleeding. More nerves. Remembering that Dr. E had told us that our chance had dramatically reduced because we’d seen two heartbeats. Also trusting that God will complete the good work he has begun within me.
Week 9
Still bleeding, but I’m starting to get used to it. I’m working out my body’s limits. If I do too much housework without having a rest, or if I hold the toddler for too long. (Like the day we were in town and discovered the pram was missing it’s front wheel – thanks to J Boy -and I couldn’t use it.) I’m taking it easy and the bleeding is less.
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Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Weeks 1-4

Week 1
I start a new round of medications for another try at IVF. Last month we had a failed attempt. I am desperately hoping that this time will not fail, as we cannot afford to do another cycle.
Week 2
The deed is done. Another visit to the surgicentre for the embryo transfer the morning of The Accountant’s last day of work for Eden Farms. A long wait for a quick procedure. As per normal. We had a good talk to the scientist before going in and starting the procedure. He said we had two embryo’s. One had four cells, one had two cells. He also explained that because we were one of those first couples where he had frozen unfertilised eggs, ours had been slow frozen. Since then he’s discovered that they get higher pregnancy rates if they fast freeze the eggs (occytes). He indicated that a lot of couples with slow frozen occytes need to try many times before they achieve a pregnancy. I had a sinking feeling when he was explaining this. I knew we were running out of funds to come back again. I felt even more depressed when I went home and googled and discovered that the ideal embryos to place in a transfer normally had between 6-8 cells. I was very glad that we had placed two eggs in, because this would increase our chances of having at least one child. I also took heart in the fact that the scientists had said that even though they only had a few cells, they were very good looking embryos and had no fragmentation. Also, he took ages to come out with the eggs. He must have had another look at them on the way, because he said the two cell embryo had increased to a three cell. It was good to know that the cells were multiplying.
Week 3
Waiting, waiting, waiting. Excruciating. Staying away from google. It messes with my mind. Putting my faith, trust and confidence in God. The Accountant, as always is positive. Bought a 7 seater car. If we do end up with twins, at least we’ll be able to transport them.
Week 4
Did a pregnancy test. It was Positive!!! Oh Happy Day!
Started bleeding. Nerves have returned. Requesting lots of prayer and trusting that God will keep the little life that has started safe.
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Another Pregnancy! With Triplets!

I tell you, I’ve never experienced anything so brain numbing as hearing a doctor declare there is a third baby present in your womb during a routine ultra-sound! You should try it sometime. Although, I can’t give you any tips on making it happen, because that, I certainly did not plan!

We had decided that we would like to try for a third child. For awhile, I wasn’t so sure, I mean, I’m not ancient or anything, but I am getting on the older end of parenting newborns, two kids were already keeping me pretty busy but it wasn’t insane. I would like to have a little girl, but I didn’t think it was worthwhile getting pregnant for that reason alone, because there is no way of guaranteeing we would add the fairer sex to our household.

The more I prayed about it though, the more I felt we should at least try for another child. I realised that if we didn’t try, I would always wonder if we had completed our family, because somehow for me it didn’t feel quite ‘complete’. Little did I know…

So, back to the doctor’s office for us. That’s the way to make babies, right? We had only fertilised one egg with Trent, but we had frozen 17 unfertilised eggs. Because of ethical, moral and religious reasons, we had decided that whatever eggs we fertilised, (ie. became embryos) we would use. So when we heard that we could store unfertilised eggs, even though it was ‘new’ technology in Australia, we quickly decided that was the best option for us. That way we could make our mind up about future children when we were ready, rather then being already committed.

Doing IVF for a frozen cycle was less complicated than doing it ‘from scratch’. For starters all the daily needles weren’t needed – Hurrah! There was still plenty of meds to be consumed, plenty of doctor’s appointments and other unpleasantaries. All of course worthwhile for the end product, of course.

Although the end product wasn’t at all what we were expecting! Because I am over 35 years of age, (as in, I am 35 years of age), and my fertility rates are officially in decline, we had the option of placing two embryo’s in the womb instead of one. (In Australia, you cannot legally use two embryo’s until you are over 35. That’s why we don’t have octo-mum’s.) We weren’t going to, but with a failed IVF cycle, and the scientists advising us that our chances with frozen embryo’s were less then with the fresh eggs, and knowing our funds were limited, we eventually decided to place two.

One month before becoming pregnant with the triplets. The morning the day this photo was taken I had an IVF embryo transferral. It turned out to be a failed cycle – compared to the next cycle which would produce triplets!

One of those embryo’s decided to split, becoming two humans!

So that is how I am 14 weeks pregnant with triplets. 2 identical and 1 fraternal. My brain isn’t numb anymore, (unless I think about if for too long…) It took a good 1 1/2 weeks to get used to the idea. It’s amazing how you just transfer into planning mode. I’ve given up trying to work out how I’ll do everything and have reached the conclusion that I’ll make it up as I go along. (You know, kind of like parenting any child…)

And if you need proof, here’s a pretty cool little video of all three from my ultrasound at 12 weeks and 4 days.

UPDATE: If you want to learn about how my triplet pregnancy progressed, click on the links below to read the journal I wrote while I was pregnant.

Weeks 1-4 Triplet Pregnancy Journal

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