Every Day Should be Boxing Day

I must admit. I have a thing for boxes. It drives my husband crazy. I find it very difficult to throw out shoe boxes or delightful gift boxes. I am also very fond of buying plastic storage boxes.  Boxes are such lovely things. The way the lid fits on, the convenient size for storing things, the shape and feel of it. There are many other reasons for loving boxes. Of course many consider these to be irrational justifications, unless you are a fellow box lover. Then it is all very reasonable.

It started when I was a pre-schooler. When Mum and Dad used to pick me up I always had creations that I referred to as “Box-in-loxins”. Mum and Dad assumed this was the given name for extraordinary box sculptures. When Dad picked me up one day he asked me where my box-in-loxin was in front of the teacher. The teacher was horrified and informed my father that they were to be referred to as a “Box Constructions” and lectured him that it was not good for children’s vocabularly to indulge in baby talk. Dad was sufficiently embarrased and was happy to leave Mum to do the majority of pre-school pick ups in the future.

So, guess what J Boy is bringing home frome Kindy most days.

It seems that I’ve passed this obsession on.

Today J Boy came to me with a wondeful specimen of a box.

“Daddy said I can keep this box. I’m going to keep it forever. I’m going to give it to my kids, and they’ll say “Thanks for keeping that box for me. It’s a good box.” “

I can’t blame him. It’s a very nice box. Especially with superman on the side.

I’ll help him keep it.

Surely The Accountant won’t be so cold hearted to make us dispose of it. After all, it also comemorates a lovely gesture. The Accountant started a new job this week. J Boy spent his pocket money buying a Superman mug that was contained within this box for Daddy’s new work.

I scribed a card to go with the present as he dictated.

Dear Daddy,
Don’t forget about the ABC’s at your new job.
I hope you like something at your new job.
Here is something for at your new job. You don’t know what it is Daddy. I bought it for you with my pocket money.
You are a Super Daddy!
I hope you like it at your new job all days long.

Despite the future of the box, I am rejoicing about today’s conversation. If J Boy is keeping the box for his kids, I’m going to be a Grandma! One day. The countdown is on!

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