"Something You Adore" – Jan Photo A Day

OK, for those who are following the actual challenge at Fat Mum Slim, you will know that yesterday I got a bit mixed up. (Baby Brain!) But never mind, this is yesterday’s picture today!

Now, I bet you are thinking this is a picture of the triplets. But, you are mistaken. They are somones I adore, not something. So the next best thing that I have complete adoration of during this period our lives are the things that keep them gainfully occupied.

The electric swing. You are our solace and comfort, slowly lulling the babies to sleep with your rythmic rocking. It doesn’t matter that you are second hand. They sleep in peace, I issue a sigh of relief and with my aching arms free of babies, I rush around doing whatever I can until the next feed arrives. (Hoping they aren’t awoken too soon by a pain in the tummy.)

We have three swings. The third swing rocks back and forth instead of side to side and is shunned. Hated by all, it just doesn’t make the cut. Rather a shame I thought. It’s a very pretty piece of machinery. But the triplets pay no heed to aesthetics.

So, my third most used piece of equipment currently is a rocker, passed to me by sister. It has held her 5 children as babies, and is battered and worn and the ‘bed’ has sunk. The triplets love it. They feel enclosed and although it’s not as good as the swing, the triplet who has missed out, will normally settle in here. Definitely not their cot. For some reason they all reject the cot during the daytime.

Lastly, there is the play gym. This is a new favourite. Upon reaching the 12 week mark this week, wake time is on the agenda a bit more, and the triplets are enjoying staring at the mesmerising toys hanging from this contraption. They are starting to smile and coo at them. I love it when this interaction starts.

And just to show you why I adore my little someones on the adorable somethings, here’s another photo.

What baby paraphanalia did you consider invaluable for newborns?

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Triplets Dedication Video

On the weekend the triplets had their Dedication, (Christening). It was such a special time to dedicate their lives to God and to publicly promise to dedicate our efforts to raising our children to be taught in the ways of God. For the occassion I made a video for the triplets. (You know, the time I stayed up late while Missy slept through the night for the first time.) Unfortunately the sound quality wasn’t good enough to share with our church family during the service, so we only showed the photos on Sunday. I thought I would instead share this with you here. I have made some minor changes, using their blog names, instead of real.

The triplets are such a blessing in our lives. We look forward to seeing them grow into men and a woman of God.

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On My Mind: Baby Smiles

Missy has been smiling now since my birthday – the 28th of November. It took awhile before I could catch some smiles for the camera. They aren’t great pictures, some are even a bit blurry, I was just too excited! But aren’t they precious?

Missy made me smile this morning – she slept through the night! 9:00pm-5:30am. Chook did pretty well also with 9:30pm-4:00am.

It’s a shame that I stayed up all night trying to put together a video for their christening on the weekend! Talk about a wasted opportunity!

The triplets are 10 weeks today! Hooray!

(Much better than the older two boys ever did, I might add!)

Today I’m linking up with Rhonda at Down to Earth for “On My Mind”.

Do you have photos of your babies first smiles? (I’m still trying to get Chook and Joey to smile long enough for me to race and get the camera!) How long did it take before you had your baby sleeping through the night?

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When the Triplets hit the News

In the absence of having a post written by myself ready, I thought I’d cheat. The above photo (I love it!) was taken on the 27th of October and published the next day in our local newspaper. Here’s the article: (minus pertinent information such as triplet names and our surname!)

THE newest additions to the rapidly growing family T are living proof that the best things come in threes.
Caitlin and Alex brought home triplets Tuesday after a complication-free birth at St Vincent’s Hospital.
The recent arrivals have boosted the family T to five kids, including their first daughter.
“We were kind of hoping for a girl, but would have been happy with five boys,” Mrs T said.
“Luckily, we’ve already got an army of helpers signed up.”
The babies were delivered three weeks ago by St Vincent’s Hospital’s new paediatrician Dr N.
Despite arriving six weeks early, the triplets were in perfect health, each weighing just over two kilograms.
“I’ve never delivered triplets before – lots of twins and lots of premature babies, but this was a first for me,” Dr N said.
“They were very good sizes and healthy, and it’s always nice to see the babies go home with their parents.”
Doting grandfather was rounding up the triplets’ energetic older brothers 2 and 5.
“My wife and I will be doing a lot of babysitting over the next few years,” he said.
“But I think they’re just the most wonderful things in the world.”
Mr Y said it was a shock when his band of grandkids suddenly jumped from seven to 10 members.
“My wife and I are as tickled pink as they come,” he said.
Mrs T said the staff at St Vincent’s Hospital had helped her through every step of the process.
“Dr N has been fantastic,” she said.
“Having a female doctor really makes a difference – nothing against male doctors, but as a mother herself, she notices a lot of things they might not.”

I was rather mortified at being quoted for the final comment. I mean it’s true, but I didn’t want to sound like she was a good dr just because she’s a Mum, it’s rather condescending. Anyway despite the fact that it was obvious I was back peddaling as I said it, it was published! Dr G. (when he returned home from his overseas jaunt. Still wish he’d been around for the triplet’s birth!) had a chuckle that a paed was given credit for ‘delivering’ the baby.

This is the photo that was on the front page of the paper directing readers to the article on page 3.

And here are some other images that were taken on the day.

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Great Grandad Meets the Triplets

 Dear Triplets,

You are 8 weeks old and have now met your Great Grandad, the father of your mother’s father. He desperately wanted to see you sooner, however he recently broke his hip and has been hospitalised and recovering. It devastated him not to see you as soon as possible, for your great grandfather loves babies. He has ever since your grandfather and his siblings were born. Back in those days, when men left looking after babies to the women, your great grandfather ignored the traditions of the day and played an active part in raising his babies and children. Starting with carrying the babies into your Great Grandmother throughout the night so that she didn’t have to get out of bed to feed the babies. He wanted to make it as easy as possible for her because he once told me, “She worked so hard throughout the day, the least I could do was make her life easier when I got home.”

It was a beautiful moment when he first met three babies, his great grandchildren, at once. He was thrilled.

The first baby to meet him was Missy. Great Grandad said nothing when I held you towards him to say hello. He just leaned in and touched his forehead to your forehead. In a few short seconds he was smitten with you. He continued to adore you as he held you.

Then he met you, Chook.

Great Grandad thought you were wonderful.

And Great Grandad’s heart melted just a little more when he saw you, Joey.

We had some family photos.

And then your big brother amazed Grandad by showing him his favourite computer game. Back when Grandad was a boy, he played very different games.

We will tell you all about those ‘olden days’ one day when you triplets are old enough to understand. But for now, you have enjoyed cuddles with your great grandfather who already loves you very much. Never underestimate how great the power of having generations of love being poured into your life.
And never forget that you are loved because you are you. You are three individuals born into a loving family.


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7 Week Old Triplets

Seven weeks old and it feels like the reflux is getting worse, not better. In fact, we have identified that they do not have only reflux, but also colic. The most tell tale sign of this is that they have been waking up in the middle of a deep sleep, screaming in pain. Poor little vegemites. They find it very difficult to burp after feeds, which doesn’t help the situation. At the other end of the scale, they constantly let very smelly firecrackers go down in the nappies, and doing so can hurt their tummy. And they are still vomitting.

It feels that the medicine is doing nothing, however when I started cutting back on it, I found that it must be helping, because they started vomitting even more. They have now also started on a wind remedy we concocted by a local chemist. It’s rather famous around these parts in the parenting world of colicky babies. It has helped a little, but not solved the problem. The reflux meds need to be given twice a day and the colic med before each feed. I’m hopeless at keeping track of it all. I am really bad at remembering to give/take medication, plus I get even more confused trying to remember which child I have given what medicine too. All with a scrambled baby brain – Aaagh!

Also they have conjunkyvitis. (J Boy terminology!) So they are supposed to have eye ointment for that three times a day. Missy has it worst and has given it to the other two boys who have it a little, then it looks like it’s gone, but then it’s back again. T-Star also contracted the gunky eyes.. Now at the conclusion of the week I have it. Now I am really, really bleary and red eyed!

The weeks of sleeplessness are also taking their toll. Especially since the hours of sleeping has decreased this week.

See! I told you I am tired! Proof beyond doubt.

The triplets are wanting to be held more and more, because that is where they are most comfortable. The problem is that they almost always outnumber the adults in the house. Therefore, you settle a baby down after holding it for a good stretch of time, perhaps half an hour if they are lucky, and then put the baby down in order to pick up the next one who has inevitably started crying. No sooner than you put the baby down, it will wake out of a deep sleep insist it wants to be held still. If you could just pick it up and cuddle it straight away, it might settle. However most of the time you are still trying to settle another baby, who kicks around disturbing it’s sibling, and before you know it, you are holding two squirming babies. The other adult who probably has a quiet baby at this point will point the quiet baby down to take help out and take a squirming baby. A few minutes later the quiet baby is no longer quiet … Do you see the vicious pattern? When all three go to sleep it is a very, very happy moment for all concerned!

3am, and finally all three are asleep! To get them to that stage on this particular night I had to prop them on a corner pillow and let them all snuggle in together. They like doing that when they are really uncomfotable. Well I thought they did. In this picture it looks like Joey is distinctly trying to get away from Missy. Either that or he’s sick of her snoring. (She really does snore, so unladylike!)

The babies are often taking up until 11:00 or midnight before they settle down enough for all three to be in bed asleep. Then Alex and I stumble to bed. Sometimes we still need to shower because we haven’t had a chance to before then. Lately my single brother and single sister have been hanging with us during the evening and hold babies, it’s a big help having a third baby held rather than doing the juggling routine.

My brother and sister posing for the much sought after “Holding all three triplets” photo.

The babies will then have two more feeds normally at around 2 or 3 am and 4 or 5 am. I try to go back to bed after the early morning feed to maximise sleep. This will often mean I will get up as Alex is leaving, so by the time people arrive I’m still in my PJ’s and I quite often don’t get a chance to eat breakfast for several hours. I’m not very good at skipping meals, never have been – I get starving! Breastfeeding three babies only makes me more ravenous! On the positive, the triplets are getting quicker at feeding. It’s normally taking an hour to 1 1/2 hours instead of 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.

Of course, this is all not half as bad as it reads. Because even if you are holding babies for hours, and not having any rest in between feeds, you still are holding a gorgeous little child. So I tend to push my tiredness aside as much as possible, and just enjoy holding my child. If a baby is crying, it becomes a challenge to try and work out what’s wrong and try to make it stop crying. If I can focus on this, I don’t get frustrated and worked up about thinking my child is in pain. That helps both of us stay calm and solve the problem/enjoy the solution sooner.

Also we try to enjoy the social encounters that come our way. Of course there is always people coming into the house to help out, so we get to have lots of nice conversations with them while nursing babies. Or sometimes I deal with babies while they do my ironing/housework. That’s always a bonus! I have still been so appreciative of people bringing meals. When I have spent the entire day holding babies there has often been no ‘free time’ to do simple things like cook for my family. So it’s been good that people are so kind to keep delivering meals for us 7 weeks on. The meals slow down next week, so we’ll start to devour the freezer contents that people have also often left us with. So grateful!

At the start of their 7th week, the triplets met my uncle, aunt and cousin.

Don’t you just love the triplet’s lairy duds? A friend bought the pairs for them in London. Th

e pants were still a little big for them. I just wanted them to be worn in case the weather got too hot! 

Can you tell that my uncle is my Dad’s brother? Dad was so ultra proud showing off his triple grand-babies.

We’ve also got out a bit this week. Firstly I took the triplets up to kindy for J Boy to show them off to the class. It was so special for the proud big brother. The kids all thought they were pretty great, as did his clucky teachers and not to mention the other Mummies!

Such a proud big brother!

On Sunday the triplet’s had their 3rd trip to church. It is a challenge getting to church, but our spiritual life and our relationship with God must always be first priority in our family, so wherever we can we try to honour God by worshipping him corporately as a family. Sometimes we don’t make it, and we know God is OK with that some weeks also.

Then it was my birthday! In the morning, we took the triplets for another show and tell session. The boys go with my sister’s Nanny to a storytelling session at a local church every Monday morning, so I brought them there so the boys could show off their new brothers and sister. There are a group of older ladies who help out on these mornings. At one point a whole gaggle of old ducks were crowded around Missy adoring her, so she decided to respond and flash them a dazzling first smile!

Luckily I looked up in time to see it. I had been telling the triplets that the race was on to see who smiled first. I had also instructed them that first smiles were for Mummy. Rebellious daughter.

After storytelling the big boys had a play with their cousins. I met my mother for a lunch at a local restaurant with the triplets. I just wanted to get out of the house and do something a little special. It was a bit ambitious. We had to eat holding a triplet and one the owners held the third prooving we made a wise choice going to a restaurant that we frequent often. She mustn’t have minded too much – she gave us a free garlic bread even so! A lady from a nearby shop rushed up to admire the triplets and brought up some cute money boxes as a gift for them – very kind!

We had our family around and our family friends around for a great evening of Indian food and fun! The positive of having people around is that there always is ample arms to hold babies!

There’s normally at least one baby awake at night. Here it’s Chook celebrating Mummy’s birthday with the big kids. 

We ended the week spending the day with Grandma and Grandad. We got pest control to come and spray our house. I know it’s safe, but I still didn’t want the babies to be around the chemicals until the fumes died down. So instead we hung out at my parents place. Turned out to be a good thing. The babies were really unsettled, so for the most of the day there was an adult around to hold one, two or often three babies at a time. We didn’t get home until late because it was my nephew’s first birthday so they ended up coming over as well for a swim and a family party and birthday dinner.

So, what has been the highlights of your week? Have you had/have a reflux/colic baby? Found any magic remedies? I’ve tried a gazillion things, I’ve got a few more alternatives to try before throwing my hands up in the air and admitting defeat. I’d be interested to hear if there’s any remedies I haven’t heard of!

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The Triplet's Mate

Remember in the 32nd Week of my pregnancy I shared this belly to belly photo with my friend?

My wonderful friend Mummy T was 38 weeks pregnant in this picture while I was 32 weeks.

When I went into hospital, Mummy T and I were texting like crazy, trying to co-ordinate our babies being born at the same time. Of course the babies had other ideas, mine were born first. Four days later Baby J was born.

I was in the special care nursery feeding my triplets when I received the text from Mummy T saying Baby J had arrived. I was so excited and was telling all the midwives when the midwife who had delivered the baby came in. Mummy T was still in the labour ward, just around the corner, so I was able to sneak in and say hello. Mummy T looked amazing and was sitting up with her precious bundle on her lap.

It was so special seeing a little human for the first time only minutes after he had arrived. He was absolutely gorgeous – but oh my goodness! HUGE!!! Baby J was a whopping 9lb 9oz

After feeding my little 4+lb babe, my reaction was probably incorrect.  “Wow! He’s a monster!” I exclaimed. I didn’t mean it in the horrible monster way at all, you know, like those cute little monsters, like Elmo and Abbey Cadabbey from Seasame St. But I probably won’t refer to newborns as monsters again, luckily Mummy T didn’t seem upset by my monster comment. (Sorry if you were Mummy T!)

Mummy T and Baby J came to visit us the other day. Neither of us would like to do a tummy to tummy photo again, however we would love to show off our beautiful babies. (One of mine is missing.) As you can see, I might have had the bigger tummy, but now Baby J is by far the biggest! My babies currently weigh: Joey 2.8kg, Chook 3kg, Missy 3.1kg. Baby J is 6kg!

Baby J, Joey and Missy chillaxin’
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Still 6 weeks On and In the Poo.

Yesterday I was contemplating that life seems to be getting more difficult with the triplets. It’s like the first five weeks, we were pretty well cruising. Challenging yes, but manageable, and maybe not quite as difficult as I had imagined. (I had imagined some pretty horrifying scenario’s.)

 But once that 5/6 week mark hit. Yep. That’s more like what I was expecting…

This is when the reflux started and the snotty nosed little cherubs and their siblings started getting a bit more demanding. Not to mention the triplets decided to sleep less.

It seemed very wrong. I had been hoping that they would get better as they got older. Nope. They went from feeding 4 and even 5 hourly overnight to 2 or 3 hourly.

Me: Bleary Eyes and Foggy Brain. Tired. Yawn.

Then they decided to feed 2 or 3 hourly during the day as well. Talk about insane. I felt like I’m a mere milk machine. (But Yay me for managing to be a milk machine. In actual fact, there’s nothing ‘mere’ about exclusively breastfeeding 3 babies – an accomplishment worth celebrating!) There was absolutely no time for anything else in life. Everything is devoted to keeping these little ones alive and well.

We are working on returning to a four hour schedule. It’s much more civilised.

Yesterday I was feeding (you know, because that’s what I do) and contemplating the overwhelming feelings of overwhelment (That’s what life with triplets does to you. It makes you feel so overwhelmed at times that you have to make up new words.)

Missy was in her swing and started protesting. She does that often, so I ignored her. She increased her volume to make her point clear. She does that often. So I ignored her. She got hysterical. She does that often. I don’t like it. It’s awful. But Chook was really close to finishing, and if I took him off, he could quickly start vocalising his displeasure. So I ignored her. Chook needed to burp. Missy was in an hysterical rage. She does that often. I ignored her. I thumped Chook on his back as quickly as possible, then no longer ignored little Missy who by this stage was in major meltdown. I quickly picked her up in a clumsy one handed maneouver that I’m still perfecting. I replaced Chook where she had been sitting with the other hand.

I felt something very squishy and wet on my arm.

This is when you know you are addicted to blogging. You are covered in poo, yet stop for a photo op.

 There was a very real reason for her cries, as it turned out. And as for my ignoring her. Revenge was sweet.

Chook decided to stage a violent protest over being so coldly rejected. (Turns out he had good reason also, I had dumped him in poo when I had changed seats.)

Two screaming babies and not enough hands! On the way to the laundry, I took a precarious one handed photo, then grabbed the phone for an emergency call to my sister for urgent help. In the laundry I was wildly grabbing whatever I could see to wipe body parts and stripping my darling off and giving her an impromptu bath in the basin.

My saviour – as in the mortal kind.

My sister’s nanny soon arrived and helped restore order. It turned out she needed to rescue me again in the afternoon. I attempted a feeding session alone, when all of a sudden all three woke and started a mass protest. I was leaving messages on answering services with three angry, angry babies in the background voicing their opinion about my failings as a mother and the injustice of being a triplet.

So, have you had some atrocious poo moments with a newborn?

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Triplets – 6 weeks on

I can’t believe it! There is no crying! Surely not?

Yep. I just stopped to listen again. No crying. And I’m not holding anyone to achieve this. It’s amazing.

Mind you, it’s not all bliss I hear. The stupid neighbours have their music blaring. I’m not impressed. I’m that sleep deprived and have enough agro in me that I’d go over and complain, but then I’d lose valuable blogging time. But oh my goodness, it’s tempting. My sleep deprived brain doesn’t need to endure the heavy thump of bass and drums and rubbish music.

So as a special reward to me I’m jumping on to do a blog. I’ll write until I’m halted. I’ll try not to leave mid sentence, but if I do, I know you’ll forgive me. Because I’m determined to post this – incomplete, unedited if necessary. I’ve got to at least do some updates.

Nope. Can’t do this.


OK. The neighbour’s music has been turned down. He was friendly enough about it. Totally worthwhile being the annoying, pesky, complaining neighbour. Playing the ‘newborn triplets are living next door’ card really works a treat. Got to laugh as I was approaching the neighbour’s door I saw The Accountant rushing next door also. I thought he had also had enough, but when I got home I discovered that The Accountant just was being protective. He got nervous when he saw me charge out of the house to approach a strange man. (Yes, sadly we don’t know those neighbours, we’ve tried, but they haven’t reciprocated. We’ve lately decided that if the taste of their music is indicative of their personalities, it’s no loss.) Surely I wouldn’t have come to any harm, he’s a soldier after all. Ummm. Yes. The Accountant certainly is wise.

It’s nice to have your man want to protect you in any case.

So. To update you on other incidences apart from our neighbours.

The triplets turned 6 weeks yesterday! They are beautiful, and cute, and cuddly. We love them to bits.

Wearing the glad rags Great Nana gave them – back in the day when sleeping was a more popular pastime.
Chook (red) Missy (pink) Joey (blue)

They also all have reflux. This is not fun – for them or us. The result of this condition has been a fair amount of crying. We are now onto trying out our second type of reflux meds, since the first didn’t appear to be working. I’m not sure how effective the second lot has been either, to tell you the truth. We’ve also had our chiropractor around to visit and treat them all. (How obliging is he? I kept trying to get in there, and he volunteered to come to me instead. It’s totally worth staying somewhere long enough to have built a relationship with your practitioner.) Anyway, I’m not sure how helpful that has been either. At least I feel like I’ve been doing all I can. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in for a follow up appointment soon enough. However, yikes. It’s going to cost a pretty penny paying for all three at once. I didn’t have to for their first visit – it’s always on the house. I think I ought to qualify for a chiro frequent flyer card and get a free visit every ten visits or something.

For the last few days, the triplets have decided that life is much better when they are being held. It’s lovely holding them, it really is. But holding three babies, for hours and hours in a day. It be a bit tricky at times. Our second son was like this. But it’s so much easier when it’s only one baby. The issue is as well, is that when you put one baby down, there’s often another baby who starts crying. So your arms are never empty. There also is the issue that the baby that you have just put down, who appeared to be in a deeper sleep than Sleeping Beauty will almost instantly wake up and start screaming the moment it leaves your arms.

I’ll just post another photo at this point. Just to remind you how super cute they all are. Just so you know it’s not all a trial, and they are totally worthwhile.

This is the day that the triplet’s reached 40 weeks gestational age. Time just keeps swinging by. Sorry, bad pun. Sometimes living with an acountant can do terrible things to your sense of humour.

 I have been feeling so sorry for Toddler T of late. Having just turned 2, he’s practically still a baby himself. J Boy has kindy as an outlet. J Boy also loves playing on his own. T-Star is more social, loves the outdoors and loves excursions. But whenever people are in his house, there’s practically always a baby glued to an arm. The poor love has to create his own fun, which normally is no fun at all, because Mummy is always being annoying calling things from the couch, to not touch all the interesting things left on the kitchen bench, or he’s climbed up on something and fallen off because there was no one to intervene in time.

Herewith ends the update. Joey says so.

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