Happy Heart Tips: Parties

Here are my tips for hosting a child’s party that will provide maximum fun for the Birthday Boy/Girl!

1. Choose a Theme.
    A theme can tie everything together, and provide focus while you are planning. Link it to something that    
    your child is currently interested in. Themes that my family have found successful: Teddy Bears Picnic, 
    Trains, Construction, Tools, Dinosaurs, Tiger, Fish, Princess, Hearts, Butterfly.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan!
    Start planning early. That way you can get started on some of the jobs that can be done ahead of time in
    order to minimize stress as the party gets closer. Write down your ideas, or you’ll forget them. The more
    brilliant the idea, the more likely it will be forgotten normally! Remember, google is your friend, do a 
    search on your theme and steal as many fabulous ideas as possible! Plan games to play (if the guests are
    old enough!) Plan food that will suit your theme. Homemade party food is always nice but not always as

3. Budget
    A heading to prove that I am an accountant’s wife!

    Even though it may not seem like it – parties are expensive. Plan a day that is within your budget. Don’t
    put anything on your credit card if you are going to pay interest on it. In fact, if you are in credit card debt,
    I question the wisdom of having a party in the first place. You can spend a fraction of the money in giving
    your child some treats. Plan for a low cost but special day. Your child will be happier in the long term
    having debt free parents rather than having an extravagant party for a few hours.

    I always find that planning in advance, helps me cut costs. I choose a theme a few months before and then
    keep my eye out for things that will suit the theme especially when they are on sale. Also buying gradually
    over time helps spread the cost rather than having it all in one week.

4. Construct a Guest List and Send Invitations
    I am quite liberal with my guest lists. I often have large parties, choosing to acknowledge the importance
    the invited guest has in the guest of honours life. I often include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins,
    church friends and mothers group friends.

     I look forward to doing a smaller party sometime, I think it will be easier to make it more detailed and
     perhaps spend a bit more money on each guest for party food and party bags. One day …. I don’t know
     when, those guest lists just tend to grow… !

5.  Take plenty of photos and make sure your child has a special day!
     It may sound obvious, but sometimes you can be so busy rushing around on party day looking after
     everyone else, you forget about the guest of honour! Make sure your child is having as much fun as
     possible! Get photos to remember the occassion – I find it’s good to have someone snapping for you,
     (Aunty’s are great happy snappers!) that way you get some of the shots that you would miss because you
     are making sure the party keeps flowing.

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