The Triplet's First Birthday!

It’s official! The triplets are now one year olds!

Sunday was the big B-Day. The babies had a wonderful start to the day by waking up at 6:30am instead of 5:00am. It was just as well, because they had very little sleep the rest of the day. They just snatched catnaps here and there as we had them on a very hectic schedule! (Poor babies!)

Once we were all up, we did the breakfast routine, and scurried around getting ready for the party that was scheduled after church. Of course in the midst of this was the opportunity for the triplets to receive their presents from Mummy and Daddy, (and their big brothers).

I love all their checks in appropriate colours – the colour theme of the day of course had to be red, blue, pink!

This is the first glimpse of the colours of the day. Of course it had to be the triplet’s colours. Red (Chook), Blue (Joey) and Pink (Missy).

So, what was in the boxes?

These cute little wheely bugs are adorable! If you are interested, I got a great deal over here at Classic Baby. (I’m just sharing this with you because I think they are wonderful, no other reason.) They go backwards, forwards and side to side. T-Star has already done some serious doughnuts on them! (Just as well he is getting a larger sized tiger one for his birthday in just over three weeks time.) At the moment the babies are using them as walkers or pushing them around on their knees. They are seriously loving them.

We then headed to church since it was a Sunday morning. After one year we are getting closer at arriving to church on time. We are now getting to the church just before it starts, but by the time we unload all the kids it’s started by the time we walk in. Just need to work on getting out the door five to ten minutes earlier! It sounds so easy. If only it were so.

Our church family were happy to share in celebrating the baby’s birthdays. We had this picture on the big screen of when they were tiny babies, and then one of last weeks beach pictures. How big they have grown in the last year!

As per usual the triplets fell asleep en route to church. As per usual they woke up during the transfer from car to stroller. In retrospect, we should have left them sleeping with one of us staying in the car and texting the other parent to come and help once they woke up. But hey, most of us don’t have the wisdom of hindsight to operate on.

So instead, the only sleep the babies got all day was a bit of a nap on the way to church, two babies had a little snooze in church, (Highly unusual. A friend offered to rock their pram while I listened to the sermon with my husband. She must have a gift.) and a little nap on the way home.

When we got home the house gradually started filling with guests. As I have said, it was only our family and a few very close friends, but my goodness! It became so very noisy so very quickly with 16 children 10 and under. I could blame the fact that 10 of those children were 4 years old and younger, but the reality is that it was the older kids making the most noise.

The babies couldn’t wait for the chicken that was being cooked on the BBQ. They ate some of their favourite root vegetable mash while most others consumed nibbles.

After that, being the eternal optimist I put them down for a nap. Considering all the older children were playing in the hallway outside their bedroom, expecting anyone to sleep under such conditions was an entirely ridiculous notion.

So, we all donned our party hats, (party hat wearing was strictly policed and enforced by eldest brother and pocket rocket cousin), and partied on.

My Dad and I
Good ol’ Dad manning the barbie.
Uncle Jo perfected how to wear a party hat AND not get sunburnt.

Anyway, why should the triplets miss out on their own party by going to sleep? Oh, extreme tiredness. Yes, that would be a good reason. Oh well, never mind!

Chook having a snuggle with Miss Rachael

But they were little troopers and embraced the birthday cake experience with enthusiasm, despite their sleepy states.

Cake time!
Chook, about to sample his cake.
Joey gives tick of approval

Having a post cake laugh with cousin R.

A tired cakey birthday girl sporting an impressive bruise. (She fell over on the tiles that morning.)

Once the babies had all finished, they had a bath.

Once they were dressed in their new owl shirts, they continued being the centre of attention.

With their owl beanbags.

Lastly, there were presents to open.

It was quite chaotic with so many willing ‘helpers’ all yelling instructions and on hand to tear up paper for the babies.

By the time everyone left, we had some babies suffering from extreme tiredness. (Not to mention us parents!) Poor little things were too tired to eat much dinner and had a good cry before drifting off to sleep. It probably has taken them three days to get over the excitement!

I’ll do another post detailing more about the owl theme of the party.


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Party Preparations

Hello if you follow me on facebook, (Click here to like my page!), you will have seen that packages are arriving and the excitement in the house at the moment is centred around the impending triple birthday on Sunday. That’s right, the triplets are turning one!

In fact today they received their very first first birthday cards and presents! Handmade patchwork owls made by Mrs T. onto shirts made in the triplet’s colours. Simply gorgeous!

And if you are crafty and would like a closer look, feel free to “Oooooh” and “Aaaaah”. I certainly did!

Clever lady, isn’t she? Thank you so much Mrs T!

Anyway, if I’m a little quiet at the moment, one of the reasons would be that I am in party preparing mode. I decided to keep the party small. Except I invited our family. Which is not small. And just added a few close friends. Now we’ve got an attendance list of 20 adults and 16 kids. (And the kids are only from four families! Mine included.)

Why is it that even though you know an event is coming up, my preparations are always left until the last minute? I’ve been so tired lately that I’ve been procrastinating doing anything and choosing to go to bed. Which has been wise. Except it always means that at this rate I’m going to end up really tired on party day. I think this has happened every time my child has had a birthday. I could say that I will go to bed on time the next three nights to prevent that. But I know I won’t. I’ve had two post midnight nights the past couple of nights, so maybe I should retire very soon tonight. After all, after three nights, I’ve finished a project.

Meet my owl army.

They are actually bean bags to giveaway to the children as favours. I really dislike filling loot bags with cheap Chinese plastic toys that every mother is just waiting for an opportunity to throw out. It is true the children do enjoy them, so I have been known to buy them, however, I try to be a bit creative normally when it comes to party favours. I thought these little guys were cute when I found them here. Already my boys have had lots of fun throwing and catching the prototype I made.

So, owl favours are now complete. I still have to make all food, do the grocery shopping for all food, make some party decorations, make part two of the party favours, wrap the pass the parcel, make the food and make three birthday cakes. Sheesh! And all during the school holidays, so I am constantly being interrupted! And I have another party to go to on Saturday, so last minute preps will be somewhat inhibited. Somehow it always does come together on the day. Fingers crossed this is no different!

I’ll look forward to sharing more about their birthday next week with you.

When you plan parties and events, are you a last minute organiser or do you get planned well in advance?

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10 Month Triplets + 2 & 6 year old boys. And a Daddy.

I thought I’d just update you on some of the day to day happenings in our household at the moment.

The triplets are practically big kids now. They often eat vegemite sandwiches for lunch.

And they are having water in sippy cups after they eat. (Still using bottles for milk.)

We have a very cute dragon living with us.

J Boy has loved playing soccer this season. Even though he is pretty well clueless about the rules of the game and spends a great deal of his time falling to the ground and rolling around the field. (We’re working on getting him to stay on his feet for an entire game. It’s harder than you may think.) It seems like he’s just starting to get the hang of it though. Which is a shame, because it’s the last game of the season on Saturday.

The triplets have now become a tourist destination. We had a Japanese exchange student, Genki, who is staying with a family in town come to visit us for a morning. He was a great young guy who fitted in with the family happenings for the day. He played with the babies and built a train track for T-Star, who adored him for it and re-named him as “Donkey”. The babies had to be quarantined into the porta-cot to keep the track safe from imminent destruction. I let Genki feed the triplets, and he did a great job. It can get a bit crazy. When Miss Rachael asked if he wanted her to take over he jumped up so quickly that I thought there had been an ejector seat installed in our chair. I think he did enjoy the experience though! We took a photo with the trio and Genki, but they decided to get grumpy (something about it being lunchtime) so they had to be bribed and are photographed with arrowroot biscuits!

 Alex had a lovely Father’s Day. So proud of my amazing husband who is now father of 5.

We really tried to spoil Daddy, with everything from a power tool (chosen for Dad by J Boy), basket ball (chosen by T-Star) to homemade works of art.

For lunch we had takeaway fish and chips in the park with my brother-in-law and his family. We make a jolly little party with the four adults and ten kids! We’re quite the rent-a-crowd these days! The kids loved playing with their Daddies. The triplets couldn’t believe the freedom of being in the great outdoors. Poor little things, don’t get out much. Hopefully they will a bit more now it’s Spring. The big kids especially hung out on a plastic thingy that you were chucked balls through. I don’t think that it is supposed to be used as a climbing frame, but the kids thought it was brilliant. Until J Boy got stuck in one of the tubes. Luckily Daddy came to the rescue. That’s why Dad’s are heroes.

Once we got home Daddy had a chance to play with his new toy. I think he liked that.

I’d love it if you took the time to comment about what’s happening in your family of late! What did your family do for Father’s Day? (And guess what? I’ve now enabled a reply button in the comments section, so I can comment on your comments. Hurrah!)

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Three Bubs in a Tub

Of course I’m always behind in sharing these pictures. Here are the 9 months photos, we’re still yet to do the 10 months pictures. We’re cutting it down to the wire with illness and our photographer going on a cruise. (Lucky girl.)

So here they are at 9 months. That darn chair is getting smaller. Say what? It’s my babies getting bigger? Nooooo!

And a little reminder of their nine month progress.

And here is the fabric shoot. Legs are getting too long to stay in the shot.

And the overview.

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10 Month Old Triplets

It’s been a little while since I have given an update, so here is what the triplets are up to, half way through their 10th month.

I remember talking to a twin mother of 10 month triplets while I was pregnant and she said that was life was getting easier as they got older. But I tell you, and Alex agrees with me, it doesn’t feel like it’s getting easier. Even though it probably is easier then those mad early days. We may be getting more sleep at night. But it’s still interrupted. Constantly. And we now have had 10 months of this. (Not to mention the pregnancy sleeplessness.) The accumulative effect of sleep deprivation can do your head in. And the crying. Sometimes they just all want something at once, and you just can’t give it. They cry. And cry. And cry. And when the big boys join in too. Head.Ache.

The thing is, life with triplets. It’s relentless. And that is why it doesn’t feel easier. There’s always something to do and when they are sleeping, there’s three million things to catch up on. Just as well I just love them more and more every day. And they are so darn cute. It means that even though it’s hard, it’s heartwarming, fun and rewarding. And should the little darlings sleep through, I’m sure it will start feeling easier too.

A common sight of mine these days. Someone crawling up onto my legs and complaining.

So what exactly is keeping us busy?

The three babies are now crawling very confidently. The boys are still a lot more speedy than Imogen. But she can get everywhere, she just plods away. Unfortunately, she often puts her head down and concentrates on her crawling. Which results in her crawling straight into other living beings (like brother’s) and inanimate objects (like walls and cupboards). She’s scored a few bruises so hopefully she revises her crawling methodology soon.

She’s not the only one bruising herself though. At the moment traumeel is in constant use. Toby has an impressive bruise on his forehead at the moment. I’m not even sure how it happened. Of course it could have been the usual way, such as a sibling throwing him off balance while he was cruising around furniture or getting excited and bouncing up and down while watching the dog outside and banging his head on the door in the process. Or it could have been one of the less conventional ways such as slipping on the vomitting on the  tiles and bumping his head. (Toby and Jayden have both resumed vomiting lately. It’s a flashback I don’t like  re-experiencing.)

Other current discomforts include teething. They all now have two bottom teeth peeping through. Toby cut his first teeth last month, Imogen last week and Jayden this week. As the teeth cut through the gums, all three were very sore and irritable for a few days. In addition to that they all have teething signs like dribbling, red cheeks (facial and the other end), earaches and irritablity fairly regularly. Jayden and Toby have been particularly drooling all over the place. Unfortunately I’ve had to get the bibs out again. I hate bibs. They wore them almost constantly their first 6 months. I was so glad when the amount of vomitting lessened enough to not have to use them all day. They have so many nice clothes, and then we just cover them up with a daggy old bib.

For the most part, the little darlings are being completely darling. They love hanging out together, and will generally play in the same area.

Despite their devoted friendship, dummy stealing is still rampant. Quite often they will simultaneously steal dummies from each other’s mouth and then put the ‘new’ dummy straight into the mouth which had just lost a dummy. Chook also has his own unique (well mostly unique, Joey will occassionally do the same thing) way to suck a dummy.

But most of all at this age, I love it most when they giggle and laugh and play with one another. Completely adorable.

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Triplets Anti-Blogging Campaign

I’ve escaped to the computer. Shhh! Nobody tell the triplets!

They are busy playing in their corner.

I’ve been trying to get here all morning. No, I’ve been trying to do a blog post since last night. Well, to be really honest, I’ve been trying all week. I just can’t seem to find a spare chunk of time to do it.

Take for example the last 16 hours. I was saying to Miss Rachael earlier in the day how much I wanted to write a blog. Routines with children always change as they adjust and become older and need different things. Sometimes it can be for the better. Sometimes not.

Our routine has changed recently which has resulted with Mummy being excluded from the dining table at night. The triplets used to have their solids, then milk and bed. They have now decided that they like to have a play in between solids and milk. Which consequently means they now get thirsty at the exact same time the rest of the house gets hungry. I tried a few times delaying them until after I ate. This was disastrous. It resulted in five children needing immediate attention. The big boys are ready for brushing teeth, storytime, prayers and bed straight after dinner. Which is normally The Accountant’s responsibility. And it didn’t really work when two babies were having a tired hungry meltdown, crying their little eyes out while I breastfed and bottled the third baby.

And so last night, I was in my new routine, systematically feeding the babies and putting them down to bed while dinner was being consumed. Everything seemed to be going well. I had the babies in bed by 7:30 ready to watch my favourite show on TV (The Amazing Race) while I had dinner and tweeted happily.

Sidenote. I’ve just worked out twitter (it’s taken me awhile!) and I’m feeling very proud of myself and having great fun with it. Feel free to follow me at C_Happyheart (I’m sorry, I haven’t been able to work out how to put social media links on this page yet. I’m a bit technically challenged so all the behind the scenes blogwork can be a tad tricky for me.) I’ve worked out how to tweet, but I’d love more interaction. Like last night I had a good time chatting to Retro Mummy about car seats in our new van.

Darn. The triplets have found me. And I’m hardly even started.

OK. I’ve bribed them for a bit of extra time. Thank God for highchairs with wheels and arrowroot biscuits.

They are lined up watching me work on the computer.

So. For the duration of the show I was happy. It was the grand finale, so I thought once it was finished I’d write a blog.


Once the show was finished, Joey came out hungry. I fed him again. He was needy. We cuddled. I kept looking wistfully at the computer, but knew that if I cuddled him long enough until he was soundly asleep, he wouldn’t wake up again (fingers crossed) for at least several hours and I could have some time to myself.

Just as I was ready to put him back to bed, The Accountant came in with Chook, handed him over and bid me adieu as he went to bed. I did the exact same thing all over again. The clock kept ticking on, and I thought I might go to bed a bit later and still write a little bit. I’m kind of chomping at the bit to do some writing. I’ve written so many blog posts in my head, but they never get a chance to get written due to the confounded time factor. Yesterday I worked out that if someone could invent a wireless device that could type my thoughts onto the blog and leave me to edit it when I had the opportunity. (Editing device a must in this hypothetical piece of equipment) I’d be able to post a blog every day!

But of course, once I put Chook back to bed, Missy started crying. By this time I had breastfed both boys, so I gave her a bottle. She didn’t want the bottle. She wanted boob. She made this point very clear. I tried to communcate that boob was futile. She disagreed vehemently. I tried to prove this was futile. She agreed that it was unsatisfactory in the milk production, but she said she would compromise by using said boob as a dummy. I humoured her in a desperate effort to get the girl child back to bed, although the clock was tick tock ticking away and the desire to write was replaced by the desire to sleep.

Drat. Arrowroot biscuits are finished. Rice cracker anyone?

Since the small girl looked soundly asleep, and since I’m no dummy, (on so many levels), I detached her to go down for the night. Her eyes instantly popped open. I knew this was not a good sign. I decided to put her in the cot of isolation. As suspected, she instantly began to roar about the indecency of her treatment.

Knowing that if she cried to long she would still wake her brothers up at the other end of the house. I did a few things on the computer, even though by now I had no interest at being online. The crying escalated so before there were three babies crying, I picked her up for an extended cuddle session. (Interjected with two more failed attempts to put her to bed.) I eventually crawled into bed at 1:30am. and ignored The Accountant’s request for a cuddle.  Five kids, three being babies. Yep, he’s neglected.

Rice crackers finished. What’s my next move?

How about toys that normally their big brother forbids them to play with? If they don’t tell J Boy, neither will I.

So this morning. Joey woke at 5am. I fed him in our bed. He crawled all over our bed and us for about 45 minutes while I kept trying to hold him and keep sleeping. I’m actually getting kind of talented doing this in the early morning. By 6am Chook was awake. I got up fed him. The Accountant slept on and put Joey on the ground and let him make his way out. Of course then Missy woke up. And T-Star, who decided it was an excellent time to do the sweeping and was devastated when I rejected his helpfulness in fear that the broom handle was going to make a whole in my wall from his enthusiastic cleaning.

Babies and boys fed cereal, boy dressed for school. Lunch made. Husband and boy out the door to work and school. Missy was exhausted so I put her to bed, and this time she had a little cry then drifted off to sleep. Why can’t she do
that in the wee hours of the morning? Changed dirty nappies again. Dressed babies and two year old. Fed babies, put them to bed. Started getting excited. Grandma had told T-star that she would take him to her house in the morning. Could it be possible? Could I get a blog post written? (The housework of course can wait.)

Ate my breakfast.

One baby awake.

Put clothes on the line.

Two babies awake.

Grandma arrived. T-star disappeared.

Three babies awake.

Three babies needy. Three babies crying. Three babies wanting to be cuddled. All at once. Three babies refusing to leave Mummy alone.

Eventually they became distracted, and that is when I started writing this.

Thank you for reading. You really do give me moments of sanity in this busy, busy life. I love my three babies. I love the experience of doing the triplet thing, even though it can be so frustrating at times. But it is so nice to have an outlet.

The toys are insufficient. It’s almost lunchtime. Hopefully I can get some photos on here after lunch and you will see this post today! (Thursday)

Do your kids have a secret mission to stop you doing anything in particular?


To reward the triplets for their patience waiting in the highchairs, we had a fabulous game of stacking blocks. It was so cute I thought I’d share some pictures of the game with you!

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Please Sleep Through Babies

Sitting up high on the top shelf of our pantry is a bottle of wine.

It sits in between the sherry and brandy I use for cooking and the boxes of chocolate. Gifts that have been given to us, which morsel at a time become sanity savers after a long day.

As it gathers dust, it taunts us.

It was bought on the 24th of January. Our 14th Wedding Anniversary. It is the only night that Alex and I have been out together since the triplets were born. We enjoyed our meal immensely, and the wine that accompanied it. We enjoyed being able to eat our meal at the same time. We enjoyed that there was no crying while we ate. We didn’t need to threaten small bodies to eat up their dinner, and we weren’t interrupted by babies that we needed to hold while we ate. It was such a treat to use two hands and use both fork and knife while we ate.

It had been set menu with wine included. At the end of the meal, while we were paying, Alex commented that we had really enjoyed the red wine. We discovered that there was a cellar door at the restaurant and that we were able to purchase the wine. To my amazement, The Accountant succumbed and in a total impulse buy, bought the most expensive bottle of wine that we have ever paid for. (It’s amazing how a good night out without children can mellow the tightest of purse strings.)

Once we were in the car, I asked on what occasion should we drink the delectable wine. Alex declared that the wine was to be drunk after the triplets slept through five consecutive nights.

And so it still sits on our shelf.

A month after the anniversary, in February, the triplets all slept through. Our tongues were salivating as we glanced up at the bottle of wine. A glance was all we had. They didn’t all sleep through the night again until Wednesday night, (August 1).

Alas, last night they were up to mischief again. Even the cot of isolation didn’t work. (We have recently moved the port-a-cot into the playroom at the other end of the house for midnight/early morning misbehaving babies.)

Alex recently revised the conditions. He is a wise man. And a lover of red wine. If the triplets are not sleeping through by our 15th anniversary. We shall drink the wine in commiseration and buy a new bottle in faith that it will happen eventually. (Like before they leave home.)

Have you any ‘carrots’ – food or drink – alcoholic or otherwise that you have ever rewarded yourself with?

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9 Month Cutie Pies

I bought these little jumpers for the babies last year while I was still pregnant. They came with jeans also. Missy is wearing the jeans, they have been rolled right up. They’re way to big for the boys. Missy’s tummy is bit more tubby then the boys. Poor love.

They looked so cute, I thought I’d share. I’m a proud Mummy.

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Feeding Triplets Solids

Moving onto solids is a milestone that I secretly dread. There’s definitely many nice elements when feeding your baby real food, such as finding out what they like and having the satisfaction of seeing them enjoy new tastes. But it’s more work. That’s the part I dread. Suddenly you need to shop for food then peel, chop and puree it. And don’t get me wrong, I really like making my own baby food. I find it stangely satisfying completely pulverising things. But it’s another thing that has to be done in a day already crowded with tasks. Before long you adjust though, and can’t remember what life was like before the bubs needed three square meals a day.

Because of the babies consistent reflux, in the early days, our health nurse suggested starting solids at four months, which is now accepted practise. Our paeditrician said that was OK, but had suggested that I start trying solids at around 5 months if it didn’t work. I did give it a try then, but they really weren’t interested in the slightest. Even a month later they weren’t all that keen. So, they didn’t start eating solids properly until they were six months old. It took several weeks before they were really enthusiastic about eating the food even after that. I don’t know whether it was the premmie factor because J Boy and T-Star loved eating and got right into the rhythm at 5 months and 6 months respectively. (Oh, and the reflux still took about two months to settle down after they started eating anyway. It got better around 8 months. But they still spit up fairly regularly even now.)

Missy and Joey’s first taste of solids. We began with rice cereal. 4 months old.
First taste wasn’t entirely successful! They found it difficult swallowing in the beginning.

But the biggest challenge I find at the start is working the feeds into the day and making a new schedule. With both T-Star and the triplets it took me about two months to get into the three meals a day groove. To begin with, they were fed when I remembered or wasn’t too busy. One meal a day at first. If I remembered or had the time. I think some people freak out about feeding religiously once they start, but the babies are pretty cruisey at the start, and still more than happy with milk only days. Gradually we got into the routine of one meal a day, and then we started a second meal. By then they had got the hang of it also, so they would remind me that they wanted solids. Suddenly milk was no longer enough. Which is also a pretty sad moment, especially when you breastfeed. It didn’t take long before 2 meals a day increased to 3 meals a day. At that point in time, forgetting was no longer an option.

Two babies being fed by Mummy while Chook supervises. Almost 7 months old.

At the start I would often feed one or two babies at a time. They just needed the extra time sometimes to eat, but once they were finished, they wanted the next bit instantly, and would have a melt down when you were feeding someone else. It was often less painful and quicker to feed them separately, one after each other. At the moment we will normally have one huge bowl of food, one spoon and shovel it into the mouths as quickly as possible. There often is lots of crying, but they are old enough to deal with it now. Kind of.

It can be rough waiting for food. There’s often a lot of wailing that is heard from the triplets around dinnertime!

I prefer to make our own food. Unlike the rest of the family, the babies are pretty much vegetarian. It’s just easier to puree vegetables and not muck around with meat. As they grow older I will probably reserve some from our meal and puree it through, but at the moment, they are happy, so we’ll keep it that way. I’m also unashamed about purees. I know there’s a defense for leaving lumps in the food, but it’s so much quicker to whizz it through the food processor or get out the stick blender. (Mine is cheap though and doesn’t do a good job. Must invest in a better one…)  I find it tedious chopping bits into teeney tiny pieces to include in the puree. 

I let the babies get used to ‘lumps’ and texture by giving them finger food. I normally start this once they are eating confidently. The babies favourite at the moment are Hot Kid Baby Mum-Mum Vegetable Flavor Rice Rusks, 24-Count (Pack of 6). They absolutely devour these rice crackers, which amuses me because they look like cuttle fish. It’s like feeding a flock of budgies! You should try them out if you have babies. They are really great as a healthy snack before dinner (baby equivalent to a cheese platter) while you are still getting dinner ready and they are grizzling.

Other finger foods that are popular at the moment include milk arrowroot biscuits, steamed carrot (I’ve steamed carrot sticks, but they prefer to eat a small whole carrot peeled and steamed. It’s easier for their hands to grasp.) and cooled down chunky potato chips. I really need to keep expanding their repertoire, life is a bit busy at the moment, so I just need to remember. Has anyone got some other good finger food tips for us? I think the next thing we’ll try is grated apple.

When I first started making baby food for J Boy, I constantly referred to Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner. It was one of the best baby shower gifts I was given by a friend. (Thanks Elizabeth!) Since then I’ve referred to other Karmel books such as: SuperFoods: For Babies and Childrenand Lunch Boxes and Snacks: Over 120 healthy recipes from delicious sandwiches and salads to hot soups and sweet treats Seriously, for a cook who likes using recipes like me, these books are inspirational. My Mum laughs at me for using a recipe to do a puree, but I would have never thought to mix pumpkin and pear together or orange juice and sweet potato and the babies love it. There’s also great recipes for when they are growing up a little more (but still babies) such as a mild chicken curry or an excellent fish pie. It was my boys favourite, soft, tasty, easy to digest, and The Accountant and I thought it was a pretty delicious family recipe also.

(Disclaimer: I don’t use a recipe every time I make baby food. Sometimes I make up my own flavour combos and sometimes it’s just a case of chucking in every or whatever vegie there is in the fridge.)

At first we were using the boys old highchair and bumbos to feed the babies in. I had wanted to buy the highchairs that you strap to an ordinary chair, but I couldn’t find the type I wanted here in Australia, so we ended up going with the Accountant’s preference and choosing two steelcraft highchairs.

One of the first times they were all in a highchair each.

We were very lucky because their grandparents bought these for the babies. (Thanks Grandma, Grandad and Nanny B!) In the end, I’m really happy that we did this. The highchairs have wheels, so it’s so easy to wheel the babies around the room so we can feed wherever it’s convenient or slide them so they are in the best position. Also wonderful if you just want to put a baby in a chair and wheel it somewhere where they can watch the household happenings when they are tired and grizzly.

Aunty Julienne feeding the triplets mashed potato and sweet potato last night. (9 months old)

 Today I’m linking up with “For Moms By Moms” (It’s really hard for me to write Mum with an o! )

Disclosure: The links above to Amazon are products I have recommended because of their excellence, however if you do order them through Amazon I will receive a commission. Seriously though, if you don’t buy them from Amazon, you should totally look into getting them from somewhere else!

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6 Month Old Triplets Portraits

I so appreciated those who left encouraging comments on this blog and on facebook when I admitted I was a little stressed out in my last blog. Thank you.

After that, I thought I would end the week on a pleasant note. I’ve so many photos I can share with you. I’ll backtrack and show you some more photos taken by the wonderful Zara Jane. We had a few sessions. (It’s easier to break it up over a few days if you have multiples and a flexible and obliging photographer.) We took studio photos of the babies and some family photos at a local park. Look here some photos of the whole family in the park.

Here’s some super sweet studio photos. (Excuse me for not having them centred on the page. I’ve got limited computer skills, and I concluded it was better to have a good look at a larger photo then to have this post looking pretty. Is that OK?)

To start with, if you’ve been following my weekly updates when I was pregnant, you will be familiar with me referring to the babies as T1, T2 and T3, according to where they were in the womb. (The top letter is their initial of their name.) So here they are.

And again. See any similarities now compared to the Week 19 ultrasound pictures?

My motivation for having the photos taken was so that my parents could hang a six month picture on their wall. It’s a bit of a family tradition. So these are the three new pictures for Grandad and Grandma’s wall.

Of course Joey and Chook always like hanging out together.

And our pretty little lady always brings a smile to our face.

 This was so adorable. As soon as they got in the suitcase, the triplets started chewing it. Made for such a cute picture!

So, you agree? Super sweet? Which photo is your favourite?

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