Bust a move in Buster.

Meet our new car. Its name is Buster.

The boy in the green shirt and hat so named the car. Considering it is a Hyundai Santa Fe, his parents wanted to name it something far more logical like – The Accountant: Fay; Me: Santa.
The J Boy (showing wisdom beyond his years) vetoed both these suggestions and so named the car “Buster”. Once this name was declared, no discussion was to be entered into. Parents who suggest labelling the car with ridiculous names do not deserve a 2nd chance.
The baby didn’t offer to christen the vehicle with any name, but nonetheless seemed happy with the new family wheels.

As is The Accountant. We got a 4WD for a good price, and it’s diesel. The Accountant is thrilled. I’m told the money we save avoiding petrol far outweighs the fact that our vehicle sounds like a truck. 

Have to admit, I’m pretty happy myself. Lots of anchor points, 7 seater, with bi-folding seats in the back so I can fit extra shopping in even if one child is in the back. And even though it rumbles away, you can’t really hear it when you are inside the car. What do I care what people are thinking once I’m within? A great Mum mobile! Let the good times begin!
(Does anyone else want to share their car names? If you are that crazy, that is.)


  1. My car is named Rosie. She’s not red; she’s blue. Confusing, eh? 🙂 My previous car (named The Blueberry) was very basic and didn’t have many of the features that most people consider standard, like intermittent wipers, air conditioning and power steering. When I got my current car it had all those features, plus a CD player. It all felt SO high-tech in comparison with the previous car that I named her Rosie, after Rosie the Robot Maid in the Jetsons.

  2. Seven seats? Planning to fill those up from your womb, or with all that shopping? Ha haha.

    Will be listening out for that rumble…

    Our car’s name is hotly disputed between my husband, who gives cars grand lady names (Penelope, Constantine…) and the kids, who apply the latest “cool” car name from tv shows (Ironhide, Kitt…)

    I’d probably go with Stinky McStallerson, if I was asked. It could always use a clean and a more competent clutch controller than I.

  3. Crazy Sister: Since my womb is currently empty, I’m planning at this stage to fill the 7 seats with any number of the 5 neices and nephews that live nearby! That way I won’t feel guilty about car pooling with my sister when I can only take one extra passenger!

    Emily Sue. Glad you gave the explanation of Rosie with the link to the Jetson’s, otherwise I would have been a tad confused! Rosie is a cute car name, and sounds like she makes you very happy!

  4. Well! The said namer of Buster had a hand in naming my car ‘Pearl’, I thought Crystal and so did Caitlin’s accountant but the grandchildren thought Pearl was more appropriate for a Grandmas car! Pearl isn’t white she’s officially painted ‘Crystal Pearl’ tho!

  5. Buster sounds cool for a 4WD! Where did he get that, from Ghostbusters? LOL! Anyway, your kids look comfortable in your new set of wheels! You made a good choice in the Hyundai Santa Fe. At 175 horsepower with its 2.4 liter Theta II four cylinder engine, the Santa Fe moves with much grace and little hesitation from the transmission. Congrats!

    Nettie Christensen

  6. A 7-seater, with bi-folding seats in the back? What else can I ask for in a car? Now that your family is growing, you really have to purchase a large car to accommodate everyone. Good choice for you! Congrats!

    Ivo Beutler

  7. A 4WD is very ideal for family use! We own one too and I really love how spacious it is! I can even bring my dog with us, can you imagine that? Anyway, my son named our car “Grrr”. He tried to imitate the sound of car and instead of “Vroom, Vroom”, he said ‘Grrr’. Hahaha!

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