Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Week 27

Week 27
I started this week by having a friend around and tackling the nursery. This is the picture I sent her when I was pleading for help.

It does emit a certain degree of desperation, no? Since that picture we had moved two more cots in. We were given two cots which is totally awesome and a big money saver. They were in pieces, but The Accountant has now put them together. Although one is a bit old and was missing screws, so he still needs to finalise that. Plus, we also need to purchase two more mattresses yet.

Mrs. Organised girlfriend and I started by clearing out the piles of baby shower goodies and rearranging the cots into the best workable configuration. I think this format will work best.

Still so much stuff to sort through. Plus, we need to share some of the changing space with Toddler T who is still in nappies…

The Accountant was smug when he came home and saw it as it was his suggested layout. I had wanted our sleigh cot to be in pride of place so you saw it when you first entered the room. It’s such a beautiful cot. But alas, it wasn’t to fit. The Accountant had got out the tape measure and had told me that it wouldn’t fit, but I had to test it for myself. Foolish move, mitrusting his numbers. Of course he had calculated correctly.

Then it was a process of sorting through things and finding homes for everything. After spending four hours working in the room, nappies, towels, blankets, wraps, bibs etc. were sorted. The baby’s hospital bag was packed, and the room still looked like pandemonium. Throughout the next few days I folded or hung all the 0000 (0-3 month) clothes (all the 00000 (premmie/newborn) clothes are packed). There’s nothing more satisfying than opening up the cupboard and seeing all the little baby clothes ready and waiting. I can remember savouring this thrill of expectation and anticipation before the boy’s arrival also.
There is still lots of stuff that needs a home, and we do need more storage. It’s getting more difficult now. I always hate this last part of setting up a new area, because it’s so difficult to create the spaces, and decide what to do with the various bits and pieces. I’d also like some (preferably three) bookshelves hung on the wall, so that each triplet can have a shelf for special things, like money boxes, or soft toys, etc.

Since I’ve been banned from shopping, The Accountant has become the purchasing officer now. Even though I will normally outline exactly what I want and The Accountant walks to the shops close to his work most days and grabs a bag or two from Coles or bits and pieces from Kmart. For now it’s working doing our shopping in small increments. Sooner or later I’ll have to put in an online order, but I decided I didn’t like it when I went in and had a look. I’m sure it’s just because it’s the unknown, and in no time I’ll be whizzing around the virtual aisles like a pro. But for now our lunch hours shopping system is working.

I am a bit cheeky and sneak out and do little trips every now and again. I only carry a lightweight bag or two, and I only duck in and out, as quickly as possible so I figure that surely this is being careful. For instance, I slipped into a toy store that was having a sale, under the strict supervision of my mother, and to the disapproval of my sister. But I was happy, I almost finished getting the last of birthday and Christmas presents of my nieces and nephews and got a few little stocking stuffers. I also ducked into a local store and returned a maternity skirt that I had bought because it looked nice and stretchy, but alas, when I put it on, it didn’t stretch far enough, and already was cutting into my skin. I replaced it with a dress, which I thought ought to last me until the end since it doesn’t have a waistline.
Another doctor’s appointment to end the week. Three heartbeats still present and accounted for. The triplet’s have moved position, which was rather strange to contemplate, since they have been lying with the identical’s heads together down in my pelvis and the fraternal floating solo up top, for quite some time now. Since about 16 weeks I think. Now Triplet 2 has moved up so it’s head is next to the fraternal triplet. Meanwhile Triplet 3 has buried even deeper down into my pelvis. This one has literally become a pain in the butt. It is such a disconcerting feeling, because T3 keeps waving hands around and tickling my rear. I’m used to feeling this in my stomach, but down there? It’s just not quite right.
After the visiting the doctor, I had followed his instructions and had gone to the Maternity floor to begin receiving steroid injections. This is as a precaution in case the babies come early. I was told it could be quite painful because it’s quite a deep injection, but honestly, I’ve had flu injections that have hurt more.
After receiving the injection, I went to the special care nursery for a little tour. Even if the babies come at 36 weeks, there’s a chance they’ll room in there for a bit, so I thought it would be a good idea to go and familiarise myself with the place in advance. The midwife on duty was really lovely. She gave me lots of information about premmie babies, procedures in the nursery and answered all my questions graciously. There were three 32 week old babies in there, so it was good to see what size they were. There was one poor little midget who had jaundice and looked quite sick. There were also 32 week old twins, who were beautiful and pin

k and looked healthy, just very little and needed to grow. Listening to the midwife talk about the various milestones and how the babies respond to the Special Care after being born at various weeks of age, has made me more determined to that as much I can, I will do everything necessary to ensure that the babies will be born as late as possible.

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Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Week 26

Week 26
By reaching this week, we have hit a milestone. If the triplets were born now, their survival rate is quite likely. Because they would be very pre-term, there is still an increased risk of long term complications, so we still want them to keep cooking! Also, if I were to start labour that could not be delayed, I would need to be transferred to Brisbane via ambulance, with my own personal midwife, in order to have the advantages of the superior pre-natal care. If the babies were born in Toowoomba, they would need to get to Brisbane in a helicopter. Which would be an impressive first mode of transport. Not impressive enough to make an early entrance, mind you.  (Just in case they are listening.)
I started this week doing a Mummy thing. Probably one of the last of time I will be able to do this with my J Boy for a little while. We went on a kindy excursion. The outing included the half hour trip into town on a bus full of super excited 4 and 5 year olds. J Boy had been more pumped about the bus ride than any other part of the trip.

We stopped firstly at a local park for some morning tea and a play.

This was the most tiring part for me, standing up for any length of time brings on discomfort in my abdomen, so I was as excited as the children were to get back on the bus. Next, onto Toowoomba’s beautiful art deco Empire Theatre to watch “My Grandma lived in Gooligulch”, a lovely Aussie production based on a children’s book.

With their head full of oversized wombat puppets, hairy legged gossiping emu madames and eccentric Grandma’s, the children were packed back on the bus, and back towards kindy. There was a brief stop. Their brave teacher brought the whole class to her home to prove that she did actually have a home. Many of the children thought she lived at kindy. So now they have proof. They even went into her bedroom, and some were most surprised that she even sleeps in a real bed! J Boy was impressed with her large ‘trophy’ she kept in the garden. (It was a white statue of a woman in a garden bed.) Lastly, back to kindy where I kissed my little boy goodbye and went home and slept off the biggest morning I had in a long time! Double motivation for having a sleep was it was my favourite night of the month – Bookclub!

The 2nd cleaner started this week, and a family friend has been helping out mid-week for half a morning. Plus Mum was there for her weekly ironing service. So things are quite organised, neat and tidy here right now! (Although there are many piles of mess that still need to be dealt with. I’m gradually knocking over these hotspots.) I really have been following the doctor’s orders and reducing the amount I do during the day, and all this help has really allowed me to do so. I have noticed a difference which is encouraging. I have had more energy this week, and haven’t been nearly as sore.
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Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Week 25

Week 25
We had the In Home Care Co-ordinator come out for our first interview to get things sorted for receiving in home care once the triplets are here. She really is a lovely lady, and has actually worked herself in the home of triplets for a few years, so I’m she has some nice little helpful tips, which I’m always grateful to receive.
It was exciting to find out that we do not need to wait until the triplets arrive before we start the in home care. We had been told that we couldn’t until the babies are registered with Centrelink. However because I now have limited capabilities, we are able to start it anytime now. All we have to do is wait for Mrs. S to renew her qualifications.
Oh, and get the paperwork, insurance and fulfil all the workplace, health and safety requirements. Yep, that’s right, our home has now become a workplace. It’s the only part of this whole procedure which is annoying. We knew that we had to do it in order to receive this help and be refunded by the government, but as nice as the co-ordinator is, it’s just unpleasant having someone go through your house and place stipulations on your life. I didn’t realise how often there was going to be check-ups either – every 6 weeks! And that is supposed to include unannounced visits. Yikes! I would imagine that while I have newborn babies, or non-crawling babies, I will be forgetting regularly to lock up various cabinets. Suppose I’ll have to be vigilant, although Mrs. S said that in her experience, the check ups aren’t that regular, so that will be a relief if it’s true!
We aren’t big on kiddy locks, preferring to teach the children to stay away from certain areas. We certainly lock down the cupboards with dangerous objects in it, and place toxic products, such as dishwasher detergent up high. We had recognised that with three children out and about, it won’t be so easy to locate where each child is, and therefore it will be easier for them to get up to mischief before they are found, so we were going to increase the amount of childlocks in our home anyway, (once they started crawling). We knew that by doing the in home care we were going to have to have to conform to outside standards also.
As expected there are so many rules and regulations that are just so ridiculous. I think one of the most annoying ones is having to lock my pantry. This is because I have knives in there. (They are on the top shelf which is higher than my head.) We also have old plastic bags in there, that’s a choking hazard, (even though once again, they are hung high and inaccessible to children). How annoying is it going to be unlocking the pantry door everytime I need to use it – especially when our bin is in there? It doesn’t even seem to matter that our 21 month old child can’t even open the pantry door. It must have a lock (thankfully childlocks suffice). Our bottom drawer in the kitchen needs a lock because we store gladwrap in it, and the serrated edge is sharp. If we open a pack of toilet paper, it will need to get locked in a cupboard because the plastic becomes a choking hazard. We can’t leave plastic bags with items in it in a cupboard. Any product that says “Keep out of reach of children” needs to be locked away. Even shampoo and conditioner – which we store on the shower rack, which once again, is so high that our 5 year old can’t reach it. Apparently my expensive spiky cycad that I inherited from my grandfather, which the kids would never touch, on account of it being spiky, is poisonous, so a ‘management plan’ needs to be written for it. Our dog keeps digging holes around one particular spot near the back door and people kept falling into the holes and almost breaking their necks. So we solved the problem by putting wire mesh over the holes. Nope, the mesh is dangerous. Has to go. At least we’ll have domestic insurance if Mrs. S breaks her neck. Too bad for anyone else.
Funnily enough, the cupboards that we were going to lock up upon arrival of the triplets which house crystal and fine china are fine. Seems that Royal Albert is not a workplace issue, I would be the only one weeping if it were lying on the ground in a million pieces. Also our wine rack wasn’t an issue. We have always moved the wines out of reach when we’ve had babies around as they pull the heavy bottles out and hurt themselves. We had also considered getting a child gate and restricting the triplets access to the kitchen anyway, as it can be a challenge trying to do things in there with children underfoot anyway.
But anyway, that’s enough complaining from me. I really am very grateful for the service, and I know once we lock down the place like Fort Knox, we’ll get used to it. It’s a small price to pay for the service we are receiving. It’s just rules and regulations can drive me bonkers sometimes!
On Saturday The Accountant had an all day soccer carnival. The plan was first thing in the morning to take the boys to watch their Daddy play. (I think both Daddy and the boys enjoyed this equally.) And then I was going to drop them off at Nanny’s (A’s Mum’s) and A would pick them up on the way home.
We ended up getting out of the house a lot later than expected. J Boy is just an explosion waiting to blow at the moment. After several little eruptions, I recognised that he just needed some quality time, so we tried to maintain the peace as much as possible, and he and I spent some time building lego. Unfortunately we discovered the last piece to put in place was missing – which happened to be a very cool piece, and therewith all my efforts melted in another eruption. I bundled the boys in the car and off we went to the soccer. The boys loved being outdoors, my Dad and brother came to watch also, so it was good to have some extra set of hands on deck.
J Cam – Our Soccer Dad.

J Cam – Daddy chasing Toddler T (Mummy was glad the match hadn’t started.)
We were watching from the playground area. There was another woman who was also pregnant on playground duty. She looked around the same size as I am, however I soon discovered that she was due to have the baby the following week! By the time I arrived home I was exhausted and spent the rest of the day sleeping.
Sitting in church for 2 hours is proving to be more challenging. It’s just uncomfortable sitting up straight for that long, especially with the identicals placed so low. The Accountant keeps joking that we’ll get a camping recliner chair that is advertised on TV at the moment and just set it up for the service. I have had to decline the offer to recline during church!
Our new housecleaner started on Tuesday which is absolutely awesome. It’s such a relief to receive help with the housework. It had been frustrating me so much not being able to keep up with everything, and I’m still on my long term mission to tidy up all the cupboard areas. Also the bedroom re-locations are not even properly completed. This will free me up to finish off these jobs, and to get more rest.
The last event of the week was a doctor’s visit. All the triplets are doing well. Heartbeats are strong, they are looking a healthy size – although they weren’t measured this week. I am the size of a 38 week full term singleton pregnancy. This means that I have grown less in the last two weeks that what I had been tracking previously. I don’t mind that at all! So long the babies are healthy, it doesn’t concern me if my own size slows down a little!
Dr. G gave the third degree about what I am doing at the house and how much time I look after the children. He then said that I need to be doing less, and that now is the time that I need to start accepting more help. Even though things are going so smoothly at this stage, the ever present risk of pre-term labour is increasing. I really want these babies to remain in the womb according to God’s perfect timing. Also, I don’t want to have enforced rest in hospital until I have to. Therefore, I’ll abide by the good doctor’s instructions to “behave like a lady of leisure”.
I have to admit though, it’s been more difficult than I expected letting people do so much for you. I am so grateful for the help though. Especially my mother, who comes around to our place most days of the week and is constantly taking the boys so I can have a rest. She has been so busy, but is equally determined to meet her newest three grandchildren when they are at their healthiest!
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Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Week 24

Week 24
On the Saturday, my mother hosted a wonderful “Babies Shower” for me. It was an afternoon where I was truly spoiled with lots of wonderful goodies, great company and yummy food.
We let the baby shower guests in on the secret of what the sexes of the babies are. We know this probably means that the secret is now known to many more than the guests, but I’m sure it will still be a surprise to enough people, which should make The Accountant happy, since he is the one who wants it to be a secret. I insisted on telling baby shower guests. Since these will be our last babies, (I know, famous last words. But this is fully our intention…), I’d prefer not to go gender neutral but to dress them in the appropriate colour. We also let the guests know that the nursery is going to have an owl theme, so we got lots of lovely owlish knick knacks. I can’t wait to set it all up!
As I said, Totally Spoiled!
Continuing to have plenty of rest. The boys are normally gone in the afternoon and I end up having a rest, which normally involves me starting to read a book then falling to sleep. I have to admit that I am bitterly disappointed with bed rest. I had a huge list of things that I wanted to work on while resting in bed. I’ve a huge list of books I want to read, including trying to get book club books read in advance, so if I want to attend any meetings after the triplets arrive I will know my stuff!  I also have crocheting I want to finish, Bella articles and blog posts to write, (I wanted to get a stockpile up so I don’t have any pressure to write after the triplets are born), a training program for an Infertility Support Group I run, I even wanted to get my Christmas cards written! So far I’ve managed to keep up with the prescribed book club books, written blogs (but nothing for the stockpile) and slept. Obviously that’s what I need to do in order to cook these babies, So I’ll just remain content and get done what I can.
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Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Week 23

Week 23
Well, this is the week where I feel I have officially been forced to slow down.  On the Friday, (by the way, if you are wondering, my new week of pregnancy starts on the Thursday), I was starting to get pains in my lower abdomen. It kind of felt like a very bad stitch after you’ve done a big run. We have started getting a lady to clean for two hours on a Friday to help take some reduce some of the housework load. It is also a good thing so the boys can get to know her before the triplet’s arrive because she will be helping us three days a week doing in home care. This Friday I got her to do the vacuuming (the floors were atrocious as I haven’t been doing them), and I’d been going around picking stuff up off the floor.
I soon started feeling a bit of pain, I had overdone it, so I sat down doing other jobs for an hour while she mopped, etc. J Boy was at kindy, so as soon as she left I put Trent into bed and went to bed myself. Amazingly, Toddler T, who normally sleeps for an hour, slept for 2 ½ hours. Unfortunately when we both got up I still had the pains. That’s a bit unusual, because normally when I have a rest things ease up. I thought, just to be on the safe side I’d ring the doctor and make sure this was OK. He basically said keep resting and hopefully it will settle down, if it doesn’t I was to ring his mobile and he was going to admit me to hospital to rest up.
That was motivation enough for me to get back into bed. If all I was going to do in hospital was rest, I’d much prefer to do that at home. I rang Mum to ask if she could pick up Toddler T. She was in town, but within minutes Dad appeared on my doorstep. My wonderful parents are very committed to ensuring that their newest grandchildren make an appearance as late as possible. I’m very grateful that my sons have such a strong and beautiful relationship with their grandparents. Toddler T had no hesitation suddenly leaving with Grandad and waved enthusiastically as he drove away.
Things were much improved by the end of the day. The Accountant and I had organised an overnight getaway to Brisbane on Saturday night, and since things had settled down the next day, we decided to commit to our original plans. We left the two boys with The Accountant’s mother. I was a little nervous because it was my first night away from Toddler T, but he seemed to have coped very well.
It was a lovely evening away. We decided to be extravagant and went Aria and had a wonderful table overlooking the Brisbane River. It’s been a little dream of mine to go there since watching Matt Moran on Masterchef and hearing that he’d opened a restaurant so close to where we live.

Luckily our luxury hotel was a three minute walk away. I didn’t want to tempt fate by overexerting myself, so a leisurely stroll was ideal. We certainly don’t frequent fine dining restaurants frequently, but we figured that our dining out experiences are going to diminish for quite some time, so we may as well have a strong memory of our ‘last supper’ before the triplets arrive. And for sure, the meal is certainly the most memorable that I’ve ever consumed. Even the service was fantastic, the staff were friendly and very attentive. Spending time alone with my super hubby without the children was pretty special also.

We had a trip to Ikea before heading home. We were particularly searching for more storage for the triplet’s room. We found 2 possible candidates. The first was a darling little set of wall shelves. But alas, when A went to get them, he discovered they had been sold out. The second was a set of drawers. However when we considered the layout of the room, combined with the fact that we didn’t know how big the cots are and how they are going to fit, so we chickened out. We walked away with a few little bits and pieces and contented with our Ikea experience, despite not achieving our goal. It certainly is a challenge fitting three babies and all their paraphernalia into one small room.
Dr G rang up to check on me on Monday.  He gave me a little lecture on not doing too much and getting help with the children. He has warned me that as far as hospital goes, it’s not if I have to go, it’s when. I’m determined that as far as I can help it, I will do anything to stay out of hospital as long as possible in order for things to be as easy as possible on the boys. So, on Monday and Tuesday the boys spent time with me in the morning and went with Grandma after lunch. I was very appreciative to Mum, she was planning a baby shower for the weekend, and she was really quite ill.

On Wednesday I kept the boys. I was exhausted by the end of the day. Toddler T is chucking a lot of tantrums at the moment and J Boy has still been having several obstinate moments.

On a brighter note, we had a positive doctor’s appointment. The babies are doing well. I tell you, even though I can feel them moving, and I think they are all OK, it’s such a feeling of relief when you see those three heartbeats beating on the ultrasound. Dr. G has renamed the babies! Triplet 1, the fraternal triplet, (formerly Triplet 3), is the largest of the three, with growth tracking a week ahead of schedule. Triplet 2 (no name change) is right on schedule with growth and size. The other identical, Triplet 3, (formerly Triplet 1), is still the smallest, more significantly than before. T3 is now at least a week behind his age range. Dr. G assures us that there is nothing for us to be concerned about yet though, so that is a relief.
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Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Week 22

Week 22
Still moving more slowly this week. Makes it a challenge when there’s so much on my agenda.  We had people around for dinner on the Saturday night, which was lovely. I had to give myself a break and not make dinner completely from scratch, which I would normally do when having people around. A packet mix of Mediterrenean Lamb Shanks in the slow cooker came to the rescue. Sometimes us women just need to lower our standards and give ourselves a break. Plus my guests was kind to bring along some side dishes, which made life easier. It all tasted delicious, anyway. I did make a self saucing chocolate pudding for dessert. It was the highlight of my day. Baking and dessert baking is one of my favourite things to do, I hope I will be able to find the time to do this every now and again during the next year of this crazy triplet parenting journey. It will help keep me sane, I’m sure!
Because we had been changing bedrooms for the boys/babies, we had stuff spread all through the house. I thought we were going to eat amongst the shambles, but was happy to have the living areas fairly clean by the time our friends arrived. Plus, it’s always nice afterwards when you’ve forced yourself to do a bit of clean up, especially since we had a busy week ahead.
We had a lovely evening getting to know some new friends. Having a dinner party at this stage was still manageable, but I think it will be the last one for awhile.
Wow, I can’t imagine the change in dynamics when we are ready to have people over again while being the parents of triplets plus two! Because I love entertaining, I’m sure we’ll work it all out! I do know I’ll be on the hunt for super easy recipes though!
On Sunday I had the boys to myself while The accountant and my rev-head cousin  went down to watch the Winter Nationals Drag Races, which had been re-scheduled after being washed out earlier in the year. Naturally the boys and I went to church, which was good. Because of the late night the evening prior, Toddler T slept through the service. Afterwards we went to the hospital for a quick visit with my Grandad.  Afterwards the boys and I had a nice pub meal with Mum and Dad. Mum and Dad took the boys home which was nice, it allowed me to run a few errands in town unhindered and then go home for a quick rest before collecting them.
Monday was J Boy’s 5th Birthday.  Luckily I had kept it very simple, opting to miss the big party with heaps of friends and instead have a family dinner. That left most of the day free to do the cake. In the end, I was doing it later in the afternoon. I still got it done in time to have a little rest before getting ready to go out.

I’m glad I hadn’t spent the whole day trying to make party food, games, decorations, etc. Because even as it was I was utterly exhausted during the evening. The Accountant washed the boys when we got home and put them to bed. I think I was asleep before them. I was very surprised how tired I was since I had been going slow throughout the day and really didn’t have too much on the agenda.

On Tuesday the boys and I had another at home day. J Boy continued to be very much engrossed in playing with his new toys. Mum took the boys into visit my Nana in the afternoon and I made cupcakes for J Boy to take to kindy on Wednesday for his birthday.
The pace was slower for the remainder of the week, which was needed.
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Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Weeks 20 & 21

Week 20
Had an appointment with Dr. G. All is going well with me. I measure in at equivalent to a 32 week singleton pregnancy. I have also put on the same amount of weight that I totalled for the entirety of Toddler T’s pregnancy. (11kg.)
Despite being so large, (Not that I am concerned about it at all – yet! I have always loved watching my pregnant belly grow. It’s just that this time there is always the sense of foreboding of what is to come.) I am constantly told by other women that I look great, (Why thank-you!) and they were just as large when they were 20 weeks. (I highly doubt it in most cases.) I think when people hear I’m having triplets they expect to instantly see me the size of a whale. When they see that I’m still the size that they once were while pregnant they immediately identify with it. However, if you stand me next to a woman who is 20 weeks, (even if she is carrying at the front), that’s when you notice a considerable difference.
Dr. G has warned me that the likelihood of having bed rest, quite possibly being hospitalised is getting closer, most likely starting in August. The danger zone normally starts around 26 weeks. I am praying that things continue to go as smoothly as possible. Bed rest doesn’t worry me. What does worry me is how my family will function during this time. I know we will work things out, and I am fortunate to have incredible support. However, the longer I can safely delay this, than obviously the better it will be for the family.
The boys and I went out to Moolan Downs. (Mum and Dad’s 10,000 hectare farm.) So the triplets got their first visit experiencing (kind of!) real secluded Aussie country life. The boys had a great time: branding cattle, rowing up the river (compliments of Grandad), exploring, kangaroo spotting, inspecting farm houses, bonfires and generally playing in the great outdoors with their cousins. It’s so great for the kids to experience farm life, since they aren’t growing up on a farm. I can’t wait until I have five little monkey’s running around enjoying the bush.
Week 21
It is really hard incubating three human beings when you are responsible for two live little humans. This has been my challenge this week. For the first half of the week things were going smoothly. I looked after my nieces and nephews one morning. They played beautifully with the boys, and then when they were starting to get sick of one another Grandma came and picked all of them up, including my boys, and I had a little afternoon rest. Then it was the weekend and The Accountant took the boys down to the Rail Museum in Ipswich on the Saturday, (a favourite family excursion) so I enjoyed taking it easy and having the house to myself. Then on Sunday afternoon Toddler T fell asleep at my sister’s during a lunchtime birthday celebration and J Boy was watching a DVD with the cousins so the kids stayed at their aunt’s house for a few hours. I went home for a rest and The Accountant went to pick up the new bunk beds for the boys.
I’d also been having afternoon rests while out on the farm, so it was a total shock to the system on Monday when I had the kids on my own all day. I was exhausted by the afternoon!
I have been working at changing rooms. We are moving the boys into the room that was T’s room. We’ve bought bunk beds. I’m very nervous how Toddler T will go sleeping in there, but I’m sure he’ll adjust. The nursery is going to be J’s old room – next to the laundry. Hopefully they will get used to sleeping while the washing machine whirrs away – especially since I’m sure the washing machine will be getting even more regular workouts once the triplets are here!
My challenge this week has been coping with getting bigger and tired more quickly while coping with two little boys. They have been very full on. Toddler T continually gets into mischief or is crying and dropping to the ground when things don’t go his way. (Which often requires being lifted in order to re-direct him.) J Boy has been quite naughty this week also and is starting to back chat a lot. Of course, this is not at all acceptable, we are dealing with it, but it is so tiring and emotionally draining. I gave up trying to get anything done by the end of the week, and just spent a day spending time with the boys. They loved it – and the housework was still there the next day!
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Triplet Pregnancy Journal: Week 18 & 19

Week 18
I’m starting to get a little bit more tired and uncomfortable now. I’m still doing stuff all through the day, but I’m even more exhausted by the end of the day and realising that I need to start slowing down a little more. I’ve had a little sleep twice while J Boy is at kindy and Toddler T is asleep. It’s very unlike me to sleep during the daytime.
My belly button has started to pop. Both boys find it fascinating. J Boy came in while I was getting dressed and stared at it, absolutely enthralled. After explaining what a belly button is, he obviously only connected the word “baby” with it, because he leaned in and started using it as a microphone to talk to the babies. “Hello” he said, “This is your big brother speaking. Do you want to come out of there and come and meet us?” I was very hasty to explain that we didn’t want the triplets on the outside yet, they certainly have more growing to do first!
Toddler T was equally fascinated. His intrigue first started when he was sitting beside me and noticed how big my stomach is getting. He patted it, and then lifted up my t-shirt. After giving the stomach a thorough examination, he pulled the t-shirt back. It must have been somewhat enthralling though, as he repeated the process another ten times or so. Suddenly he noticed my belly button. He stared at it, patted it, and without a word closed one eye, and brought the other one towards the belly button and had a look in. Once he established it wasn’t a peep hole, he covered my tummy back up and wandered away. He makes no connection when I say “babies” and point to my stomach. (Why would it make sense to a one year old?) I might have had a chance of educating him had my belly button contained a telescopic lense. Alas, he’s going to have to meet them all in person before reality hits.
Week 19
For some reason I seemed to have more energy this week than last week. Haven’t needed to indulge in Nana naps. It could be that I have had something to do every day of the week so my busyness has masked my tiredness. I am certainly pooped by the end of the day and collapse into our comfy recliner mindlessly watching TV!

At the end of this week my mother, the boys and I drove to Sunnybank, Brisbane for a 20 week morphology scan. (It was the day before I officially hit 20 weeks, so close enough!)
The scan took 2 ½ hours. Quite a marathon! You would think that lying down for that amount of time would not be so taxing, but I was quite exhausted by the end. Lying in the one position for so long was getting quite uncomfortable.
The scanographer, Dr. L systematically looked at each triplet and checked each one of their hearts, kidneys, head, face and lips, arms, legs, fingers and toes. All were given a clean bill of health at this stage. It feels fantastic that they are all doing so well. The triplets are now officially named, “Triplet 1”, “Triplet 2” (Identicals, located left and right in my lower abdomen, and “Triplet 3”, sitting up nice and high. They should stay in these positions now until they are delivered. Dr. L also took measurements and weights. Triplets 2 and 3 have exactly the same weights, about 352g. Triplet 1 is a little bit smaller at 287g. All are within the healthy weight range for their age.

The genders were also confirmed. Dr. G’s speculation from Week 16 was correct. I’m very excited with our family compilation. I know that it is God who has determined what is best for our family, so the distribution of gender(s?) is far more perfect than what I could ever wish for! 
One of my favourite moments during the scan was seeing Triplets 2 and 3 interact. It seemed that Triplet 3 was so far away from the other two, but all of a sudden, in wiggles Triplet 2, and before you know it the little rascal is kicking T3 in the face! Then T2 wiggles a bit further and snuggles its bottom into T3’s face, who valiantly struggling to escape, moving it’s head away from the offending body part!

During the scan, Triplet 1 moved all the right ways so the sonographer could see everything when needed. Triplet 2 was not obliging at all and seemed to deliberately turn onto it’s stomach so we couldn’t see the face at all. I now only have one photo of Triplet 2 on the DVD they gave me of all the best shots. But it’s like T2 was deliberately trying to be unphotogenic! Triplet 3 wouldn’t show the left hand. By the end we got a quick glimpse and the sonographer was pretty sure 5 fingers were counted! While scanning Triplets 1 & 2, the sonographer had to keep flicking between them, just to make sure she hadn’t accidentally drifted over to the wrong triplet.

 At the end, the senior sonographer came in Dr. C. Wow! What a guy! I have never met such a sanguine doctor before! He came in with his big booming voice, chattering away. You instantly felt like you were friends with him! Before long he had uncovered that my father was a farmer, and the friendship went up a notch as he owns some cattle on a farm outside of Noosa. He was a little disgruntled that I said his hands were soft, (I didn’t know he fancied himself a farmer at that stage. What was I to say, he asked me to feel his hands, an

d then asked what I thought?), however he got over it quick enough to talk about his beloved cows and pepper me with questions about my farming heritage.

He was equally enthusiastic about the triplets, declaring them fine looking babies. (I couldn’t agree more) He also went into ecstatics and told me to pass onto Dr. G how I had made his day. Apparantly the identicals have both a thick and thin membrane separating them. Apparantly this is not common, normally it’s one or the other and it is an indication of when the egg split. Also the fluids that surround each individual is different. Also unusual for two babies in the one placenta. I can’t say it excited me, but it was pretty cool to see this funny old doctor going ga-ga over it. He assured me that this is nothing for concern, but everything to be fascinated about, so I was happy to leave the oddities within my uterus to his viewing pleasure.
After Dr. C had an enthusiastic chat to my mother about farming and talked to my son about Thomas the Tank Engine, (how many doctors do you know who will sit down in the waiting room and have a detailed conversation with a four year old about steamies vs. diesels?), we were on our way home. Via the shops of course! Now that I knew the sex of the babies, of course I had to buy them a little outfit each. Such fun!
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Triplet Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 16 & 17

Week 16
The long awaited doctor’s visit is here – Hurrah! And it was indeed hurrah, because  all three bubba’s were tucked away safe and sound. Three strong heartbeats were detected, they all were moving and looking very adorable. I had been praying that we might be able to detect the sex at this early age. Alas, only one of the three was completely shameless and immodest exposing ?His/Her? genitals to us! (The Accountant wants to keep it a secret for now.) The big question was whether our little flasher was the identical triplet, because if it was we would know the sex of two. At first Dr. G said he didn’t think it was. However by the end of the session Dr. G was fairly certain upon closer examination that it was the identical triplet. So looks like we do know the sex of two of them. He briefly thought he may have also seen the sex of the fraternal triplet, but he couldn’t get a good enough angle to confirm it.
Jonty came along to watch this scan. He was very excited. He has been hoping for a girl. When Dr G was searching to discover the sex, he was muttering, “I want a girl, I want a girl, find me a girl.” Boy or girl, I know he’ll be a great big brother, with the customary extent of annoying big brother thrown in for good measure. He also thought the babies looked like dogs on the ultrasound. Very flattering. We haven’t taken Toddler T to a scan yet. Mum was quite happy to babysit, which truthfully is easier than trying to keep Toddler T still! When we came home J Boy asked why some babies were white and why some were orange babies. I had to explain the difference between the regular ultrasound and the 4D ultrasound and assure him that all three babies are really regular baby colours. 

My uterus is now the size of a 24 week pregnancy and I have put on 8kg. (I put on a total of 11kg with Toddler T and 2 weeks before he was born I stopped weighing myself at 18kg with J Boy, because I didn’t want to see when the scales told me I had put on 20kg.)

Week 17
I have been feeling fluttering now since about 15 weeks. It has been different to the previous two pregnancies. Once I felt something with the first two, each day I felt more flutters and it just kept getting stronger. This time I might feel something, but then nothing for another couple of days. Some days I feel quite a few flutters, then nothing. It is a bit odd. I can’t remember what week it was when I first felt the boys move, so maybe this is just because I am feeling it a bit earlier.

This week the movements have been getting more consistent. I can now feel movement each day. It’s always comforting. I can’t distinguish which triplet is moving yet, and sometimes the movement is confined to one area, so I’m presuming I’m only feeling one child at those times.

I taught a day this week. I discovered that the teacher’s aide in the prep classroom I was teaching in was also 17 weeks pregnant. We asked the children why they thought my tummy was bigger. One boy helpfully suggested that the baby had kicked my stomach out, another thought I just had a bigger baby (Imagine me, with such short stature giving birth to a giant!). Her bump was barely perceptible. I looked enormous comparatively.  I consoled myself that, (apart from the fact I have three), she is a very tiny person and it is her first pregnancy!
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Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Weeks 13-15

Week 13
Kind of missed not having an ultrasound this week, after having two last week! Things are settling down, I’m not bleeding, nor am I feeling so sick. I’m also regaining some energy and not going so have extended my bedtime hours instead of heading to bed shortly after the children. 2nd trimester is here! Hooray!
Week 14
Oh my goodness! I seem to be always hungry! I now cannot even make it in between morning tea and lunch. I have to have a pre-lunch before lunch.
I had a fall at night, which really frightened me. It doesn’t matter that everything seems to be alright, it’s always at the back of my mind. I’m really wanting that ultrasound now, but I still need to wait another 3 weeks. It was dark, when I remembered something had been left out in the yard that should be inside, so I ran out to get it. Unfortunately I forgot that Toddler T had dragged a big wooden box around during the day and it was left right in my pathway.  I hit it hard with one leg, than the other before toppling right over the top of it and landing on my tummy. It really hurt and I was crying when I came inside. J Boy was very concerned and caring. He came and gave me a teddy bear to cuddle to help me. When Alex came home I burst into tears again. He gave me a cuddle, which was very much needed. Unfortunately I then the floodgates opened and I started ranting and getting ultra-emotional about all the fears that I’ve had in my mind these past month. Alex then proceeded to gain an epic fail in appropriate response to a very emotional and hormonal woman. This caused that same woman to dissolve into hysterical sobbing. We both had to leave the room to settle down.
Peace has been restored. The rest of the week trundled along nicely. Of course I’ve gained control of my emotions, but I do worry at extra twinges and aches I feel.
Week 15
It seems that the general consensus of most people I meet is that I’m glowing. It’s always nice to hear people saying you look good! I’m loving being in the 2nd trimester.  But the rate at which my stomach is growing indicates that the comforts of 2nd trimester will end a bit sooner than usual. There’s nothing subtle about the rate my abdomen is growing!
15 weeks pregnant
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