Introducing My Family

Let me introduce you to my family. It’s hard to fathom that we are now a family of seven plus one canine (and a few guppies).

Travelling into the hospital during the early days to feed the triplets, The Accountant would drop me off on his way to work. The first day we got in the car together, both of us had a sense of
déjà vu. There was once upon a time when each morning and evening we would travel into work together and when we got home, there was no one in our little home apart from us. I remembered all the trips to and from town when I thought lifetime of infertility was a very real possibility. I remember countless discussions, tears, obsessing, prayers and wondering whether we would ever have children.

And here we are. Jeremiah 29:11, a scripture that has long been stored in my heart is so true.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
I never would have imagined in those days that we would have not only just one – but five children! And that three would be triplets, no less!
I am a blessed mother indeed.
He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the LORD.
Psalm 113:9

Without any further ado, let me introduce you to the major contributors of my happy heart. **

Alex – Otherwise known as “The Accountant”
Alex is my first and only love. We were married in January 1998, and what a life we have lived together! We have grown up together, travelled, laughed, cried, fought, talked (and talked, and talked), become parents, and fallen more deeply in love with each other (after the fights, not during) as each year of our marriage progresses. Methodical and precise, with a touch of caution – like any good accountant should be, Alex also has a quirky and engaging sense of humour. He loves being around people and socialising. Alex is a sensational father. His patience with our children is as unending for them as his unconditional love. I love him with all my heart.

“Bronco” – “The Dog”

In chronological order – our next ‘family member’. In the spirit of every purebred Labrador, Bronco is a super friendly dog and the best of family pets. He doesn’t mind at all when children roll all over him, pat him profusely, drag him around the yard or even take food from his mouth. (Well, he does mind that, but he’s too well mannered to do anything about it.) He will do anything for food, and he will eat just about anything offered to him. He’s even so obliging to try and chomp on the clods of dirt and sticks the boys feed him.

“J Boy”

My firstborn entered our family in July 2006. J Boy is an energetic boy loving life and enjoying playing and spending time with family, especially his cousins. J Boy loves construction – from earth moving equipment to constructing with toys such as Lego and blocks. Even though he loves being around people, J Boy enjoys his own time and will be satisfied for hours playing on his own. He has a very strong personality which isn’t always easy to parent. However this strength of character will become one of his greatest assets one day, because as his will is lovingly molded and he grows, his determination and persistence to stand firm in his beliefs will help him in so many areas of his life.

T-star” – Formerly known as “Toddler T”, and prior to that “The Baby”

Another bundle of energy, T-star will melt any heart because he so, so, so cute! Born in November 2009, this little guy is so loving and nothing beats his excitement when he greets people he knows and loves, running up with great excitement making all types of excited exclamations! The T-star is our outdoor boy. Nothing warms his little heart more than traipsing around the backyard exploring. He is also very I.T. savvy. He watches carefully and learns how to operate DVD, CD’s, microwaves, phones, etc. He also employs this method of learning to get into child locks over the house. With his inquisitive nature, this knowledge and access to all areas is of great satisfaction to him.

“Joey” – Otherwise known as “Triplet 1” or “The Blue Triplet”

This little Aussie baby is happy to snuggle up secure in his loving arms, just like a joey kangaroo snuggles in it’s mother’s pouch. Illustrating size is no barrier, Joey was smallest, but first triplet to make an appearance in this world. Born at 1:23pm. little Joey weighed in at 4lb 2oz/1895g. He was 43.5cm long with a head circumference of 31.5cm. Joey is a contented baby, although he can certainly let his opinion be known if he feels strongly enough about something!

“Chook” – Otherwise known as “Triplet 2” or “The Red Triplet”

“Chook”, (An Australian word for chicken), was our ‘big’ baby. Weighing in at 4lb 13oz/2205g after he  hatched. Despite his impressive size, he did need assistance with oxygen for the first day, whereas the other two did not. Before long he was at the same development as the other two. Also born at 1:23pm, Chook was 46cm long with a head circumference of 32.5cm. He appears to be the most laid back of the triplets, fairly content to let the world just drift by. So long there is plenty of milk and cuddles, you can’t really ruffle Chook’s feathers.

“Missy” – Otherwise known as “Triplet 3” or “The Pink Triplet”
Our ‘youngest’ child, born at 1:25pm, 2 minutes after the boys, Missy is our only daughter, and the fairest of them all. She weighed in at 4lb 6oz/2160g. measured 43cm in length and had a head circumference of 31cm.  We suspect our little girl is no shy retiring violet, she already has displayed quite a feisty little personality! She seems to rule the roost with the triplets, being the most vocal and also constantly jumps the breastfeeding queue, waking up before the boys regularly to get first dibs at the breast. You can already tell she is perfectly equipped to grow up in a male dominated household and will probably be classified as our ‘pink boy’.
** These are not the real names of my children. You know, in case you were wondering. I’d love to share their real names with you, but not everyone who is on the internet is as nice as you are I’m afraid.
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Linguistic Lessons

J Boy wanders into the room. “Au Revoir” he says, looking proud of himself and his obvious intellectual superiority.

“Where are you going?” I ask, a little mystified.

“Oh,” slightly confused pause. “What’s Hello?”


 “OK … Bonjour!” I am cheerily greeted.

“And if you want to say, ‘Goodnight’, it’s ‘Bonsoir’.”

“Bonsoir,” he repeats, attempting to commit it to memory.

I start getting into the spirit of our impromptu French lesson. ” ‘Bon’ means ‘good’ in French. If you want to say good luck to someone when you are playing a game, you would say, ‘Bon Chance’. “

Another enlightened, “Oh!” Pause.

So what do they mean when they say ‘Bonfire’?”

Herewith the French lesson concludes.

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My man and my boys are gone.

They’ve been gone for four days. They ought to be home at midnight, I’m heading to bed now. Hopefully I hear them when they come in, even though the boys are sure to be asleep and their Daddy will gently carry them to their beds, it will be nice to kiss the foreheads of my sleeping cherubs.

It was my sister-in-laws 40th birthday in Cairns. They’ve been celebrating with all the family up there. My bulging belly and I stayed at home. I’ve enjoyed it. I like the time by myself. Although, I must admit that for an hour or so each day I’ve caught up with friends and family. But I’ve also read a book, had lots of sleeps and spent Saturday in my PJ’s, until I had to get dressed for a nice dinner with my Dad and sister. It’s been lovely.

But the single life is not my allotment in life, and I will welcome back all my boys with open arms!

I can’t wait for cuddles in the morning!

How long has it been since you’ve had the house to yourself? Do you, or don’t you like being at home alone?

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Why Great Nanas are so Great

My 93 year old paternal grandfather and 79 year old maternal grandmother live in town. (She was young when she had Mum & Mum was young when she had me) Twice a week my mother visits them. My boys now go with her which gives me the opportunity to rest.

Nana’s place is a big favourite. Having always been a grandparent who spoiled her grandkids, she hasn’t changed her tactics for the next generation. She has a big biscuit jar full of cream and chocolate biscuits and if Mummy isn’t looking the kids can pretty well stuff themselves with as many as they like.  (Before Mummy starts looking again.) One day Nana had soft drink in her fridge. She was so delighted with J Boy’s excitement about consuming this special occassion liquid, that now whenever they visit there is always a can of soft drink in the fridge for him. Toddler T isn’t so enthusiastic about soft drink. He finds that bubbles in one’s beverage is rather alarming. Then Nana discovered that Toddler T has developed a complete obsession with juice. Of course she has not got the same concerns as me about the nutritional value of water over juice. Neither does she endure tantrums when water is presented instead of “duice”, mainly because now there is a nice line of children’s juices sitting in her fridge.

In Australia, bananas are a bit of a luxury at the moment. Due to the floods wiping out most of the crops, the few surviving banana’s are extraordinarily expensive. I no longer buy bananas, although, this has been such a source of consternation to Toddler T, that occassionally I buy him one if he spots them when we are shopping. They are more expensive then a chocolate bar, but by far healthier, so it’s a little treat for him. Nana has always bought two bananas a week and continued to do so after the prices inflated. Until Toddler T discovered her fruit bowl. Now she buys four a week, and strawberries. (She discovered he has a great love for this particular fruit also.)

Last week J Boy went for a drive with Grandad to do some work at on one of his properties. On the way back Grandad decided he no longer required J Boy’s services for the next job, so proceeded to meet Grandma at Nana’s to do a child exchange. (As in where no child is exchanged, but one is passed onto the next person.) When J Boy heard that they were heading to Nana’s he was naturally delighted and proceeded to describe why he liked going to Nana’s. Suddenly he asked Grandad, “What’s your favourite food, Grandad?” Grandad paused trying to gather his thoughts in what appeared to be an abrupt change in the conversation.

“You just think about what your favourite food is Grandad, and you’ll see. It will be at Nana’s. Nana gives everyone their favourite food.”

The boys eating their favourite foods. Unfortunately J Boy has been working on a new camera smile.
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5th Birthday Celebrations

On Monday it was J Boy’s 5th Birthday. Don’t you just love a child’s excitement on these days? It started with an excited little boy running in and jumping on our bed. Of course he wanted his presents immediately and being the loving parents we are, we gave up any further plans to continue sleeping and headed out. J Boy had already scurried out in front of us and had been side tracked by the race track that he had received the day before. Daddy and little brother were happy enough to have a play with him.

Present time! He loved the Lego set we gave him and the binoculars Toddler T gave him were also a favourite.

Unfortunately Mummy forgot that it needed batteries. It’s a regular mistake I make with children’s toys, sadly. We went shopping during the morning and bought hot dogs for lunch and stocked up on the batteries then. Toddler T was supposed to go to bed after lunch. It didn’t go to plan, since I tried to put him down in his new big boy bunk bed. After putting him back to bed, over and over and over again, I gave up and put him back into his cot. However by now it all had become a revitalising game, so I admitted defeat and allowed him to come and play again.

This disappointed J Boy greatly who wanted to play unhindered with his new toys. Luckily for J Boy, Grandma came and deported Toddler T to her house. This also gave me the opportunity to have a rest while J Boy kept himself occupied with his new lego. When I got up we got to work making the birthday cake. The only time I had made a cake on the day of his birthday was last time I was pregnant. I swore I’d never do it again. It took me hours to make a train cake and I was so stressed trying to get it done in time for the party. At least this time I was experienced and had planned a very simple cake.

Due to me attempting to make J Boy a superhero cape the night before, and due to overwhelming tiredness I’d fallen short on time. Normally I stay up until at least 2am doing birthday preps, but this year it was 10:00p.m., lights out for me. And even then, I had no cape to present. I’d messed up the measurements and it turned out to be a slimline cape that was unbranded by any superhero signia due to me forgetting to buy the fusible webbing to iron the emblems on. So the cape is to be made another day.

Luckily for me, I had convinced J Boy to have a farm birthday cake rather than a spiderman cake. I knew that it needed to be simple since I’ve got depleted energy supplies at the moment.

The farm cake was a simple rectangle with green icing covered in green dyed coconut and chocolate icing for the dirt in the paddock. To make it a little more interesting than a plain rectangular cake, I built a hill in the grassy meadow – made out of gingerbread I had frozen in the freezer from Christmas. Then all we had to do was add the plastic animals, toy John Deere tractor and “The Bush” – a collection of yellow lollipops. (I can’t believe they were yellow – the wrapping was green!) Even though it was a super simple cake, J Boy loved it and was positive it was like Grandad’s farm. Sometimes I wonder why we push ourselves so hard, kids really aren’t hard too please.

Also to keep it simple, I had avoided the big party with all his friends, (for the first time). We planned to go to the local Mc Donalds, with the grandparents, aunts and cousins, and a one family we are very close to. We thought we’d give the kids a play on the playground, feed them a Happy Meal and get a relatively early night, especially since some of the kids had school the next day.

Would you believe, we arrived at Macca’s to discover the playground was closed? Of all the days, they had decided to bleach the playground and shut it down for a few days! J Boy was in tears and devastated. We decided to walk across the road and get pizza at the local tavern – which happily also has a playground. The kids were happy. It wasn’t an early night by the end, due to meals taking a bit longer than at Macca’s. Everyone was gracious though and J Boy had a brilliant night, and of course he was very happy to receive more presents!

My neice indulging in birthday cake!
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Triplet Name Suggestions Continue…

Yesterday I shared J Boy’s triplet name suggestion was ‘Pingo’. It just keeps getting better. He is still suggesting Pingo, but has also brought another name to the table. ‘Pingi’. Of course I expected his third name offering to be something like ‘Pingu’. But no, if anything, J Boy is not predictable. He thinks that we should have Pingo, Pingi and … ‘Sixo’.

I know???? Makes no sense. But when you are four, things don’t need to make sense.

I have decided to compromise with him. I have said that if we are naming a new dog or cat, (of which I have a desire to acquire neither), then we would consider Pingo or Pingi.  He didn’t seem to notice that I had left Sixo out of the equation.

Matching the triplet’s Christian names is not on my agenda. The other day I saw two American twins on Dr. Oz. Their names were ‘Lovey’ and ‘Dovey’. I have to say I cringed. I mean, Lovey and Dovey both seemed to be lovely women. But I’d love to (or perhaps not) know what was their mother’s logic while naming them.  Of course The Accountant and I joke about it. How about for girls, ‘Rose, Lily and Dahlia’ or boys, The Accountant’s fav. is ‘Huey, Duey and Louey’? Or we could rhyme, how about, ‘Ryan, Brian and Kyan’ or ‘Holly, Molly & Polly’?

Or what about these names registered in the top 10 of twin names submitted to the US Social Security Administration in 2010. ‘London & Paris’, ‘Heaven & Nevaeh’ (Heaven spelt backwards), ‘Mia & Mya’, ‘Caleb & Joshua’ or ‘Taylor and Tyler.’ I mean they aren’t necessarily bad names, but surely your tongue must get twisted sometimes. Especially if you are really mad…

Anyway, I should stop. Chances are if they are in the top 10 list somebody may read it who has chosen the names. Whoops, sorry, freedom of speech and all that…

The Accountant never takes name choosing seriously, if he ever picks up a book, he always reads out the most awful possible names, like Bertha or Agnes, Harold or Rommel.

Has anyone got some hilarious triplet name suggestions for us to rival J Boy’s (I know, tall order) and keep The Accountant full of quips?

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Triplet Name Suggestions

J Boy suddenly came up with a suggestion for a name. “I think we should name one of the twipwets, ‘Pingo’.”

It just goes to show that his “thinker” is not broken despite his claims on Friday afternoon. I had arrived to pick him up from his cousin’s house and we couldn’t find his shoes. “Come on,” I said impatiently, “Think! Think where you were when you took your shoes off.”

“I can’t,” he wailed, “My thinker is broken.”

Considering his name suggestion, and his inability to comprehend why Mummy will not agree that it is not a good name, perhaps we do need a thinker upgrade.

Although admitedly, it is better than his previous name suggestions. Last time he had suggested a name for each triplet: ‘Toowoomba’, ‘Christian’ and ‘College’. (The school he will be attending next year.)

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J Boy Pregnancy – The end of a 5 year journey of Infertility

I explained in a recent post how my journey to motherhood was not an easy experience due to infertility resulting from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. (PCOS)

I thought it would be nice to tell of my boys start to life.

This is the story of my pregnancy with J Boy.

9 months pregnant

When we first discovered I was pregnant The Accountant and I were living in London. Here is a letter that I sent an American friend updating her of our pregnancy. This friend and I used to communicate regularly, most days in fact, and then she hit ‘one of those patches in life’ which made her head underground for awhile, and in the meantime she had changed her email address and hadn’t let me know, so even though she had been praying for me for years, and had even sent me baby gifts for years before the baby was conceived, I didn’t get the chance to tell her I was pregnant until after the fact!

I thought it would be one of the best ways to share the joyous occassion of discovering I was pregnant after 5 years of trying.

Dear US Friend,

Right, so it all began in France! Alex and I had got away for the weekend, which was just beautiful. We explored Normandy and Brittany. High on the list to visit by the way was Mont St. Michel, I had always wanted to visit it after I saw you standing out the front of it in a photo you sent me!

The Accountant and I in the North of France at Mont St. Michel. Conception has occurred, but we don’t know yet!

I thought I may have ovulated, I had picked the times I was ovulating two times before, but nothing had happened and that was over the course of about 6 months because my cycles as you know are so irregular. I think I had started being able to pick them from watching my bodies signs and linking what my body did when I had ultrasounds that showed I was ovulating. Anyway, I didn’t think too much of it, just hoped that I would get my periods two weeks later.

Two weeks later, I started a little spotting, and thought that I had done well picking when I had ovulated again and got ready for my periods. All week there was a bit of spotting coming and going, I wasn’t sure whether they were still coming or it was an extremely light period. I thought I’d do a pregnancy test just in case. Alex told me not to bother it would be a waste of money again! I decided to do it anyway, just in case, but even I didn’t have too much hope, I did the test and waited for the result, I actually had my foot on the lever for the bin so I could through it straight out! When the test came through, I realized that I didn’t know what the test results meant because it was different to the Australian tests I used, so I went and read the instructions, re-read them, read them over again, and again, and again! Then I concluded that I was PREGNANT! I went running into the husband showing him it, he then took the instructions, read them, re-read them, read them over again, and again, and again! Then he agreed with my conclusion that I was in fact pregnant! It was so exciting and totally mind boggling! We rang my parents straight away and tried to ring my sister, didn’t get her, but spoke to her a few hours later. They were both estatic! Also rang my brother. Alex didn’t want to tell his family until a bit later, but I didn’t want to wait. My sister was living in London, so I was seeing her that night at a blind wine tasting night we were having, but it wasn’t easy to tell her with lots of people around so I arranged to see her on Monday. (No need to say, I only tasted a few wines, and spat!)
On Sunday, I started bleeding more heavily, it was a good thing I had done the test, because if I hadn’t done it the day before I would have presumed it was my period. I went to the doctor first thing Monday morning, where she spent a great time telling me that I could very well be miscarrying which was devastating. I rang my little sister crying asking her to come sooner. She came with me to the hospital where I had to have an ultrasound. The scan showed there was a pregnancy, but because it had been three months since I’d had a period, they still couldn’t conclusively say if it was the end or beginning of a pregnancy. I had to go back two weeks later which was a very long time to wait, but when I did, the baby had grown and I could see this little blob on the screen with a beating heart.

“Our blob”

It was one of the most awesome things I’d ever seen. I didn’t think that I would see anything interesting, it just blew me away that there was a 6 week old baby inside me with a heart beat! I rang the husband up afterwards and cried with excitement while telling him. I had a ¾ hour bus ride back to work and spent the whole time on the phone to Australia with my family who were anxiously awaiting the result. We had a few more scares early in the pregnancy, but hey presto! That is all a distant memory and now we have our gorgeous boy safe in our arms!

So once we had got over all the excitement of becoming pregnant, we had to do some serious decision making as to whether we’d stay in the UK or not. In the end after lots of serious consideration we realized that we didn’t want to remain in England long term so we thought it wo

uld be better to only set up nursery once and also better for A’s career to get more Australian experience if that’s where we were wanting to be in the long term. So, we decided to return home to have the baby. We arrived home in May, but before we did so, Executive sister and her children arrived and had a 6 week holiday with us.

Visiting Legoland with my sister, neice, nephew and brother-in-law
It was so lovely and quite emotional returning home with a lovely big belly! Of course people at church were so excited after praying for us for so many years. My family, needless to say, was estatic! When we first arrived, we weren’t entirely sure if we would live in Toowoomba, we also considered moving to Brisbane. However, we stayed in Toowoomba after all. A had some very tempting job offers in both Toowoomba and Brisbane, but in the meantime while looking for work he had been helping out with my brother’s computer business and decided that he really liked management accounting, so has decided to work in the family business. He has been working with the computers so far, but this year will start getting more involved in other endeavours.
I did some supply teaching at my old workplace when I returned and was still pregnant, but I haven’t worked since having J Boy. I don’t intend to return to full time work for quite some time, although I will do some infrequent supply days to bring in some money throughout the year. I didn’t have an entirely favourable teaching experience in London, so I haven’t missed it that much. Besides which I absolutely LOVE being at home with J Boy. I’m also involved with a mothers group which I really enjoy.
When we first arrived we were staying in a rental property that Executive Sister had just bought. However in November we moved into a new house that we bought. It’s a lovely home, A and I have decided it’s our ‘grown up house’. It’s not an old house that people buy as a first home, but a brand new four bedroom place. I’ll have to send some photos through of the interior.
(Letter continues with boring bits that wouldn’t interest you!)

The first minutes of my firstborn’s life.
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Cute Speak

We have a plague of crickets at the moment. We have several crawling around our floors every minute of the day. J Boy thinks it’s wonderful and is constantly catching them and examining them very closely.

I joked with him the other day that he should eat one. He didn’t respond so I continued. “In China they eat them like chips. They fry them.”

He suddenly looked up and asked in an incredulous voice, “Do chips get frightened?”

Obviously he was only half listening.

Today his brain was fully engaged. He came up with a great plan to make a day last forever. (We had lots of fun playing Lego and he didn’t want to go to bed.)

“I’m going to get Santa’s sleigh off him. I’ll fly it up into space, bump the moon out of the sky, and then it will be daytime forever.”


Watch out. Time is about to be frozen.

Just as soon as we work out how to hijack Santa’s sleigh.

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