InVENTA Sleep Bag Review

I love putting my babies (Yes, they are toddlers, but they still look like babies, so I still call them that!) to bed in sleeping bags, especially as the weather gets cooler. They look so cuddly all wrapped up nice and warm, and I know they are not going to kick away bedding and get cold as the night progresses.

I have mainly used fleecy sleeping bags for the babies, but sometimes they can get a little bit too warm, so when I was given the opportunity to review an INVENTA sleeping bag, I was eager to see how the babies would sleep in it.

I was given this sleeping bag to review in the 12-36 month size. I love the attractive design, and the owl fits right in with our nursery theme! Hooray! The colour was just right to exchange in between the boys and girl also.

 If you notice, at the front, there is a zip. This is the Genius Cooling System. It’s one of my favourite aspects of the sleeping bag. It’s more than just a design feature, when it is unzipped, it reveals a mesh panel. This is so you can moderate your child’s temperature while they are still sleeping by zipping or unzipping. I know we have unzipped our babies sleeping bags before when they have got too hot, but then they have wriggled out if it as the night has progressed and got too cold. That would not happen with the INVENTA sleeping bag. Clever, huh?

Other things I loved about the INVENTA sleeping bag was that it was very obviously high quality. The bamboo lining is very soft as well, so it’s perfectly nice and soft against a toddlers skin.

 I tried the medium weight 1 tog bag. It really is medium weight, so I would make sure the babies were still wearing warm pajamas beneath if they were sleeping in it during the cold weather. I have thrown a quilt over them in the middle of the night for extra warmth. The 2.5 tog is definitely the winter weight option, which I have noticed is just new to the market at $99.95 with a cute elephant design.  Check it out and discover more info and the other bags at Love to Dream.


Pricing and Availability
The Love To INVENTA Sleep Bag from Love To Dream is available in the following options:
·         0.5 tog (Balloon Design): 4-12 months : RRP $69.95
·         0.5 tog (Balloon Design): 12-36 months : RRP $69.95
·         1.0 tog (Owl Design): 4-12 months : RRP $79.95
·         1.0 tog (Owl Design): 12-36 months : RRP $79.95
All options come in pink, blue or taupe.   

They are pricey. I think The Accountant would be a bit stunned if he s

aw it on the credit card! If I do buy one, it would be the heavy weight so that they could use it throughout winter. The reason I would still consider buying it, despite the price, is the generous sizing of 12-36 months. Normally I would need to buy at least 2, if not three bags during that time. (For each child!) The INVENTA really looks high quality also, so I am confident that it would last all that time. I got Trent to help me out to see whether the bag would still fit a 3 year old. As you can see, it does – comfortably! Trent is not an active sleeper, so I think there is no need to put him in one, but if the triplets flip their sheets throughout the night even when they are 3, I will still put them in the INVENTA sleeping bag.

The triplets have all had the opportunity to have an overnight sleep in what has become a communal bag. I must say, they looked super cute in it! And oh my – look how long they are getting!
What do your babies/children sleep in? Are you a fan of sleeping bags for babies. I’ve heard that some maternity hospitals in the US use only sleeping bags and no blankets, so it’s certainly a developing trend. With SIDS in the equation, it makes perfect sense.

**I was given the INVENTA sleeping bag to review. Any opinons I have expressed in this post are my own.

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