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Mirror mirror on the wall is what most of us women look into every morning, and while we (once again, most of us anyway), are not so vain to query if we are the fairest of them all, we certainly want to look our best. I may not primp or preen like a peacock, (who has time for that when you’re a mother?) but I certainly do have a beauty routine and I like to throw on some make up most day.

I like to wear make up, even if it’s only a quick application of two or three things. I feel more confident knowing I look that bit better when I draw attention to my assets and hide my flaws. Make up should be not about covering yourself, but rather draw attention to your own natural beauty.

My youngest sister was once a make up artist for a leading cosmetics company, so I have been fortunate to receive several mini tutorials from her on make up appliance. Even still, it’s easy to get in a rut and always do the same thing. During ProBlogger I was so excited to go to a presentation by the Australian branch of L’Oreal Paris. Eagerness to use cosmetics and try new techniques instantly emerged as I listened to Elsa Morgan, an industry leader artist who does make up for the ritzy magazines and for models strutting the runways of Melbourne, New York and Paris.

Rut. Out.

For many of us mothers, a make up regime is often one of those things that is neglected as we rush to care for children, run a household, not to mention commitments outside the home. I loved hearing Elsa encourage women to use the moments during your make up routine to slow down and make some time for yourself. (Even if it’s a short make up application.) It is true that sometimes as mothers we rush so much that we don’t pay attention and enjoy the small things in life. Enjoy the feeling of massaging moisturiser into your skin. Let it rest for a few moments before applying primer. (Would it be bad to admit, that I hadn’t used primer before I went to this session? And I have to say, the L’Oreal Base Magique just glides on the skin. It really is such a nice experience, and it has the benefit of improving the smoothness of my foundation and accentuating my complexion. Win!)

I have always had good brows. I rarely pluck or wax them, and therefore I pretty well ignore them. I had been totally oblivious to the fact that brows are one of the in things to focus your attention on these days! A fuller brow makes the face look more youthful and can draw attention to the eyes. (Gone are the heavy plucking days of the 90’s)

I definitely don’t want my eyebrows looking like caterpillars, but I have started using the L’Oreal Superliner Brow Artist Shaper. It has a nifty little brush and two tips, a pencil tip (you should choose a colour about one or two shades darker then your brow).

Here are the how to tips on giving your brows wow!

Step 1:
Brush inner brow upward and outer brow up and outward.
Step 2:
Draw lightly from under brow working up and along the natural shape of your brows
Step 3:
Finish brow by tapering this soft line from the top of the arch toward the temples.
Step 4:
Set the shape with the wax tip. 

Afterwards there was a lip and brow bar, so I got the experts to give mine a little makeover.

Of all the lessons in make up we received, the thing that made me most excited was learning about winged eyes. I was trying to listen and watch very carefully, because it’s a dramatic effect that I’ve often wanted to execute for special occasions. 

If you also want tips in achieving (or perfecting) this technique, this is what we learned.

Step 1:
Draw wing first by making a line from the end of the lash line out and slightly up a couple of cm toward end of brow
Step 2:
Draw back toward lash line from above this line to make a small triangle
Step 3:
Continue along the lash line, tapering as you go so the line creates a beautiful almond shape
Step 4:

Apply two coats of volume mascara, fan lashes outwards

Elsa also had some top tips to share:

  1. Use a highlighter pen to clean up and sharpen the feline flick
  2. To create a smokey winged eye, line the top and bottom lash lines with a black or brown pencil. Optional: add a kajal pencil or white kohl pencil to the waterline.
  3. Take a quad eyeshadow and blend over liner working into the socket and extending the shading out and up to visually open eye.
  4. Add highlighter to inner corners of eyes to add drama.

After I returned home, my brain was buzzing so much the next morning I woke up early and since there were no children around, I had a play around while I got ready for church. The extra effort seemed to pay off, I got compliments even with my very amateur efforts, and I’m looking forward to continuing to perfect the art!

When as

ked what tips Elsa had for mothers who find it difficult to find the time to apply make up, her advice was to find enjoyment and pleasure in the routine and investing in yourself. Her practical advice was to have the main things you need out on your counter ready to go. Elsa believes that one of the most time consuming aspects for many people when applying make up is searching through cosmetics bags and drawers for what they want. If it’s all there ready to go you only need to pick it up and apply. You will be surprised how much time you will save.

One of the best parts of the evening was the goodie bag we came home with! So many treats, it’s making experimenting so much fun!

Do you get in a make up rut? What techniques would you like to perfect or are there new routines you can begin? What are you top make up tips?

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