Traumeel – A Parent's Answer to Bruises!

I dabble in using homeopathic medicines from time to time, mostly when reccomended by my chiropractor. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I like the whole concept of using a natural product that is completely safe. But honestly, sometimes you just can’t beat a swig of paracetamol.
However, there is one product that I will rave about. If you are a parent, you really ought to check out this product. It really does work – every time. It’s called “Traumeel”. Absolutely brilliant on bruises, swelling and sports injuries.

The first time we used it J Boy had fallen off the top of a bunk bed and hit his head on the ladder, and the corner of a bedside table on the way down. He had an instant egg, (of very impressive proportions), developing on his head. I rubbed some of the cream on and the next day J Boy had only one bruise – it had been a tiny red mark after the incident and it was so small compared to all his other injuries that I had forgotten to put it on at the time. I was amazed! Over the years, we have consistently found that a little traumeel applied soon after a bump will result in the boys having no bruise the next day. It’s solved scraped knees, slammed fingers and bashed heads on concrete, tiles, posts or being hit over the head with a train by big brothers.

I even had some impressive bruises after my recent fall. Knowing how easily I bruise I know it would have been so much worse if I hadn’t used traumeel.

The Accountant also finds it really good to use after playing soccer, especially if he has been kicked in the shins or if his muscles are aching or strained. He finds it works far better than Deep Heat.

If you go to the Traumeel Website you should be able to find out how to get it, wherever you are in the world. If you are in Toowoomba you can pick it up from Healthguard Clinic on the corner of Stenner and Hume Streets.

PS. As much as I’d love to have a blog that is popular enough for me to receive some kickbacks, I don’t. So, I’m just letting you know about this because it’s a really great product, not because I’m receiving a lifetime supply of Traumeel for my reccomendation. (Although that would be nice, I’d even give out a few freebies if this were so!)

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Doctor's Office

The doctor’s office is inevitably places where all mothers end up at one point or another during our mothering career. This morning was our turn! The boys doctor is fast becoming my doctor also, since my doctor, who has been seeing me since I was 8 works on the other side of town and is hard to get in to see. (That’s the problem of having friendly doctors, everyone wants to see them!) Luckily I discovered Dr. Nick who is much closer, which is always better when you have to cart sick kids down to the medical centre. He has lovely smile wrinkles, which gives me confidence that he ought to take it in good humour if one day one of my children ever vomitted on him. He’s also a Dad himself, so he tends to be a bit more understanding than the doctor down the hall who yelled at my two year old once for switching the light on and off repeatedly. (What do they expect to happen if they make the light switches low enough for a two year old to reach, I ask you?)

So this morning I booked appointments for the two boys and myself as we just haven’t been able to shake a lingering cold. As is often the case though, I booked the appointment two days ago when my sinus was giving me such an unrelenting almighty headache, probably not helped by the nocturnal activities of the boys refusal to sleep since they too were unwell.

Poor old Dr. Nick was running late, as is the doctorly custom, so was trying to rush the appointment, without being rude. He gave up trying to rush after seeing my list and was nice and patient listening to all my concerns. J bomb and I were declared that we would be better very soon, (Hurrah!) The baby had a nasty ear infection so has antibiotics (Boo.) I have a referral to another dr, although Dr. Nick warned me that this referral will probably assist Dr. E. to put a downpayment on a new luxury car. (Eeep!) The baby’s penis is fine, it’s not infected, (Phew) and my skanky toenail has been clipped and scraped (EEEEWWW!) and sent to the lab to be diagnosed. Imagine if that were your job, to analyse toenail clippings. (Gasp.)

So thanks Dr. Nick, see you next month for Trent’s needles.

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