My Week According to Instagram

Firstly let me congratulate Jodie for winning the Personal Planner. I loved Jodie’s enthusiasm to fill her year with special moments with friends and family. I’m a big advocate of seizing the day and creating memories. All the best with entering coffee dates in your diary Jodie!
Along the same lines, here are some happy memories I have captured over the past week on Instagram.
The Accountant and I, at the last moment, went out for a Chinese dinner on our 15th Wedding Anniversary. So grateful to Grandma babysitting, especially since she was happy to come late so Alex could play indoor soccer first.

Fortune cookies. I don’t know if we’ve been awarded a great honor but we have certainly had lovely days with family. Easy? Not exactly. I don’t think you get easy days when you have triplets under the age of 2.

On the weekend we celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday. I made the cake. I was making chocolate scrolls, but the silly rolling pin rolled over and squashed everything. Eventually the chocolate curls worked out.

Missy and Miss Rachael

My neice.

Our wedding anniversary gift from my mother. And we still haven’t used them. What’s with that? Loved my flowers from the hubster too.

The finished cake. Oh the drama. A very extremely wet weekend is not the best time to be decorating cakes I’ve discovered. The large variety of instructions/helpful (unhelpful) hints for peeling the photo from the backing were completely useless. It’s just as well it didn’t melt when I followed the instructions to put it in a slow oven to peel off. The backing started curling up within five seconds. Took about heart failure. I was saved by advice via facebook after a desperate status pleading for help. In the end ignoring the advice from the instructions which said 10-15 SECONDS (capitlised by them) in the freezer. I put it in for almost 15 minutes and it came off eventually.

We had lots of partying over the weekend. This is how little Missy went to sleep in between events. Sometimes you’ve just got to fall asleep right away.

We had a beautiful evening at Gabbinbar Homestead celebrating my parent’s 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Daddy walking his boy to school on J Boy’s 1st day of Year 1

Little Missy decided to wear pink gum boots. She looked quite comical bustling around in her pink boots and nappy.

Meanwhile the boys were getting into mischief. AGAIN. Climbing on furniture is considered an elite sport here at the moment. By all except Mummy.

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My Week According to Instagram – The New Year Edition

 Hello, hello! I’m terribly sorry if you’ve been hoping to read a blog post, I thought that I might get a few done over Christmas/New Year, but obviously I was terribly wrong! We have had a great family getaway. I hesitate to use the word holiday, as to be truthful it was simply exhausting, but we have had lots of fun, and Alex and I are so very glad we made the effort to do a road trip with the five kids, even with the 14 month old triplets!

We arrived home yesterday so I’m busy unpacking (or well, I should be…) but I thought I’d participate in Tina Grey’s My Week According to Instagram, which will give you a brief overview of what we’ve been up to lately. I’ll start on January 1 and continue until yesterday.

So January 1 we said Goodbye to our family at Trinity Beach (near Cairns) and started the road trip home. Unlike getting up there, we took our time going home. It was a bit sad for the cousins. The  distance means that they don’t get to see each other often and they had got on famously. The big boys had been so good with the babies also. They all had a great time.

On the road again.

Our apartment in Townsville. Joey particularly loved looking out the large window onto the street below. I just love how he often stood there with his hand on his hip. Heart melt.

This is J Boy’s heart. Kind of.

Ma and Pa. It was the end of the day. Can you tell?

The resort we stayed at Yeppoon had a lot of wildlife. It was an exciting moment for the kids when a goanna ambled by.

The rooms were dodgy, but the pool was amazing! The kids loved it. But I’ll tell you what, watching five kids in the water is very exhausting for two adults!

But it’s all worthwhile for happy family memories.

You’d think their appetites would be huge at the end of the day. But no, the triplets have started eating their toes while they are being fed. They think it’s a great game. I find it frustrating, but it is super cute.

 Going to the Yeppoon Beach with my big boy.

And my monkey.

“Take a photo of this shell Mum.”
Next onto Bundaberg. We often visit Bundy and it’s become a compulsory stop visiting our very friendly barber, Mr. Matt. There was no one else I would let cut the little boys hair for the first time. He was skilled enough to do two at once! There were tears though. They look so grown up now. (No instagram pics to prove it yet!)

We stay at Bargara when we’re in town. The kids love going to “Grandma’s Beach” opposite the beach house my parents own.

One of my favourite pictures of the whole trip. Missy was just so overjoyed to be out of the car after a six hour drive and was running in circles around the beach, arms outstretched, chatterin

g away and enjoying life. My sister has labelled this “Missy’s Happy Heart.”

Finally, back in the car for the last leg home. I had put tinsel up at the start of the trip, but the kids wouldn’t let me take it down after Christmas, although that didn’t stop them breaking it! I loved turning around and watching this moment as T-Star and the baby in the back were laughing uproariously.

We added another two hours to the trip home by going to Brisbane first to watch our nephew (from Cairns) who was in Brisbane playing cricket. 

The Warrego Highway. Almost there.

 No time for photos since we got home. Made dinner and got tired cranky kids to bed. Sat down ‘briefly’ to eat dinner while watching TV. Bad move. Went to bed late after doing a quick tidy (not that it made any difference) before tumbling into bed. I suppose I ought to get back to work now! It’s all about organising, tidying up and re-establishing routine today. (And probably for the next few days…)

Happy New Year to you all! What have you done so far in 2013?

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My Week According to Instagram

My loving husband gave me an iPhone 5 recently for my birthday. I’m a lucky girl. What I’m loving most about my new iPhone is that I have started using Instagram. Feel free to check me out: happyheart75 It’s so much fun.

It then makes total sense to join in with TinaGray(dot)me for her linky!

So here are some snapshots of my week:
Missy and the baby boys are constantly pulling the pegs out. 

We had fun going to see the Christmas lights in Toowoomba.

The triplets were rolling around lying on top of each other and cuddling one another. It was so cute.

Yesterday the big boys and I spent some time in Brisbane. They really enjoyed visiting the museum and looking at an awesome sand sculpture at Southbank. Of course a swim and splash is always so much fun. Getting stuck in traffic jams on the way home was not fun. We got home eventually…

And lastly.  This is the reason why blogging is slow right now. (There’s always a reason…) Packing and getting ready to go on holiday. We are travelling from Toowoomba to Cairns.  It would take 23 hours to get there if we had no breaks. With 5 children including 3 one year olds, we’re planning on getting there in 3 days and 2 nights. It’s what I call Extreme Roadtripping. Bring on the memories and the stories! Hopefully I’ll get some chances to update you on the blog from time to time!
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