A 3rd Birthday Party

3 year olds are full of fun, imagination and celebrating the small things in life with passion and joy. I wanted T-Star to have a party which would mirror the excitement and exuberance of a being three.

I’ve already talked about my special 3 year old and his birthday here. If you follow me on facebook, you would have seen that before T-Star’s birthday I was on the hunt for a birthday party theme.  There were several possibilities including monsters, dragons, motorbikes and fruit. Then J Boy threw in some suggestions and tried to indoctrinate T-Star to chose Diego. T-Star instantly said he wanted a dragon birthday. Done! Then I double checked, and he changed to an ice-cream party. Wasn’t on the party menu, but I thought, yep. I can do that. Done. “So, you want an ice-cream party?” No. It changed to a monster party. It then changed six million times. (Well, close to that amount) And I realised that I was the one that wanted a theme more than him. He just wanted a party and so long there were people he loved there, his friends, junk food, a cake and some games, he was going to be happy.

Oh, and then he had a request. He wanted a motorbike at his party.

Well, why not? He has got a grandfather who is a farmer, who does own a quad bike that T-Star adores riding. So, I got T-Star to ring Grandad up requesting to have his party at their house, which also has the added bonus of being able to use Grandma and Grandad’s pool. Of course, how could Grandad could not refuse, even though it would mean some major work helping the pool to recover from lying dormant over winter.

The party was starting to take shape. In the end, Grandad got right into the spirit and attached a trailer and bought some nice soft hay to take the kids for hay rides. They loved it. T-Star always insisted on driving with Grandad and was as proud as punch.

The pool was actually freezing. But it didn’t stop the kids! Which meant the parents demonstrated their unconditional love once again and got in to help them out and keep them safe.

After the swim it was time for some afternoon tea. T-Star (who wouldn’t swim) he was declared that we were having a ‘picnic’.

I was really pleased with what was on offer at the food table. Although there could have been more. Probably because I just didn’t have the time to prepare, the table was empty by the end. I always prefer leftovers, I hate to think of anyone leaving hungry. In this case, the kids certainly did not! They feasted! The adults probably could have nibbled a bit more, but I think there was enough for everyone to be content at least!

Anyway, here’s a closer look at what was on offer.

Tiny Teddy Cars.

Wormy Apples. (T-Star’s absolute favourite food!)

Had to include more fruit since T-Star just adores anything fruity. Watermelon stars

 Orange Fish

A Monster. The boys said he was spewing fruit salad. Apparantly it’s very cool to eat spewed fruit.

A friendly fire breathing dragon (especially one the candles were poked in his mouth!) was the birthday cake.   

My main idea for this cake came from here. I did modify it a little. Here is what my cake looked like before icing. I used one 20cm round cake and 2 bar cakes. After taking this photo, I put the cake in the freezer for half a day. I always ice frozen cakes. It makes it easier because the crumbs don’t get stuck in the icing as much.

All the hours of work making the cake is certainly worthwhile with the joy on his little face when he looked in wonder at the cake and blew out the candles.

 And ate it!!!

I had some games planned, but in the end we just did two time honoured favourites.

Pass the Parcel.

And a dragon pinata. You kind have to use your imagination to see that he’s a fire breathing dragon.

But he was lots of fun to smash.

And of course there were party bags to take home. The dragon dough eggs are playdough.

So altogether it was a lovely day. I just love doing parties for my kids! And their smiles really do make it all worthwhile!

Today I’m linking up with Essentially Jess‘s IBOT.

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Happy 3rd Birthday Trenster!

My little boy has just turned 3. 3 year old boys, from my experience are extremely cute. Which they need because it makes them easier to forgive their challenging behaviour, which in our family seems to come with the age.

Trent is one of those kids who universally would be acknowledged as a gorgeous boy. He talks in beautifully crafted sentences, which coming out of his young mouth are heart-warming and often so funny! Do you know how many times my little boy makes me laugh during the day? So much. So very much.

It’s funny isn’t it, how words that we say every day, when repeated in those baby voices are suddenly completely adorable and make us chuckle. When he makes a mistake, he has said, “Silly old Trentster.” He refers to himself as Trentster now. That is cute also. He has been so looking forward to his birthday ever so much and in the lead up has been singing “Happy Birthday dear Trentster”.

So here is an update on what my little star is doing now that he is three.

Oh my, this child likes to eat. He eats all day long. By that I mean all.day.long. I am constantly hearing the refrain, “I’m hungry.” Luckily he is easy to please. He is an absolute fruit bat. He will happily eat nothing more than fruit if I let him. He will always choose fruit over cake. He loves cooking and will often beg to make muffins, but once they are complete he will have the smallest little bite before pushing it away and begging for an apple. Apples are his (and J Boy’s) favourite fruit. Other favourites are sausages, pizza, noonels (noodles) and if you ask him what we should have for dinner, he will almost always say “Pasta”. Although once the pasta is in front of him, he isn’t always pleased. I haven’t exactly worked out what he is picturing when he says pasta!

Apples are party food for Trent!

Potty Training
Thankfully he never really used the potty. I was so grateful. Horrid things they are. And cleaning them. Ugh. Anyway, I digress. Our little champ does all his wees on the toilet, but we are still perfecting the correct place to dispose of number 2’s. Cleaning jocks is something I do regularly (Thanks to him being a fruit bat). He does have some success, hopefully it will continue to increase!

A completely social child, Trent loves his friends. He adores going to Storytelling on a Monday morning and Playzone on Wednesday mornings. He always comes home talking about ‘my friends’. Trent is getting better at playing on his own. He loves playing with playdough and making pizza, sausages, snakes and people from gingerbread cutters as well as the various playdough gadgets. Proving that he is definitely masculine, this play will often involve brutal squashing, cutting off of heads and snakes biting his beloved Mummy to death. He is morbidly fascinated by dying at the moment. Of course he has no idea of the implications of death.

He loves playing with his wooden train set and enjoys Mummy and Miss Rachael making him tracks. He’s starting to be able to connect the pieces to make his own track also. (Normally in a straight line!) Big trucks and cars that he can wheel around the house are also a popular choice to zoom around. He has a little blue indoor trike that he calls his “motorbike”. He jumps up and down when he starts to ride it like he is kickstarting it, then he will zoom “off to work”, “to the shops” or “to the beach” on it. He also hooks up a pull along dog toy to the back and will drive around the house with the plastic dog faithfully following wherever he leads.

A big fan of the outdoors, you will often find my little man outside playing on the swings, trampoline, sandpit, and generally having a great time with his brother once J Boy is home from school. He loves going on Grandad’s quad bike and has Grandad twisted around his little finger.


There’s not too many reasons why Grandad would miss postpone a Sunday afternoon sleep. But Trent’s requests are mostly granted and his enormous smile is during these trips are worthwhile. (Perhaps another motivating factor is the hope that perhaps developing a love of the motorbike and the land on which it drives will help breed a future farrmer.)  On Saturdays Trent and Jonty like nothing better than to traipse around in the yard with their father. It is so heartwarming watching them and knowing that this is an important part of their early lessons on how to become men of character.

Just to keep it real, it’s worthwhile putting on the record that Trent is certainly not a completely angelic child. He can really be a very moody. Often when people arrive at our house, they walk in the door and say hello and Trent will give a very discourteous growl at them, and no matter how nicely the person speaks to him, he will continue his ill mannered growling until they leave him alone. He has also decided that he would like things done his way and will quite often do everything possible to ensure that his will is not crossed. This will often result in exceptional tantrums with much crying, wailing and protesting. They are not reserved for the privacy of our own home either. (Although, who am I kidding, our home is not very private at the moment, there’s almost always someone here.) On Sunday he gave a spectacular performance after the service was over (thankfully not during) because he objected to Daddy’s refusal to take him to the women’s toilets. Thankfully with most of these battles we know it is a simple case of weathering the storm and staying consistent and not giving in. We’d much prefer to fight these battles now while he’s small in the hope that it will decrease the number of battles to fight during his teenage years.


The beauty of growing up around the extended family is watching the blossoming relationships as the cousins play together and the children relate to their grandparents, aunts and uncles. These are Trent’s favourite people. He has a firm friendship with his cousin Nay Nay. In fact, she was certainly the most important person on his party guest list and according to Trent it was imperative that she attend. (As if she wouldn’t!) He enjoys Saturday afternoons with Nanny at the house and Thursday mornings have become his special Grandma mornings where he will often visit and delight his great grandparents.

He is such a loving member of our immediate family also.  He knows the way to make a woman feel soft and mushy. He will often come up and say, “You look pretty Mummy, you look like a ballerina.” or “You look like a flower Mummy.” Trust my words son, the girls will love you if you continue to appreciate their fashion and express it accordingly.  He dotes on the babies, too much often, but he is gradually learning  (I think, I hope) to not kill be gentle with them. He will follow his big brother to the ends of the earth and is often content to just do whatever Jonty chooses, just to enjoy his company. (To  which Jonty exploits.)

I’m so thankful for my little boy and all he brings to our lives so I’m linking up with Thankful Thursday.

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10 Month Triplets + 2 & 6 year old boys. And a Daddy.

I thought I’d just update you on some of the day to day happenings in our household at the moment.

The triplets are practically big kids now. They often eat vegemite sandwiches for lunch.

And they are having water in sippy cups after they eat. (Still using bottles for milk.)

We have a very cute dragon living with us.

J Boy has loved playing soccer this season. Even though he is pretty well clueless about the rules of the game and spends a great deal of his time falling to the ground and rolling around the field. (We’re working on getting him to stay on his feet for an entire game. It’s harder than you may think.) It seems like he’s just starting to get the hang of it though. Which is a shame, because it’s the last game of the season on Saturday.

The triplets have now become a tourist destination. We had a Japanese exchange student, Genki, who is staying with a family in town come to visit us for a morning. He was a great young guy who fitted in with the family happenings for the day. He played with the babies and built a train track for T-Star, who adored him for it and re-named him as “Donkey”. The babies had to be quarantined into the porta-cot to keep the track safe from imminent destruction. I let Genki feed the triplets, and he did a great job. It can get a bit crazy. When Miss Rachael asked if he wanted her to take over he jumped up so quickly that I thought there had been an ejector seat installed in our chair. I think he did enjoy the experience though! We took a photo with the trio and Genki, but they decided to get grumpy (something about it being lunchtime) so they had to be bribed and are photographed with arrowroot biscuits!

 Alex had a lovely Father’s Day. So proud of my amazing husband who is now father of 5.

We really tried to spoil Daddy, with everything from a power tool (chosen for Dad by J Boy), basket ball (chosen by T-Star) to homemade works of art.

For lunch we had takeaway fish and chips in the park with my brother-in-law and his family. We make a jolly little party with the four adults and ten kids! We’re quite the rent-a-crowd these days! The kids loved playing with their Daddies. The triplets couldn’t believe the freedom of being in the great outdoors. Poor little things, don’t get out much. Hopefully they will a bit more now it’s Spring. The big kids especially hung out on a plastic thingy that you were chucked balls through. I don’t think that it is supposed to be used as a climbing frame, but the kids thought it was brilliant. Until J Boy got stuck in one of the tubes. Luckily Daddy came to the rescue. That’s why Dad’s are heroes.

Once we got home Daddy had a chance to play with his new toy. I think he liked that.

I’d love it if you took the time to comment about what’s happening in your family of late! What did your family do for Father’s Day? (And guess what? I’ve now enabled a reply button in the comments section, so I can comment on your comments. Hurrah!)

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4 Month Old Triplets: Update

Hi! *She says a little shamfaced, knowing just how truly appalling she has been at blogging of late*

I’ve been thinking I just need to get on and do a little update. At the moment I’m feeling so very motivated, as I’m feeling great – I’ve just had six hours uninterrupted sleep!!! Hooray! The triplets were very difficult to get to sleep last night, a fitting conclusion to the day which was also full on. However, they were all bathed, fed and asleep by 7:00pm and what do you know – they slept through until 5:00am! And again I say Hooray!

The triplets are now 4 months old. They are completely delightful, flashing big smiles liberally and starting to be quite the chatterboxes, gooing and gurgling away, kicking their little legs furiously to express the wild excitement to be living such a grand life.

Their colic and reflux is settling down, although it is far from over. We are now at the stage where they are constantly throwing up. We go through myriads of bibs during the day and several changes of clothes. However, they do not seem to be crying as much, a nice indication that it is not painful. They are still feeding around the three hour mark as a general rule. Sometimes more, (and on days like the last few), sometimes less. For the last two days they seem to be drinking continuously. However, since they have slept through the night, they are fully forgiven!

OK. So, proof that life is crazy busy at the moment. I started writing this post over a week ago. I’ve got 20 minutes in the house by myself now, (J Boy at school, T-Star is hanging out with Grandma and no helper for a little bit) so thought I’d try to finish it. Already, I can hear some movements indicating that one of the three sleeping triplets is waking. OK, heard a dummy drop on the floor. Life with triplets… Time is up.
(Turns out, Missy is stirring, but seems quite content, so I’ll motor on…)
I should firstly add that the communal sleeping through the night, most certainly didn’t take off. That night was a one off. And as it turns out, even the validity of all three sleeping through that night is contested. The Accountant maintains that Chook woke up at 3:45. I’m sure it was 5:00.  Suppose it doesn’t matter now, just hanging out for them to do it ‘again’. The Accountant recently bought an expensive bottle of red. He has pronounced that it will be consumed after all three babies sleep through five consecutive nights. He originally made it 7 consecutive nights, but in the desire to consume the bottle sooner, he adjusted the goal. Phew. I think the bottle may be a tad dusty before we pop the cork. Or rather, unscrew the cap…
 J Boy is continuing to enjoy school. He is super tired by the end of the week, and consequently his behaviour at home can get quite feral. I’m sure this will get better as his stamina improves and he gets more used to school.
T-Star is getting used to being ‘the man of the house’ once Daddy and Jonty leave for school. He is still a very doting big brother, and can be very helpful. The other day I had three screaming babies and only two adults. I ended up sitting next to T-Star as he nursed a baby and fed him a bottle. Turns out it was activity enjoyed by baby and toddler alike! He’s a very sweet and loving child. Until he starts chucking major two year old tantrums. Eeeek. Never fun, and I tell you, T-Star can chuck a doozy! 
T-Star continues to be mad about motorbikes. Here he is after hearing Daddy arrive home after his bath. He charged outside and was super thrilled to get a ride on the driveway decked in nothing but a towel!

 A Further update:
It is now the third week since I started this particular post. Last week I had a moment in time, but blogger was playing up and I wasn’t able to post, so I had some script saved in Word. It’s truly reflective of life at the moment. Busy, busy, busy. The triplets are now 5 months old, and despite my original joyous declaration, their sleep seems to be getting worse rather than better. For the last several nights I have been interrupted hourly most of the time. Hence I’m rather exhausted at the moment. I had my first episode of pure exhausted desperation yesterday morning when I just couldn’t settle Joey down in the early hours of the morning. I ended up howling. The Accountant came to the rescue and shipped Joey off to another room. But he had to swap Joey for Chook, so it was still another hour before I got to sleep, but at least Chook was content to feed, whereas Joey was just wriggling and crying, inconsolable.

We had our first weekend without Alex this weekend past. My youngest sister was so kind to come around and help out the entire weekend. I also shipped the two older boys over to my mother and other sister, so it all went smoothly, apart from the interrupted sleep. (Not helped by the fact that my sister and I got to bed late doing sisterly pursuits such as chick flicks and online window shopping.)

I think I’ll sign off for now, before the interruptions continue and I never get this posted. Has your life been full of interruptions also? Who or what normally interrupts your schedule?

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Introducing My Family

Let me introduce you to my family. It’s hard to fathom that we are now a family of seven plus one canine (and a few guppies).

Travelling into the hospital during the early days to feed the triplets, The Accountant would drop me off on his way to work. The first day we got in the car together, both of us had a sense of
déjà vu. There was once upon a time when each morning and evening we would travel into work together and when we got home, there was no one in our little home apart from us. I remembered all the trips to and from town when I thought lifetime of infertility was a very real possibility. I remember countless discussions, tears, obsessing, prayers and wondering whether we would ever have children.

And here we are. Jeremiah 29:11, a scripture that has long been stored in my heart is so true.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
I never would have imagined in those days that we would have not only just one – but five children! And that three would be triplets, no less!
I am a blessed mother indeed.
He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the LORD.
Psalm 113:9

Without any further ado, let me introduce you to the major contributors of my happy heart. **

Alex – Otherwise known as “The Accountant”
Alex is my first and only love. We were married in January 1998, and what a life we have lived together! We have grown up together, travelled, laughed, cried, fought, talked (and talked, and talked), become parents, and fallen more deeply in love with each other (after the fights, not during) as each year of our marriage progresses. Methodical and precise, with a touch of caution – like any good accountant should be, Alex also has a quirky and engaging sense of humour. He loves being around people and socialising. Alex is a sensational father. His patience with our children is as unending for them as his unconditional love. I love him with all my heart.

“Bronco” – “The Dog”

In chronological order – our next ‘family member’. In the spirit of every purebred Labrador, Bronco is a super friendly dog and the best of family pets. He doesn’t mind at all when children roll all over him, pat him profusely, drag him around the yard or even take food from his mouth. (Well, he does mind that, but he’s too well mannered to do anything about it.) He will do anything for food, and he will eat just about anything offered to him. He’s even so obliging to try and chomp on the clods of dirt and sticks the boys feed him.

“J Boy”

My firstborn entered our family in July 2006. J Boy is an energetic boy loving life and enjoying playing and spending time with family, especially his cousins. J Boy loves construction – from earth moving equipment to constructing with toys such as Lego and blocks. Even though he loves being around people, J Boy enjoys his own time and will be satisfied for hours playing on his own. He has a very strong personality which isn’t always easy to parent. However this strength of character will become one of his greatest assets one day, because as his will is lovingly molded and he grows, his determination and persistence to stand firm in his beliefs will help him in so many areas of his life.

T-star” – Formerly known as “Toddler T”, and prior to that “The Baby”

Another bundle of energy, T-star will melt any heart because he so, so, so cute! Born in November 2009, this little guy is so loving and nothing beats his excitement when he greets people he knows and loves, running up with great excitement making all types of excited exclamations! The T-star is our outdoor boy. Nothing warms his little heart more than traipsing around the backyard exploring. He is also very I.T. savvy. He watches carefully and learns how to operate DVD, CD’s, microwaves, phones, etc. He also employs this method of learning to get into child locks over the house. With his inquisitive nature, this knowledge and access to all areas is of great satisfaction to him.

“Joey” – Otherwise known as “Triplet 1” or “The Blue Triplet”

This little Aussie baby is happy to snuggle up secure in his loving arms, just like a joey kangaroo snuggles in it’s mother’s pouch. Illustrating size is no barrier, Joey was smallest, but first triplet to make an appearance in this world. Born at 1:23pm. little Joey weighed in at 4lb 2oz/1895g. He was 43.5cm long with a head circumference of 31.5cm. Joey is a contented baby, although he can certainly let his opinion be known if he feels strongly enough about something!

“Chook” – Otherwise known as “Triplet 2” or “The Red Triplet”

“Chook”, (An Australian word for chicken), was our ‘big’ baby. Weighing in at 4lb 13oz/2205g after he  hatched. Despite his impressive size, he did need assistance with oxygen for the first day, whereas the other two did not. Before long he was at the same development as the other two. Also born at 1:23pm, Chook was 46cm long with a head circumference of 32.5cm. He appears to be the most laid back of the triplets, fairly content to let the world just drift by. So long there is plenty of milk and cuddles, you can’t really ruffle Chook’s feathers.

“Missy” – Otherwise known as “Triplet 3” or “The Pink Triplet”
Our ‘youngest’ child, born at 1:25pm, 2 minutes after the boys, Missy is our only daughter, and the fairest of them all. She weighed in at 4lb 6oz/2160g. measured 43cm in length and had a head circumference of 31cm.  We suspect our little girl is no shy retiring violet, she already has displayed quite a feisty little personality! She seems to rule the roost with the triplets, being the most vocal and also constantly jumps the breastfeeding queue, waking up before the boys regularly to get first dibs at the breast. You can already tell she is perfectly equipped to grow up in a male dominated household and will probably be classified as our ‘pink boy’.
** These are not the real names of my children. You know, in case you were wondering. I’d love to share their real names with you, but not everyone who is on the internet is as nice as you are I’m afraid.
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