"Breakfast" – January Photo A Day

Oats. Integral part of my brekkie routine. Not every day. But many days. Today it will be raw muesli. And I will make some Bircher Muesli for tomorrow. I love a bit of bircher in the summer. In the winter the boys and I love porridge. The Accountant doesn’t. He abhors the taste. But he’s learned how to make it. He cooks it for the boys. He’s figured out that it’s cheaper than cereal.

How do you like your oats?

(Oh, I’ve been a bit tricky. I’m using the colour sketch effect on my new Nikon D5100.)

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  1. I have missed this blog, *sigh* things get past me. My kids and I love Porridge. I cook it in the slow cooker every night and walla we have breakfast in the morning. (otherwise I am way to lazy to cook first thing in the morning!)

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