Week 30 – Triplet Pregnancy Journal

Week 30
Week 30 began with me being stressed out, which resulted in experiencing my first contractions in the morning while trying to get ready. We had the In Home Care Co-ordinator coming for an inspection. The In Home Care was officially scheduled to begin next day, so I was stressed that we get everything right so it could all start smoothly.
The weekend before the boys left for Cairns, I got The Accountant to start drilling locks into doors etc. It was a lot of fiddling around and he got some done, but not all. Plus we discovered we needed to buy some more for various areas. It’s a bit hard buying the locks because you don’t know which ones will work, and which ones won’t. So, once he had returned I was giving reminders to get it done, but then this thing and that popped up and before we know it we’re rushing around frantically late the night before, and the morning of, trying to get all the last minute things done. The biggest problem was that locks weren’t sticking on and were falling off all over the place. I was also changing things in cupboards so I wouldn’t need to put locks on and ruin the paintwork (My office cupboard now holds a startling array of kitchen, first aid and other various ‘dangerous’ items now. It’s all a bit bizarre.) I was printing out emergency contact lists to put near the phone, trying to find places to hang keys near doors, have paperwork sorted, and run through the house checking that there were no scissors, plastic bags, etc lying around.  I knew the co-ordinator is a really lovely lady, and good to work with, I just wanted to get everything right.
As it turned out we had done everything we needed, the locks managed to stay in place long enough and conveniently fell off after she left. (I think we’ve replaced them all now…) The co-ordinator was surprised that I’d filled all the sheets in and read all the documentation! Apparently most people don’t! Hooray to me for being a star student! And I was able to sort out a whole heap of issues that the In Home Carer had raised so that some of the more ridiculous red tape and fine print could be as flexible as possible to work in with our household.
Not that I am able to eliminate the red tape, of course. The classic issue this week was that I was told that regular visitors to the house (while the In Home Carer is working) would need Blue Cards   including my own mother! What a joke! Luckily we have talked to the governmental department and discovered that this is not a requirement at all for family members. Sometimes I wonder whether this is going to be worth the effort. I’m sure it will once the triplets arrive, but in the meantime, it’s stressing me out! After the inspection, I spent the rest of the day in bed, which helped settle down the contractions.
One of the most unfortunate part of the whole dilemma was that I still was feeling very tight in the stomach that evening, so I had to miss my beloved book club!
The rest of the week progressed fairly smoothly. The Accountant is being such a big help with the kids. I know it’s exhausting him having them all through the weekends without a break, but he really is such a wonderful Daddy, and the kids just love all the time he’s spending with them. He is also a champion coming home from work and getting stuck straight into final dinner preparations. Friends and family have been regularly supplying us with meals now, which makes things a lot easier,He’ll help with cleaning up and bathing the boys and putting them to bed. I try to help as much as possible, but I’m really not able to do too much anymore, I immediately start cramping. He’s such a devoted husband and father – I love him dearly and feel very much loved by all that he does for us.
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Hanging In There.

I found it amusing looking at my clothesline today. It seems that we had a few friends hanging around there.

Triplet preparation continues. Sometimes it feels like if you are going to be of service to the triplet trio you just get hung out to dry.
(Can you spot the chick who’s been hanging around since the 80’s?)
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Week 29 – Triplet Pregnancy Journal

The week started by waving the three male members of our household goodbye as they began their journey to celebrate a family birthday in Cairns.
Meanwhile back at home. I had a lovely four days on my own. I miss my boys when they are away, and I often wonder what they were doing and phoned in for regular checkups, but I’m not the type of mother/wife that pines away when left on my own. I quite like the “Me Time”.
There were a few things that I wanted to get done around the house. Unfortunately those were not done. When I was at home, I mostly stayed in bed and did some serious snoozing as well as read a book. “The Help”- I know it’s all the buzz at the moment with the movie release, and there’s a reason why, it’s particularly brilliant. Can’t wait to see the movie, don’t know when I’ll get a chance though, since I’ll be having to wait until it’s out on DVD.
Also had a nice social time with friends coming around to visit on Thursday, had lunch with another girlfriend on Friday, dinner with my Dad and sister Saturday night and lunch with the family on Sunday for Father’s Day. Possibly the reason why I lacked the motivation to do anything but stay in bed while I was at home. And for those who get concerned about over activity, all social events were within a fairly confined time frame, so I didn’t overdo it.
It was lovely to welcome the boys’ home and hear all their stories. Toddler T was super clingy and wouldn’t do anything else but sit on my lap, or very close to me (when he was getting too heavy), for almost three hours. I just enjoyed the cuddles.
I’m certainly getting used to the whole concept of having other people cooking and cleaning for me! It can still feel awkward, but I start feeling very tired and my stomach starts getting tight if I do too much, so it makes me back off. The place is looking so clean though. It could be a little tidier – but that’s no one’s fault but my own. Whenever I’m up, I’m constantly trying to remove my piles of junk. It’s a time consuming process at the best of times, but it’s ridiculously slow now. Hopefully I can tidy up the last of the hot spots before the triplets arrive. I’ve given up on tidying out the office and laundry cupboard, however. That will have to go on the agenda in about a year’s time!
Another appointment with the doctor towards the end of the week. Heartbeats all present and accounted for! We have set the date for an elective Caesar. It will be at 37 weeks on October 28. It seems so far away! I know it’s best for the babies to keep them in as long as possible, it’s just that 7 more weeks seems like a long time to remain pregnant. I’m already over the size when most pregnant women are moaning (including myself the previous two times) that they just want the baby to be here and their old bodies back!!! It’s like being told you have to go two months overdue!
Having said that, I should pause and be grateful, because my stomach has stopped growing as quickly as it had been. The babies are still growing at a good pace, so I’m glad that I’m not!
Anyway, we’ll see whether I’ll hit the target date or how close I’ll get to it…
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Meal Baby

One of things about being pregnant with triplets is that because you get tired a lot quicker, are big and uncomfortable, have a high risk pregnancy where doing too much can land you in hospital or even worse, cause premature birth, so you learn to rely on other people. And I have to say, my family, friends and church family are WONDERFUL! So many people have been helping me doing things like cleaning, cooking meals taking care of my older children and giving me things. Last week I even appreciated one lovely lady tidying up my pantry! It looks so much more orderly now!

My wonderful mother has been co-ordinating the host of volunteers and will continue to do so after the triplets are born, because we are going to need so much more help then, since there will also be three little babies that need attention, and there’s only one of me during the day, and even when The Accountant arrives home in the evening the babies will outnumber the parents!

I thought I’d share with you a great little site that is helping with receiving meals. My friend Lacey discovered it and passed the link on. It’s called Meal Baby. Basically if you would like to organise something to help a friend out with providing meals, whether it be a mother of newborn(s), someone who is sick, or just someone who is really busy and you know could benefit from some help, you can use this site to get people to sign up for providing a meal. If you are from the US, you don’t even need to make a meal if you are a useless cook, you can even sign up to provide a gift voucher to a restaurant!

There is a calendar with all the days where a meal is required marked on it. It’s then as simple as clicking on a date and nominating what meal you are going to bring. (This is a great feature, as it allows the family to receive a nice variety of meals.) There’s also a section where you can list an pertinant information such as food dislikes, likes, allergies, etc.

It has been such a blessing at the end of the day if my belly is sore, I have a screaming toddler and a tired grumpy pre-schooler to not have to force myself to make dinner grimacing through the pain and hoping contractions don’t start. Thanks to everyone who is supplied us with dinner – every dish has been deeeelicious and we really appreciate your efforts!

In fact, there was one night where dinner wasn’t provided and J-Boy asked who had made the meal. When I said that I had, he immediately became concerned, “Are you sure that didn’t hurt your tummy too much Mummy? Do you really think you should do that?” (Suppose he didn’t realise that frozen fish fillets and chips weren’t too taxing!) He’s also loved trying out the new dishes. On Saturday night, after a few bites of a chicken and pineapple stir fry, he declared, “This is incredible!” and then requested we kept the leftover apple pie until his next birthday. I assured him that I’m sure we could supply him with a brand new pie for his birthday in July!

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Week 28 – Triplet Pregnancy Journal

Week 28
I had an awful night’s sleep, only managing about three hours and I’ve been blaming the steroids. The Accountant wryly commented that I must be getting some practise for what life is about to come. No thank you. Let me tell you. You do not need to practise sleep deprivation. I know it will come, and there is no amount of preparation that will make it easier, so in the meantime, I would like maximum sleep possible. The end.
I headed back to the hospital for the second dose of steroids. I need to get them from the labour ward. Yesterday when I went in there, all was quiet as no one was in labour. Today, with two women labouring, it was not so quiet. I have been feeling mildly anxious about having a Caesar, it’s a bit of an unknown for me. I tell you, as I listened to the crying, and groaning and all other noises associated with childbirth, a wave of relief swept over me that at least I will not have to endure that experience again. Mind you, I’m still not keen on the recovery process after a Caesar, but you’ve got to look at the silver lining sometimes.
Had a few more hours sleep the next night after the second injection. I’m getting very hot and not able to relax, aches, pains, waking up with sweats, and feeling extremely nauseous. Combine that with the fact that my nose is continually blocked, voice is going hoarse and I’m suffering ripper headaches, I’m not feeling like the happiest of campers right now. (Oh and should I mention the strange combination or constipation and diarrhoea ?)
Felt awful over the weekend, constantly fighting headaches and bouts of nausea. With The Accountant at home taking care of the boys, I spent most of the time  lying down, but for some reason could never lie in the same place for more than an hour or so. I kept switching between various lounge chairs and the bed. I had been getting stomach cramps, which were steadily getting worse, by the early hours of Monday morning, I was concerned that it could be contractions, even though it did feel more like a tummy bug. I rang the doctor up and went in and saw him Monday morning, just to be on the safe side. I’ve read too many stories of triplet pregnancies where the mother hadn’t realised that contractions were beginning, and labour could have been halted if they had picked up on some warning signals. After Dr. G took my blood pressure, and had a good poke around my stomach, the babies were declared safe and I was instructed to continue with lots of rest. So it appeared that it was just a case of flu and gastro.  Oh, and it seems that blaming the steroids was unjust as Dr. G said that nausea is certainly not a side effect from that particular drug.
I continued to have some improvement, but all week have been feeling a bit yuck, although it comes in waves, and sometimes I’ll feel fine, and next thing a wave of sickness will hit.
Ended the week with an ultrasound to check the triplet’s growth. Once again they have been re-named. This is how they have been labelled thus far.
Dr C.
Dr G.
Qld Xray
ID Triplet L. Side

ID Triplet R. Side
Fraternal Triplet

Once again, the babies are doing well. They are growing, have strong heartbeats and are within all the checklist for their age range. I was initially a little concerned because Triplet B & C are now below the average for their age range. In all scans prior they had been tracking above average and on the average. Triplet A has always been just below the average, but now all three are roughly the same size. They are still well within the ap

propriate weight range. It’s just that I know they will be earlier than a normal baby, so I would prefer it if they were a bit bigger rather than smaller. Absolutely nothing to worry about though.

It is getting harder to clearly see what is what during the scan now. The pictures are quite blurry and often the babies are hard to see since there is normally someone else’s body parts in the way. We only really got one good picture on the day, would you believe of elusive Triplet 2/B? I had told the sonographer that I didn’t have any good photos of this one, so she considered it her personal mission to obtain one. I classify it as the shroud of Turin shot. Most people have to really look to distinguish that there is a face there. T2 is looking straight through my tummy at the camera, but the face is rather squashed against the stomach wall, so it makes it a bit more difficult to distinguish.
The thing that excited and impressed me most during the scan was discovering that Triplet C (Fraternal) has lots of hair! I had no idea that you could find that out during an ultrasound! It seems that A & B have very little hair. My two older boys both had lots of hair, which is a trait inherited from their father’s side of the family. All the babies in my family were baldy. Considering how much J Boy and Toddler T look like their Daddy, this has quietly given me hope that maybe I will have two of my five children that display some of my genetic traits.

Just to prove that the pictures aren’t crash hot, here’s the second best image of the day. This time of Fraternal Triplet. Don’t you just love all that mass of hair? 😉 This is a profile of the head.
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Woman, Thou Hast Sinned and Other Tales from the Washing Basket

I just sinned. I took the clothes off the line. When you’re pregnant with triplets, sin is relative.

The thing is my doctor has said I shouldn’t do the washing anymore. So I’ve (although really, it’s been my Mum mostly) has organised people to put the clothes on the line, and take them off the line. Unfortunately the Tuesday afternoon time slot hasn’t been filled yet. Which was fine today because I saw my neighbour when we were both collecting our mail. I asked her if she might take my clothes off the line. She happily agreed. Problem solved. Until she didn’t come home and the night air was getting damp. So I ducked out and took them off myself. Luckily unlike the last time I took the clothes off the line, there was no stomach pain afterwards…

Now I’m going to have to explain myself to my mother.

Whether you’re 10 and been caught stealing bikkies from the biscuit jar, or, well, 30 something, and pregnant with triplets, it’s never pleasant having to explain yourself to your mother.

I’m going to blame the neighbour. It’s not as good as blaming a sibling, because you know the neighbour’s not going to get roasted over it, but it will do. So long the heat is off me.

It’s an odd thing having people do your laundry. There’s all sorts of issues associated with laundry hanging that you may never consider should suddenly lose the privilege of hanging your clothes.

For instance, I normally have a hanging system. It closely resembles my mother’s hanging methods. I can remember grumbling when I was a teenager about mother’s system: hanging the underwear on the insides so people can’t see it, heavy items on the outside, so they have a better chance to dry, shirts are hung by the tails, etc, etc. In response to my grumblings, my mother would tell me that when I have my own house and my own clothesline I can hang it whichever way I like, but until then….

Inevitably, by the time my frontal lobe developed giving me the brain cells I was missing as a teenager, Mum’s way of doing things made remarkable sense, and that’s how I continued to hang clothes.
But everyone has their own way, and now when I look out at all the assorted ways that assorted people hang my washing, I just need to let it go. “It doesn’t matter that the trouser hung by their pant legs instead of their waistline, I tell myself.” I chide myself for my silliness, because after all, I’m very grateful for the help.

Just as well I’m not a complete washing Nazi and insist on colour coding pegs or anything.

Or there’s the delicate subject of the delicates. It’s a tad awkward to know your friends are hanging your undies. Especially when they hang what I classify as my ‘overnight undies’. That’s the underwear which has been a faithful companion for many years, however they have reached the twilight of their elasticised lifespan. I’m not so harsh as to immediately throw away these loyal, constant companions. I continue to don them as my evening wear. There’s nothing more comfy then slipping on your jammies, and your big overstretched undies and settling down for the night.

But, oh dear, what do people think when they hang them on the line? I’ve considered throwing them out, but if there is ever a time where I appreciate mis-shapen panties. It would be now, when almost everything I seem to wear feels considerable tight.

And so, they bask in the sunlight still.

Which can be unfortunate, because not everyone is as clever at hanging as my Mum. I have gone outside and found these unfortunate items of apparel on the outside line, on full display for the neighbourhood to see.

We all know that you lose a certain amount of dignity and decorum when you are pregnant. I just wasn’t prepared for this one!

So, do you have a laundry washing/hanging/folding system/obsession?

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Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Week 27

Week 27
I started this week by having a friend around and tackling the nursery. This is the picture I sent her when I was pleading for help.

It does emit a certain degree of desperation, no? Since that picture we had moved two more cots in. We were given two cots which is totally awesome and a big money saver. They were in pieces, but The Accountant has now put them together. Although one is a bit old and was missing screws, so he still needs to finalise that. Plus, we also need to purchase two more mattresses yet.

Mrs. Organised girlfriend and I started by clearing out the piles of baby shower goodies and rearranging the cots into the best workable configuration. I think this format will work best.

Still so much stuff to sort through. Plus, we need to share some of the changing space with Toddler T who is still in nappies…

The Accountant was smug when he came home and saw it as it was his suggested layout. I had wanted our sleigh cot to be in pride of place so you saw it when you first entered the room. It’s such a beautiful cot. But alas, it wasn’t to fit. The Accountant had got out the tape measure and had told me that it wouldn’t fit, but I had to test it for myself. Foolish move, mitrusting his numbers. Of course he had calculated correctly.

Then it was a process of sorting through things and finding homes for everything. After spending four hours working in the room, nappies, towels, blankets, wraps, bibs etc. were sorted. The baby’s hospital bag was packed, and the room still looked like pandemonium. Throughout the next few days I folded or hung all the 0000 (0-3 month) clothes (all the 00000 (premmie/newborn) clothes are packed). There’s nothing more satisfying than opening up the cupboard and seeing all the little baby clothes ready and waiting. I can remember savouring this thrill of expectation and anticipation before the boy’s arrival also.
There is still lots of stuff that needs a home, and we do need more storage. It’s getting more difficult now. I always hate this last part of setting up a new area, because it’s so difficult to create the spaces, and decide what to do with the various bits and pieces. I’d also like some (preferably three) bookshelves hung on the wall, so that each triplet can have a shelf for special things, like money boxes, or soft toys, etc.

Since I’ve been banned from shopping, The Accountant has become the purchasing officer now. Even though I will normally outline exactly what I want and The Accountant walks to the shops close to his work most days and grabs a bag or two from Coles or bits and pieces from Kmart. For now it’s working doing our shopping in small increments. Sooner or later I’ll have to put in an online order, but I decided I didn’t like it when I went in and had a look. I’m sure it’s just because it’s the unknown, and in no time I’ll be whizzing around the virtual aisles like a pro. But for now our lunch hours shopping system is working.

I am a bit cheeky and sneak out and do little trips every now and again. I only carry a lightweight bag or two, and I only duck in and out, as quickly as possible so I figure that surely this is being careful. For instance, I slipped into a toy store that was having a sale, under the strict supervision of my mother, and to the disapproval of my sister. But I was happy, I almost finished getting the last of birthday and Christmas presents of my nieces and nephews and got a few little stocking stuffers. I also ducked into a local store and returned a maternity skirt that I had bought because it looked nice and stretchy, but alas, when I put it on, it didn’t stretch far enough, and already was cutting into my skin. I replaced it with a dress, which I thought ought to last me until the end since it doesn’t have a waistline.
Another doctor’s appointment to end the week. Three heartbeats still present and accounted for. The triplet’s have moved position, which was rather strange to contemplate, since they have been lying with the identical’s heads together down in my pelvis and the fraternal floating solo up top, for quite some time now. Since about 16 weeks I think. Now Triplet 2 has moved up so it’s head is next to the fraternal triplet. Meanwhile Triplet 3 has buried even deeper down into my pelvis. This one has literally become a pain in the butt. It is such a disconcerting feeling, because T3 keeps waving hands around and tickling my rear. I’m used to feeling this in my stomach, but down there? It’s just not quite right.
After the visiting the doctor, I had followed his instructions and had gone to the Maternity floor to begin receiving steroid injections. This is as a precaution in case the babies come early. I was told it could be quite painful because it’s quite a deep injection, but honestly, I’ve had flu injections that have hurt more.
After receiving the injection, I went to the special care nursery for a little tour. Even if the babies come at 36 weeks, there’s a chance they’ll room in there for a bit, so I thought it would be a good idea to go and familiarise myself with the place in advance. The midwife on duty was really lovely. She gave me lots of information about premmie babies, procedures in the nursery and answered all my questions graciously. There were three 32 week old babies in there, so it was good to see what size they were. There was one poor little midget who had jaundice and looked quite sick. There were also 32 week old twins, who were beautiful and pin

k and looked healthy, just very little and needed to grow. Listening to the midwife talk about the various milestones and how the babies respond to the Special Care after being born at various weeks of age, has made me more determined to that as much I can, I will do everything necessary to ensure that the babies will be born as late as possible.

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Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Week 26

Week 26
By reaching this week, we have hit a milestone. If the triplets were born now, their survival rate is quite likely. Because they would be very pre-term, there is still an increased risk of long term complications, so we still want them to keep cooking! Also, if I were to start labour that could not be delayed, I would need to be transferred to Brisbane via ambulance, with my own personal midwife, in order to have the advantages of the superior pre-natal care. If the babies were born in Toowoomba, they would need to get to Brisbane in a helicopter. Which would be an impressive first mode of transport. Not impressive enough to make an early entrance, mind you.  (Just in case they are listening.)
I started this week doing a Mummy thing. Probably one of the last of time I will be able to do this with my J Boy for a little while. We went on a kindy excursion. The outing included the half hour trip into town on a bus full of super excited 4 and 5 year olds. J Boy had been more pumped about the bus ride than any other part of the trip.

We stopped firstly at a local park for some morning tea and a play.

This was the most tiring part for me, standing up for any length of time brings on discomfort in my abdomen, so I was as excited as the children were to get back on the bus. Next, onto Toowoomba’s beautiful art deco Empire Theatre to watch “My Grandma lived in Gooligulch”, a lovely Aussie production based on a children’s book.

With their head full of oversized wombat puppets, hairy legged gossiping emu madames and eccentric Grandma’s, the children were packed back on the bus, and back towards kindy. There was a brief stop. Their brave teacher brought the whole class to her home to prove that she did actually have a home. Many of the children thought she lived at kindy. So now they have proof. They even went into her bedroom, and some were most surprised that she even sleeps in a real bed! J Boy was impressed with her large ‘trophy’ she kept in the garden. (It was a white statue of a woman in a garden bed.) Lastly, back to kindy where I kissed my little boy goodbye and went home and slept off the biggest morning I had in a long time! Double motivation for having a sleep was it was my favourite night of the month – Bookclub!

The 2nd cleaner started this week, and a family friend has been helping out mid-week for half a morning. Plus Mum was there for her weekly ironing service. So things are quite organised, neat and tidy here right now! (Although there are many piles of mess that still need to be dealt with. I’m gradually knocking over these hotspots.) I really have been following the doctor’s orders and reducing the amount I do during the day, and all this help has really allowed me to do so. I have noticed a difference which is encouraging. I have had more energy this week, and haven’t been nearly as sore.
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Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Week 24

Week 24
On the Saturday, my mother hosted a wonderful “Babies Shower” for me. It was an afternoon where I was truly spoiled with lots of wonderful goodies, great company and yummy food.
We let the baby shower guests in on the secret of what the sexes of the babies are. We know this probably means that the secret is now known to many more than the guests, but I’m sure it will still be a surprise to enough people, which should make The Accountant happy, since he is the one who wants it to be a secret. I insisted on telling baby shower guests. Since these will be our last babies, (I know, famous last words. But this is fully our intention…), I’d prefer not to go gender neutral but to dress them in the appropriate colour. We also let the guests know that the nursery is going to have an owl theme, so we got lots of lovely owlish knick knacks. I can’t wait to set it all up!
As I said, Totally Spoiled!
Continuing to have plenty of rest. The boys are normally gone in the afternoon and I end up having a rest, which normally involves me starting to read a book then falling to sleep. I have to admit that I am bitterly disappointed with bed rest. I had a huge list of things that I wanted to work on while resting in bed. I’ve a huge list of books I want to read, including trying to get book club books read in advance, so if I want to attend any meetings after the triplets arrive I will know my stuff!  I also have crocheting I want to finish, Bella articles and blog posts to write, (I wanted to get a stockpile up so I don’t have any pressure to write after the triplets are born), a training program for an Infertility Support Group I run, I even wanted to get my Christmas cards written! So far I’ve managed to keep up with the prescribed book club books, written blogs (but nothing for the stockpile) and slept. Obviously that’s what I need to do in order to cook these babies, So I’ll just remain content and get done what I can.
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Things That Terrify Me About Having Triplets – Part 2.

OK, I’ve already written one post about things that terrify, a.k.a. concern, me about being a mother of triplets. I thought even though I’m exposing my vulnerabilities and fears, this is a good post to make. For a few reasons.

a) Hopefully I can obtain some valuable advice from those who have been there done that.
b) Alternatively I can establish some relationship/solidarity with those who may be in the same situation
c) Let other pregnant Mum’s who happen to find this site know they aren’t alone.
d) Be informative for those who don’t have multiples, but are interested in some of the thought processes of multiple Mum’s.
e) Obtain prayer from those individuals who believe in the power of prayer and pray into certain situations where divine help will be the ultimate solution.
f) I think it will be really interesting to return to this post once I’m an experienced Triplet Mum and comment on what I found worked and which fears were unnecessary.

Mostly, the first post was about things that were directly effecting moi. Today I thought I’d extend the list talking about some of the more day to day aspects of having three newborns/babies/toddlers/children/teenager/grown up children all at once. Although, I think I’ll just start at the beginning and focus on my eminent concerns of newborns/babies.

Before I continue, I’ll comment on one more self centred thing that makes me rather anxious – it’s rather obvious. What is going to happen to my body before these three little beings make an appearance in this world? The mass, the stretching, the bulk, the physical strain it is going to be. Yikes! I am shuddering at the though. The worst thing is that I can’t do anything about it. I just need to wait and see what happens…

Anyhoo: Back to the likely hurdles that are going to make life, well, uh, interesting with the babies.

1. Their Birth Day
I am praying so hard that I don’t have pre-term labour. I would really like to reach 35 weeks. (For the babies sake. As I’ve said, what I will feel like at this stage of pregnancy is another issue!) At this stage my doctor has said if I go the distance, we’ll plan a caesar for 36 weeks. It’s my motivation for keeping life slow, although it certainly isn’t easy with the two boys. But I also want to delay hospital bed rest also, so that is also motivation. We just want to do whatever it takes to keep those babies in the womb as long as possible so that they can have the best possible start to life.

2. Breastfeeding
With my past two children, I have been fortunate enough to be awesome at breastfeeding. In fact, an older lady once said I was a great cow. Hmmm. Not sure that this was really a compliment, even if she may have meant it to be. However, if you ignore my similarities with the bovine, I’m hoping that I’ve been good at this particular female gifting for such a time as this.

However, I don’t presume that things will necessarily go smoothly. I know while some mothers have no problem with one child, it’s no guarantee for others.  Should I start having trouble, I have decided there is only a certain degree that I will stubbornly persist before I can get it right. I think you can have this luxury when you are only dealing with one child, but when you are operating with all the other competing factors that triplets will bring, I will have no hesitation in eliminating this problem and proceeding straight to formula. (Even if it makes The Accountant weep with the inevitable increase in the budget.)

Should things go well, my current plan is to feed two at once, and have one baby being bottle fed breastmilk. I plan to rotate the babies, so that every third feed they will have the bottle. That means 2 out of 3 feeds that get an under the arm snuggle with Mummy. I have to admit, that with my previous two, I never expressed. I just always worked any trips away from my children around feeds. So, I’m a little bit nervous about the whole breast pumping experience, because the one time I briefly tried to, I did not find it a pleasant experience. Suppose you get used to being ‘milked’. I’m thinking of hiring a hospital pump at first since I’m doing some heavy duty regular pumping. I would like to pump after each feed. Friends have also given me pumps, so I guess it will be a case of working out which one suits me the best. If pumping is too much effort, I’ll drop the breast milk bottle and substitute it to formula. I think it will be still be fine for the bubs to be getting formula every third feed.

Also, with singletons you have the luxury of breastfeeding when out and about. I’m supposing the easiest way of dealing with feedings when I’m not at home would be to bottle feed at least two. I’m not expecting to be out a whole heap, especially at first. It would nice to not be completely housebound. I would still like to make occasional trips to valued activities like my monthly bookclub, church or to do things with the boys.

3. Routines
I like routines. Most of the time. When they suit me. We have routines in our family. It’s good to. They create order and security. They can also create rigidity and inhibit spontaneity. So, one of my routines is to regular break from the routine. And up until now, this style has suited our family.

During the first few years with triplets, I’m imagining we will need to be more rigid in maintaining routines. It kind of scares me. Not only could I feel a bit inhibited, I’m kind of really bad at maintaining them long term, so I’m bound to break from the routine at some point, and it’s the consequences that may result from my actions that is worrisome.

However, I’m hoping that it will happen infrequently enough that the triplets also learn to deal with spontenaity, as my other children have.

The top of the list for more precise baby routines is sleeping and feeding. Up until now, I have labelled my feeding as “Feeding on demand with rules”, which I’ve been told is not really feeding on demand, because that demands no rules. With my previous two babies, I have been able to pro-long the feeds so that they were at least three hours apart. Of course if the baby was so upset that it was screaming and hyperventilating, I’d give them a snack. Or I’d be lenient when they were sick, or if their routines had been interrupted and they needed the comfort of a breastfeed. But generally I fed when they were hungry and looked like they wanted a feed sometime after the three hour mark.

With sleeping, I let the babies establish the pattern. When they looked sleepy, I would put them to bed. Generally they worked out a routine that suited them, and as they got older their sleep patterns would adjust and I’d work with them. It means that they didn’t go to sleep at the same time everyday, but at a similar time each day.

As I said, this has worked for me. People who love routines love that they can plan when they are out, or when to do things, because they know the exact time their baby goes to sleep. I preferred being able to have babies flexible enough that if I wanted to do something at a time when they normally slept, the baby could deal with the interruption to the schedule and make up the sleep some other time, or sleep in the pram, etc.

Because I think the method that would most suit living with triplets would be to have them all feeding and sleeping at the same time, (fingers crossed), a strict routine will need to be in place. I just hope this sanity saver doesn’t drive me insane.

4. Fussy Babies
J Boy and Toddler T, were generally pretty good babies, with not too many issues. I am hope, hope, hoping and praying that we don’t have fussy babies who constantly cry or have allergies, reflux,cholic or other ailments that make newborn life even more difficult than no

rmal. Please God! Completely healthy babies (who learn to sleep through the night early would be a bonus) will equal blessed babies, and a blessed Mummy! (Daddy, and brothers also!)

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