22 Month Old Triplets

Triplets at 22 months are full of energy. Lots and lots of energy. They seem to have reached a new level of development and are very keen to explore and always want something to do, but their concentration span is still limited. So during their waking hours life in our household proceeds at a frenetic pace.

Take for instance yesterday morning. I have photographic evidence documenting typical madness. The camera making the appearance because there was paint. Paint and toddlers always makes for good photos.

We now have a craft room. The craft room is out of bounds to the babies unless they are accompanied by an adult. They totally disregard this rule if the door is not shut. Normally the mess they make is throwing pencils around the room. Yesterday they discovered the paint stores. Actually, I should be specific. Imogen and Jayden discovered it. Toby was a good boy.

The culprits. I was in the middle of taking their clothes off when I had the bright idea to photograph their state. Why is it that of all the colours available, black had to be their favourite?

The scene of the crime. I am so glad that my beautiful purple formal dress had plastic over it.

The unrepentant duo. Kissing each other after a ‘job well done’. 

Of course the third party wanted to join them in the bath. At which point I realised that the reason he had been so quite is he had been creating a huge dirty nappy. It was a pleasure to give him a bath after it had been changed.

Trent getting in on the action. Photobombing is a popular sport for my boys and their cousins at the moment. They prefer the bomb to not be so subtle, they just shove their face in front of the lens.

Sometimes it can get really hectic with dressing the trio after their  bath. Such as in this picture. Jayden and Immy wanted to get out of the bath at the same time. Desperately. I got Jayden out, went and put Playschool on, got Immy out, started dressing her, she ran away and in the meantime Toby starts playing with the taps, so he was out too, so I just dressed them one by one in front of the television.

Later that afternoon, they had a debrief about the whole affair. I’m sure it was a debrief. It couldn’t possibly be a planning meeting about further exploits. Could it?

Isn’t it great though, that you can be so incredibly busy and have so much to accomplish in maintaining a home, but God can be teaching you so much to develop your character at the same time. Patience really isn’t one of my strongest virtues, and I can be prone to panic. Having triplets is helping me to learn to stay calm, get things done, one bit (or person) at a time, deal with the most urgent need and working my way down the scale. It helps to remember that I am one person, and doing my best is absolutely good enough.

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