Imogen's Chair Obsession

It’s normal for us females to have little obsessions. Shoes are a popular weakness. Handbags are another thing that females can develop an obsession for. Jewellery makes some go weak at the knees. And the thing about these female obsessions, age appears to be no barrier. Little girls go clomping about in Mummy’s high heels wearing their plastic beads and swinging a little handbag.

My girl has developed her first love.

She likes chairs.

This was the first time she discovered she could climb up onto a chair by herself. She then sat their like a queen and watched the boys playing with a regal air.

In the next few days we travelled up to my parent’s beach house for a holiday. Imogen was overjoyed to discover some chairs there. Once again, she was happy to recline and supervise.

From then on, you never knew when you would turn around and discover you were being observed from her seat of prominence.

I know she’s in the same outfit as the first photo, but it is a different day. The wine behind her isn’t hers. Although she did discover it before I remembered I had put it in such a foolhardy spot. I’m happy to report that neither  girl or wine was harmed thanks to super quick Mummy reflexs.

The many faces showing the delight that chair sitting brings.

And a little chair is an excellent perspective upon which to enjoy one’s birthday balloons.
And then one day it seemed that kiddy chairs were no longer sufficient. I walk into the lounge room to discover little Missy calmly sitting on the lounge chair reading a catalogue. Although it appears when you are only just one page turning is tricky.

Next she discovered the tub chair. She was pretty proud of herself.

The boys joined in. They all thought it was a fun chair to hang out in.

(Until Missy crash tackled one to the ground rather than share it. No really it’s true!)

But back in the early days, the boys would have done well to heed this warning face. Basically it means, “You toucha ma chair, I breaka your face.”

Because the other day Toby was discovered sitting on HER chair. Immediate action was initiated.

And before you knew it, she showed him who is boss of all chairs within this house! You sit on my chair, I sit on you.

What are you obsessed with? (Or do you have a child with a strange obsession?)

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Party and Perspective

Just a quick update that I do not have time to do from party central. This morning I spent a couple of hours tidying my pantry. Just what I needed to do almost 24 hours before the triplet’s party! T-Star can open child locks. So this morning he got into a cupboard, then relocated a 2 litre container of vinegar into the pantry, unscrewed the lid, then walked away leaving the pantry door open ready for a baby to crawl in and spill it everywhere. Unfortunately I had a lot of cardboard boxes on the floor. So frustrating when I have a million things to do!

To add to it, while I was cleaning up, (not very graciously), T-Star, (who is definitely not a star today) brought two handfuls of sand inside and threw it over his sister. You know. Something to do. I tell you, that boy.

I’ve got 2 teething children who are pretty consistently crying and my scoliosis is giving me severe back pain.

But all of this is nothing.  A girl who was in my class at school with had her toddler drown this week. She has been constantly on my mind. It keeps it all this small stuff in perspective.

My children are such a blessing.

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Going to the Beach Daddy Style

Our family is having a mini holiday at the beach at the moment. Yesterday morning at 7:40am Daddy decided we should all go to the beach. Don’t you love it how men think it’s just that simple?

In Mummy World going to the beach requires strategy, planning and organisation. Operation Beach Visit requires bags packed with spare clothes, prams, towels, sunscreen, nappies, wipes, creams, camera, beach toys, drinks, hats, shoes, bottles, food packed in little containers for a picnic on the beach. The bags are sorted into categories such as “Towel bag”, “Clothing and related items”, “Toys” and “Food and Drinks”. Things are packed into the bag so that there is always enough (and spares) for everyone. The beach visit is careful timed to co-incide with baby sleep times when they are at optimal waking hours.

In Daddy World nothing is too hard. You chuck some stuff together and head to the beach. It’s too easy! Little regard is given to the time, you are guided purely by the need to plunge yourself into the cool blue ocean water. And as for the kids. Well, Daddies know that they are going to love it, so what is there to worry about?

So. When Daddy suggested a trip to the beach at 7:40 this morning, all my Mummy alarms started clanging. “Are you kidding me? The babies have already started wailing since it’s 20 minutes until their nap time, I need to breastfeed, how are we going to get ready, what will happen the rest of the day if we go now? etc. etc.”

But today instead of ‘being sensible’ I decided to overide the Mummy alarms and roll with the Daddy plan of action. After all, Daddy takes the big boys to the beach all the time on a whim and they always come back safe, sound and very happy. I figured the beach is just across the road, so if it all goes terribly, horribly wrong, we can just come home and as for the missed sleeps, the babies will just have to catch them up later in the day.

And guess what? (You’ve already guessed, I’m sure.) It was entirely the right thing to do! Happy family memories. That’s what happened on the beach this morning.

Daddy in the sand building business.

Sure, the babies were tired.

Missy was particularly tired. She refused to sit on the sand even!

But the longer they sat on the beach, the more they forgot their tiredness and just had fun.

After awhile even Missy forgot her issues with the sand and plunged into a bit of sand excavation. (And possibly a bit of sand consumption too.)

And importantly, the big boys had a great time and didn’t have to fit into the triplet’s agenda (again) and wait all morning before finally making it outside.

Sand surfing!

And all the carefully packed bags that were missing? We did fine with the items that were haphazardly chucked under the pram. The Accountant is actually pretty good at remembering basic necessities, and let’s face it, that’s normally the main things you need anyway. Sure there were some shortfalls, such as not having enough towels. (Complicated further by me dropping one clean towel in the water!) But the thing is, it’s fine to improvise!

The truth is, we need Mummy World and Daddy World. We can’t always be totally spontaneous and operating on the basics. But us ladies need to loosen up sometimes and just go with the flow. Most importantly of all, by suspending our own need to stick to baby routines, schedules and the need to be in control, we honour our husbands. We are acknowledging that his desire as a father is also to give our children the best opportunities. It is validating his masculinity and recognising that parenting works best as a dual team combining both female and male elements to cater for our children’s individual needs and their innate desire to be loved and know that their parents think that they are wonderful.

Altogether a lovely morning with my family.

What’s some differences between Mummy World and Daddy World in your home?

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10 Month Triplets + 2 & 6 year old boys. And a Daddy.

I thought I’d just update you on some of the day to day happenings in our household at the moment.

The triplets are practically big kids now. They often eat vegemite sandwiches for lunch.

And they are having water in sippy cups after they eat. (Still using bottles for milk.)

We have a very cute dragon living with us.

J Boy has loved playing soccer this season. Even though he is pretty well clueless about the rules of the game and spends a great deal of his time falling to the ground and rolling around the field. (We’re working on getting him to stay on his feet for an entire game. It’s harder than you may think.) It seems like he’s just starting to get the hang of it though. Which is a shame, because it’s the last game of the season on Saturday.

The triplets have now become a tourist destination. We had a Japanese exchange student, Genki, who is staying with a family in town come to visit us for a morning. He was a great young guy who fitted in with the family happenings for the day. He played with the babies and built a train track for T-Star, who adored him for it and re-named him as “Donkey”. The babies had to be quarantined into the porta-cot to keep the track safe from imminent destruction. I let Genki feed the triplets, and he did a great job. It can get a bit crazy. When Miss Rachael asked if he wanted her to take over he jumped up so quickly that I thought there had been an ejector seat installed in our chair. I think he did enjoy the experience though! We took a photo with the trio and Genki, but they decided to get grumpy (something about it being lunchtime) so they had to be bribed and are photographed with arrowroot biscuits!

 Alex had a lovely Father’s Day. So proud of my amazing husband who is now father of 5.

We really tried to spoil Daddy, with everything from a power tool (chosen for Dad by J Boy), basket ball (chosen by T-Star) to homemade works of art.

For lunch we had takeaway fish and chips in the park with my brother-in-law and his family. We make a jolly little party with the four adults and ten kids! We’re quite the rent-a-crowd these days! The kids loved playing with their Daddies. The triplets couldn’t believe the freedom of being in the great outdoors. Poor little things, don’t get out much. Hopefully they will a bit more now it’s Spring. The big kids especially hung out on a plastic thingy that you were chucked balls through. I don’t think that it is supposed to be used as a climbing frame, but the kids thought it was brilliant. Until J Boy got stuck in one of the tubes. Luckily Daddy came to the rescue. That’s why Dad’s are heroes.

Once we got home Daddy had a chance to play with his new toy. I think he liked that.

I’d love it if you took the time to comment about what’s happening in your family of late! What did your family do for Father’s Day? (And guess what? I’ve now enabled a reply button in the comments section, so I can comment on your comments. Hurrah!)

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Birthday Week

Not much action here on the blog this week. It is birthday week. Whenever there is a birthday in this household, I spend a lot of time in the days preceeding getting ready for the day to make it as special as possible. Yesterday was J Boy’s 6th birthday. On Saturday it will be his party. All efforts this week see-saw between these events and keeping the family alive and fed in the meantime.

Hopefully next week I can share the particulars about the party. He’s into spies right now, so it will be Top Secret 006 party.

Yesterday he had a wonderful day. Of course the theme of most presents were all forms of intelligence gathering and covert operatives. He was totally thrilled.

Time to open presents with the family

The triplets loved the paper. Playing with it and eating it.

The cousins came over for afternoon tea.

They played hard with the new toys for several hours.

B Man and J Boy.

The cousins went home, Grandmother’s came and bestowed gifts and an aunty and Grandma stayed for dinner.

Presents for a Secret Agent from Grandma.

The menu of course was chosen by the birthday boy. Spaghetti Bolognaise, Soft Drink and Ice-Cream. I love doing a child’s dinner party. So easy! I did cook an awesome bolognaise, deciding for the special occassion I wouldn’t pour it out of a jar. Four hours in the oven. Delicious.

So, what happens around your parts when there’s a birthday? Do you spend lots of time preparing?

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Multiple Stress

I am stressed.

I’m tired, I’m worn out, I’m exhausted. I feel like I’m fraying at the edges. For goodness sakes, don’t pull a thread. I’ll completely unravel.

So is The Accountant.

And he keeps pulling at my edges. Don’t worry, I’m doing some serious pecking back at him. In fact, do worry about that. It’s not doing either of us any favours. It results in a howling fight when something simple happens. Like when I went to feed the babies.

And I find that there is no container of homemade baby food that should be in the fridge.

Because The Accountant fed it to the dog.

Yes, that’s right. The dog. There were at least two meals there. That’s six meals for any one baby. A lot of baby food. Oh dear. Yell I did.

His disclaimer was that he checked with me first.

Which he did.

He had held up a container. “Should I throw this out?”

“Is it chicken soup?” asks I. “If so, yes. It’s old.”

“Yeah. It looks like something.” says he.

It was mashed pumpkin, choko and pear.

“Yum, yum.” says the dog.

“How did that look like chicken soup?” I storm at him next day.

“It looks horrible and smells bad.” is his defense.

But it’s more then crying over lost baby food.

After nine months of interrupted sleep. I’m so weary. And for the last week the babies haven’t been having long enough sleeps during the day. I’m trying to feed them more. Adjust sleeping times. Vary the routine. It’s just not happening. They are tired though. Which means extra grizzles from them. It seems that I’m constantly trying to settle down more than one baby at a time, and not able to settle down more then one baby because nobody is completely settled before I move to the next one.

I’ve people around all the time. I love and appreciate them all. But sometimes I just want my own space. And then, in the irony of life, I want to be with people as well. My regular groups that I’ve been a part of over the years and loved, like my church home group and my mother’s group disintegrated last year. Right when I need them. I’m still friends with the people. We still catch up occassionally. And if you are one of those people reading this, don’t feel bad. I know it’s life, I don’t blame you. I could be organising get togethers as well. But there’s just something about a regular meeting. You don’t need to organise catch ups. You just meet. It’s easy and it’s supportive. Of course the other irony is, often I’m relieved that there isn’t the stress of having to go somewhere consistently.

Meanwhile, I’m having massive problems with the two older boys. T-Star is throwing full on mega two year old tantrums. J Boy’s behaviour is truly atrocious. Completely abominable. I’m embarrassed. I’m upset. I’m at a loss and don’t know what to do. They are both are children with a strong will. It’s going to be a wonderful asset when they are men. If they get to that point. Right now, I have my doubts. I am so often saying all the wrong things. The experts. They’d eat me alive. There is so much room for improvement it’s not funny.

Yesterday I packed a suitcase for J Boy so he could move out of home.

It was the first time he had threatened to run away.

He had been completely naughty. Total meltdown when asked to do his homework. He had refused point blank to follow any instruction. Moments where you are at complete loss (happens often right now) shouldn’t be allowed to happen when one is so sleep deprived. All I could do was pray for divine guidance, because me. I was out of tricks.

And so he wanted to run away. I offered to pack his bags because I agreed. He needed to leave, he wasn’t participating as a member of our family. God had placed his Daddy and I as his leaders and he was rejecting our leadership and refusing to be considerate to his siblings. So it was time for him to leave our family. He started wailing. He really thought I was throwing him out on the streets. It broke my heart. He has no idea how deeply I love him. So I cried as well.

It had full dramatic impact.

He’s crying saying he didn’t want to go. I’m crying saying I don’t want him to go and I’m going to miss him. “Mummy,” he sobs, “I need to stay here for you to keep me safe.”
“I know,” sobs I, “What are you going to do now?”
“I don’t know.” Sobs him. “I don’t know where I’ll live. I’ll come back Mummy. I’ll come back when I’m good.”

We were able to sit down again and talk about what is necessary for him to be a part of our family. We hold hands and pray. He finally does his homework. And then in a tiny voice he asks. “Am I allowed to stay in our family now?” Break. My. Heart.

Anyway. That’s all I want to say for now. There are hard patches in life. I’m hitting one right now. If you are the praying type. Please pray for me. I really need it.

One of the many sad faces in our home of late.

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8 Month Old Triplets

The triplets are concluding their 8th month. I thought I’d update you on their progress.

The pre-dominant precaution in our house at the moment is to watch your feet as you walk, lest you step on a baby.

They can pop up anywhere and everywhere. The boys are well and truly on the move, and now motor around on all fours. They also pull themselves up on furniture and toys and bob up and down as enthusiastically as any well bred parrot. This also means that they can grab lots of things also, so nothing within triplet reach is sacred.

Toby hanging out under the piano.

Little Imogen is also on the move. Slowly but surely. She chose not to rush into this new phase of life and spent a pro-longed period rolling to her destination, avoiding any long distance trips. In the last fortnight, she has decided to venture further into the world and will plod along on all fours. The poor little darling really is a delicate little petal. The little crawling she does results in bright red knees. If you didn’t know better, you’d think she’d crawled a marathon compared to the boys. Looks are deceiving.

Little Immy. Having a slightly miserable day. Nothing like a bit of music  to lift the spirits.

The three of them are like little worms when they are together. It doesn’t matter who you need to crawl over to get to your destination.

It really survival of the fittest. Jayden is normally the bully of the group. Imogen is normally the most picked on. Probably because she can’t crawl away quickest and doesn’t fight back. However she will protest very loudly and has a “My brother is picking on me” wail. I expect she will learn the words to this protest imminently. 

There is also a lot of dummy stealing that goes on around these parts. Jayden particularly is merciless, and has been known to claw another’s face before plucking the object of his affections from someone else’s mouth, and plonking it in his own. 

The baby boys are partners in crime. The will often get into things with one another. It amazes me the special connection that is obvious between the identicals. When you put them down together, they will eyeball each other and laugh or squeal at one another.

Busted! Conquering Grandma’s Tuppaware cupboard.

The babies had their first trip to Grandad’s large western farm. The last time I went there I was pregnant with the triplets. You can read about that trip here and here

The babies mainly stayed in the house, but loved being around all the family. They travelled really well once again. It took about three hours to get there, so I’m so proud they are such good travellers. Our Nanny, Miss Rachael came also. Click here if you want to read her account of the trip. Of course the big boys had the time of their life playing with their cousins, catching yabbies, riding the tractor and flying in the plane.

Aunty Katrina with my boys and her boy. They look like they could be brothers rather than cousins!
Miss Rachael adds the girl into the mix. 
Grandad with the bush babies.

After being sick with snuffly noses, coughs and colds for almost their whole 7th month, by halfway through their 8th month, the triplets were mostly recovered. That gave us a few days reprieve before teething began. They have been very m

iserable and irritable with all the signs of teething, but no teeth yet. It has also meant they all have been sleeping badly, well worse than usual. They still have not mastered sleeping through the night, it’s rather exhausting Alex and I. We had got into a pattern of getting up 2-3 times a night. But since they have been sick, it’s probably averaging 6-8 times a night. Alex is amazing, having to work the next day, I know I continually feel like my head is in a fog, I don’t know how he does it, but I so appreciate that he helps me out at night, bringing the babies to me, putting dummies in and a pat on the back or even just waking me. He’s a light sleeper and I’m not. It is so very tiring, but it’s only a season, we will get through it.

I look forward to seeing them continue to progress. They are starting to talk a bit more now. They all say “Dad” (most of the time, humph.), “Mum” (when they are crying. Double humph.) and Imogen and Jayden say “Bub” and Jayden says “Hello”. (So cute!) Toby is a bit more sparing with his words. I know it sounds silly, but after having four baby boys, I just can’t get over how cute Imogen’s voice is, she is so girly! I never thought that babies had girly voices, but it’s more high pitched and sweet and sing songish. It’s lovely.

So, that’s what the trio is up to at the moment. I can’t believe they’ll be 9 months on Saturday. They have now been born longer than were in the womb for. We have been blessed. Every moment. Even the pooping, screaming, tired and exhausting moments. Totally love my kids, all of them.

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One Day

Sometimes it’s nice to record the events of a lovely day. Yesterday, despite it being completely amiable, in the greater scheme of things will probably be entirely forgettable. However, we took a few happy snaps because it’s days like this that should continue to give pleasure years after the sun sets on another domestic dream.

It started with a phone call to Grandma. It’s the holidays, and often she will have one grandchild at a time for a “Grandma Day”. The grandchildren love it and it creates a special bond with them and Grandma, that is entirely non-forgettable. J Boy rang Grandma, but it was for unexpected reasons. His request was for Grandma to have a Grandma Day with T-Star. J Boy’s ulterior motive was that he wanted to build with “Big Kids Lego” and didn’t want interruptions from his younger brother.

Grandma complied and once T-Star left (Happy as a pig in mud, he’s always a big fan of getting out of the house … I don’t take it personally.) the Lego building began. Today’s construction was a jet. We had also hoped to make an airport, control tower and cargo transporter. Plans that are far too lofty for a six-year-old with developing fine motor skills and who finds concentrating on one task challenging. (Although he had great enthusiasm in a side project building a bizarre creative drag car.)

One high point in the building project was the moment when J Boy was able to follow instructions all by himself while Mummy looked after a baby for a few moments. (Something he has been reluctant to do up until now). A low point was after the copious praise he was given, Mummy pointed out a very small error that needed to be fixed. This made my perfectionist son deny the existance of a mistake and then go into meltdown over its existance and almost pulled apart the entire project in protest of its existance.

Eventually the project was complete thanks to persistance and a little help from Mummy and Miss Rachael. Does he look happy much?

Somewhere during the proceedings, I got an exciting phone call from my doctor’s office. They had contacted the rep for Wyeth and had organised a donation of S26 for the triplets. The office called to tell me TEN boxes had arrived. This ended up being a total of 30 tins of formula. Such a huge blessing. Especially when S26 is a formula I trust. The drain on our finances is rather enormous at the moment. (I hope to share about a rather major purchase next week. It is still being finalised at the moment) Every little bit helps. We have also been blessed by  Huggies who sent us a box of boy’s nappies and Johnson & Johnson who gave us a big box of a large variety of their excellent products. It’s always a relief to omit something from the shopping trolley on any given week. And when I need to add it to the trolley again, it’s a pleasure to support these companies after their goodwill to us.

*Sidenote, I’ve not received any instructions or compensation to write about  these companies on my blog, but I thought they were worth a grateful mention.*

While I was out collecting the formula, the babies woke up. The boys were having fun with J Boy’s old toy, which has just become their new toy.

And then Grandma came home with T-Star and presents! As it turned out, T-Star and Grandma had spent a portion of the day doing birthday/Christmas shopping at the toy sales. And of course Grandmas always have spoiling rights, so you can’t take a grandchild into a store and not buy him a little something! And what you do for one child, you must do for every child. So everyone had their lucky day!

The triplets with books. Mmmm. Tasty.

 J Boy is a little spy crazy at the moment. Except when he saw on the news that a spy was caught and put in jail. For a week after that he decided to be a farmer. After looking at the spy paraphanalia in the toy stores, he is reached a decision that the danger is worth the gadgets. So, Grandma’s secret message carrier went down a treat.

 T-Star wouldn’t pose with his beloved Spiderman motorbike. But he kept it safe with him at all times. Even watching Mr. Moon before bedtime.

Once Miss Rachael went home, I was by myself with the five kids during busy hours as The Accountant had some CPA training. J Boy was a great help. He entertained Missy. It’s amazing seeing the two older boys with Missy. Somehow they are just that little bit more tender with her. Mind you. T-Star’s ‘tender’ is not 24/7, she may not have as much brutal treatment as he reserves for the baby boys, but she is still mistreated regularly by our boistrous two year old.


While I was breastfeeding the second baby, J Boy even fed the third baby for me. Chook looks pretty content with his big bro.

So another day, just doing life as a stay at home Mum.  Do tell if you are a parent. Well, actually you don’t need to be a parent, how silly of me. Non-parents often have very helpful advice! Do you have a/know a/am a perfectionist? How do you encourage them to make mistak

es without ending up in a puddle? And how on earth do you get your 6 year old boy to stop having melt downs and tantrums at all? I am so over it. When on earth do boys think it’s not cool to cry. Because really, I’m ready for my lad to deny his inner emotions. I really don’t need to know he thinks the life is not worthwhile because his brother got the iced roll with more pink icing on it. Really.

But to get back to the happiness of the day. What are some moments that you enjoy that you’ll probably forget the particular details of, but altogether make up the pleasantness of your life?

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Triplet Update – 7 Months

I thought I would pause in remembering the triplets births and update you on what they are doing in the present.

My wonderful trio are now 7 1/2 months. They are growing up now ever so quickly. As I see them grow I am constantly aware of how richly blessed I am to have them in my life. Seeing them grow up also makes me realise that babyhood is so brief and before long it will disappear. It makes me a little sad, even though I know life will also become a little easier in many ways. For now, when I carry a sleeping baby to his or her bed, I cherish every moment they are in my arms. When I kiss their little heads and stroke their chubby cheeks, I want to remember the moment for ever. When they look up and laugh, their eyes dancing with delight, I treasure the moment in my heart. I am so richly blessed, more than I ever could have imagined.

Two feeding while one looks on.

The babies sitting up, although they do still topple over, so you need to be ready to catch or have some pillows need to be close by. Miss Im particularly likes to sit up and survey her domain. Alas, compared to the boys she is rather unco-ordinated (takes after her mother), so you need to be especially careful because she will fall over doing a wonderful caricature of a lead balloon. The boys are a bit more rolly polly as they fall.

Little Immy might be the least active of the trio, but we forgive her since she is a totally awesome sleeper. (When she is not sick.) She will often fall asleep when she’s tired on the floor. Here rests my little bunny, cottontail and all.

—I’ll continue writing this post that I started a little while ago, but just an official note that they have just reached the 8 month mark. But I’ll continue outlining what the triplets got up to during their 7th month! —

By the end of their 7th month, Imogen can sit very confidently, but crawling isn’t on her agenda. The boys have well and truly mastered the commando crawl. They now can get wherever they want throughout the house.

The triplet’s favourite place to hang out these days is on the mat. This is fairly typical, boys moving around on their tums while Missy looks on from her stationary position.
The boys on the move while Immy supervises.

I’m still grateful that they are fairly slow, so generally you can see them heading in a direction and five minutes later you’ll know the general area in which to find them. Even still, I’ve misplaced Jayden a few times.

Active and adorable.

They’ve been sick, poor darlings. It’s the reason the blog posts have been few of late, and the reason this post has taken so long to write. They are getting up many, many times throughout the night. We’re all tired.

My five little darlings.

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Easter 2012 Finale

To continue my Easter report. I’ve already told about the drive to Bundaberg. Then I shared what we did on Good Friday. I thought I’d better finish the tale about Easter before Christmas is here.
Easter’s Eve we decided to visit my Dad’s farms within the area. It was a good chance to catch up with staff we haven’t seen in quiet some time, check out some new equipment in the sheds and see a new variety of cucumber in the greenhouses.
The triplets first perusal of the farms and packing sheds.
After the pack shed, we went across to the greenhouses. J Boy received a growing cucumber tutorial from Grandad. (Look out for “Qukes” in your local Coles and Woolworths stores. They are mini cucumbers – ideal for in kids lunch boxes!)
In the afternoon I hung out with my BFF again. This time we went with my parents and sister to her parent’s house for afternoon tea. Our families grew up together, so it was lovely to catch up with everyone.
Flashback: Hanging out with Kylie and some friends at my 10th birthday party.
Current day: Still friends – despite wrinkles!

There’s always a special bond with old friends. There’s years of stories tucked away that make you laugh. So that’s exactly what our Mums did.

That evening with a rich sense of expectancy, the kids sat down with Grandma and made Easter baskets so the Easter bunny had somewhere to deliver his sugar laden treats. They were only simple, made with pretty paper and fun stickers and adorned with little chicks. The kids loved it and I know these are the little simple things can create great memories.
Of course the bunny did deliver.
To be truthful, as much as I would have liked to, I didn’t hang around to see the children discover their full baskets. I chose sleep. Alex was up, there were lots of people around to hold babies, and I had finished feeding in the early hours of the morning, so I kept sleeping. It was lovely.
By the time I awoke, much chocolate had been consumed and The Pocket Rocket was just starting on a giant choc rabbit.
Look at her. She’s already tipsy from chocolate.
My little trio also enjoyed their first Easter. They got into the bunny groove and totally rocked their ears.
The boys and Alex went for a bike ride to the beach. It was an hour round trip, so J Boy did really well keeping up the pace. Especially the trip home after boogying on the boogie board at the beach. T-Star supervised from the toddler seat on the back and made sure Dad kept on the move. Especially through the pouring rain. When it started to rain, I sent my brother-in-law to look for them in the ute. I was worried particularly that T-s

tar would be upset, he left in a rather grumpy mood. He’d been partying too much with his cousins in the backyard tent the night before. Somebody had to pay.

As it turned out, my Mummy radar was in total girl mode. The boys were having the time of their life. Their cousin was rather jealous watching them return home. Rain to boys. It increases the adventure.
On our final day we rushed around throughout the morning packing up. It was a good thing that the rest of the crew left a week after us. That way they could retrieve and return the myriads of things I still managed to leave behind.
We did manage to take the triplets to the beach before leaving. Didn’t seem right to be staying across the road from a beach and depriving their first visit. So cute. They didn’t mind sand between their toes and having a splash in the water.
Poor old T-star didn’t make it. He was catching some serious zzzz’s thanks to another night in the tent. I’m just thankful that the triplets and I stayed inside. From all reports T-star made his way to the parental air mattress and proceeded to wiggle every which way and sleep on every angle, all the while the air mattress slowly decreased in volume.
The trip home went smoothly. I did feed two babies with my arm stretched behind reaching into their capsules with the bottles. But they coped admirably, accepted the milk and pushed on. Little troopers. That way we only had to stop to breastfeed one baby and change them into warmer clothes as we approached our cooler climate, and there was one other stop to change a nappy. Awesome effort.
It was wonderful getting out of the house. Truly wonderful. Sometimes it really is worth the risk of doing crazy things like travelling with multiples. It’s even more of a pleasant experience when it’s better than expected.
So, can you remember way back to Easter? What did you do?
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