Introducing Solids to Triplets

Hey there. I’ve got three babies asleep, so I thought I’d jump on and write about the process of achieving this temporary state of peace in our house. It may entertain you! Or, it may comfort you to know that all mothers have our busy times and we always ‘get there’ in the end! It’s one of the reasons I write this blog is ‘to keep it real’. I think that when we share our stories it empowers others because we realise that there are others out there who are experiencing similar challenges.

So. This morning I had no helper. I’m getting braver these days, and there are several mornings a week when this happens. Normally during the couple of hours by myself there is a busy time where two or three babies are very demanding. I’ve learned that I just stay calm, address one baby’s needs at a time starting with the bub making the most noise and before long we pass through the storm.

This morning it was three babies being demanding. When I got surfaced after my morning shower, I could hear fussy babies. With me out of the bathroom, The Accountant headed in to do his morning routine so I had no one to hold bubs. I decided I needed to leave the babies fuss, predominantly Imogen, who was making the most noise, because I needed to make Jonty’s lunch for school. I didn’t get very far, because Imogen was terribly, horribly hungry, so she informed me vehmently.

We reached an agreement that she would downsize voracious crying to mild whimpering if I carried her around the kitchen while getting lunch box components. It was OK throwing in things like biscuits, chicken (already wrapped last night, phew!) peeling a mandarine was possible and even chopping an apple. (Jonty only eats fruit that is pre-cut.) I had to put her down to make a sandwich, she had been settled down somewhat so she begrudgingly allowed this for a short period of time. All the while I was shoving dummies (otherwise known as pacifiers!) into the other two babies and I had to constantly was reminding Jonty to get dressed, put on socks and shoes etc. He had slept in and was slow to move this morning.

Once the lunch was made, the other two babies were also getting noisier. I started to make a bottle for Imogen and some solids. Generally I feed the babies separately, (I’ll try to write another post about how I have been feeding them solids), but this morning I thought I’d have another try at feeding all three at once.

I made a smaller bottle for Imogen since she and Toby had already been breastfed. I wanted to give her solids first to try and keep her tummy full for longer though.

Before The Accountant and Jonty headed out the door, The Accountant re-arranged the babies into different rockers and bouncers, which served as a temporary distraction and cut the noise level for a bit. So, I started feeding Imogen on her own with a big bowl of cereal, but I had two bumbos (our preferred ‘high chair’ at the moment) on the table ready to include the boys when it was necessary.

As expected, Toby soon grew sick of his bouncer, so he came to the feeding frenzy also. Feeding two. They were OK with that. Phew. This isn’t always the case. All good.

Then Jayden started protesting, so he joined in also. Imogen started slowing down with the solids, so I stopped feeding her and continued to feed the boys. She was still disgruntled, so I pleaded with Trent to fetch her bottle that I had left out to feed her. After a lot of coaxing (I couldn’t leave the boys in their bumbos on the table, totally not safe.) the bottle was finally obtained. She was in the high chair, so I put it into recline and held the bottle for her while feeding the other two. After a while Toby slowed down eating, but wanted a drink also. Imogen seemed happy enough, and since she’d already had a breastfeed, I knew she wasn’t starving so I transferred the bottle to Toby and continued feeding Jayden solids. Imogen was happy enough for awhile, but then she began grizzling again. I ignored her and eventually she fell asleep in the highchair. (She’s the only one out of my 5 kids that will just fall to sleep like that!) Meanwhile, the solids were all finished, so Jayden was starting to fuss. He had been breastfed in the early hours of the morning, so was obviously hungry. I took the bottle off Toby, who wasn’t entirely happy, but I figured he also wasn’t starving. I grabbed the two boys out of their bumbos, plomped Toby in the swing and turned it on. He kept grizzling, but also fell asleep eventually. This left me finish feeding Jayden. Of course the bottle wasn’t enough, (I was wishing I had made a bigger bottle at this stage), so I had to make another bottle with one hand while he cried even though I was holding him. Once the fresh bottle was made, he fell asleep before the bottle was finished. That’s when I got on the computer. Since then Imogen awoke and finished the bottle and is now on the floor playing.

It was 35 minutes from when The Accountant left the house to when all three were asleep. It seemed so much longer!!! This is why I take any help that is offered. It’s completely possible to do it on my own, but it makes life so much easier when another person is able to help. It’s also why I do it on my own sometimes now. It’s normally not such a long time really, it just is really busy and seems longer!

Here’s some pictures I clicked of the aftermath! I suppose I should go and clean it all up now!

Missy fast asleep. So cute with her little legs resting on the tray!

The wider scene, complete with basket of ironing!

Empty Bumbos. The cup behind them was full of water left by T-Star which got spilled everywhere when Joey reached behind and grabbed it.

Toby asleep. Thank goodness for ABC 2. It kept Trent amused during the whole ordeal.

Sleeping Jayden.

So how has your morning been? What is your busy moments when you regularly need to keep a calm head and eventually you’ll get through to the other side?

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