There's Danger in the Silence

The thing with 18 month old triplets is that things can go downhill very suddenly.

This morning, as is often the case at the moment, there was a lot of crying and screaming. Mainly resulting from Mummy spoiling their fun since they were just getting into everything and I kept intercepting them.

Then as I was cleaning the kitchen I realised they were at last quiet. I congratulated myself for having the brilliant presence of mind to enlist the help of Thomas and assumed they were contentedly playing with the toy trains I had given them in the playroom. A few minute later I had a dawning sense of horror that they were in fact too quiet.

Oh how naive I had been.

My eldest son stores his drawing implements in a plastic tool box. I had thought I had put it up high enough when Jonty had asked me to put it away this morning.

It turns out it was triplet accessible and the two boys were getting in touch with their creative side.

I thought my little girl was innocent, but then I discovered pen on her face. The photo was too blurry before I wiped it off. Never mind. As she ate lunch I realised that the other side of her head was adorned.

And the rainbow surprises kept appearing.

Has there been mischief made in the silence at your house?

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