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It’s Father’s Day in Australia next weekend. So with 10 days to go, for me it’s a time to be scratching my head wondering what on earth to get my father, father-in-law and my children’s father! Why are men so hard to buy for?

Bookworld is making life a little bit simpler for us to buy a gift for book loving Dads with their Father’s Day Lists.

My Dad is not so much the book type. I can remember Dad bragging as we grew up that he got through school reading only one book, and although that one book (apparently it was about a dog) was a memorable book for him and a good read, it never inspired him to read any other novels. So, books are out as a gift for my Dad. Unfortunately he’s very hard to buy for, and even more so now that he has given up drinking, (we don’t know why), but it’s very inconvenient because at least if we were stuck, we could always give him a good bottle of shiraz.

My father-in-law, on the other hand loves books. I think I could click on any of Bookworld’s 12 Dad categories and find a book that he would enjoy from Cooking Dad, to Crime Dad to Aussie Dad. Alex’s Dad reads every night, and whenever we are on holidays with him, he spends a fair bit of his holiday reading as well. Which is cool for me, because I normally end up with a nice pile of books that he leaves behind!

I thought that since Alex is the son of such an avid book lover, and is definitely more academic than my Dad, I would be able to get him books as gifts. For the first several years I carefully chose titles that I thought he would enjoy. He would occasionally read the books or flick through the pages, but he was never really enthralled. I was going to give up on giving him books, when one Christmas I gave him Richard Branson’s autobiography, “Like a Virgin”. We were away at the beach, and it was first time I had ever seen Alex absolutely engrossed in a book. From then on, buying books for Alex has been easy, I just needed to get the formula right! One book a year, two at the most and the book needs to be a biography or autobiography about a business man or woman. Alex’s devours them. The only other thing I see him read is the tax manual. Which, you may be interested to know, is what The Accountant considers light bed time reading. He will often be telling me about some new tax ruling as we are settling down for the night. I shouldn’t complain, it puts me to sleep at least!

In the lead up to Father’s Day, Bookworld is giving away a wonderful Dad’s book pack to Caitlin’s Happy Heart Readers.  (The titles are great, I’ve already written down the novels on my list to give the Dad-in-law!)

The books are: Favourites Gary Mehigan; No Safe House Linwood Barclay; Operation Mayhem Steve Heaney MC; The Heist Daniel Silva.

If you would like to give Dad these great books, head over to Bookworld and check out the Dad’s List here. Then come back and tell me, what type of Dad is the Dad(s) you would be buying for and why he/they fits that category.

The winner will be announced next Wednesday the 3rd of September at 8pm on Facebook and on this post. You must leave an email address. If I cannot contact you by Friday 5 Sept. at 9am I will choose a new winner. This is a game of skill, so make sure you insert some creativity into your answer. I would also love it if you “like” Caitlin’s Happy Heart on Facebook, although this is optional.

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  1. My Dad would love the Crime Dad section, he doesn’t fit that category at all, he never breaks the rules, but he does enjoy reading about people who do!

  2. Crime Dad section all the way
    Would be my pick this Father’s Day
    He often borrows books of this style
    Even though they can be quite vile
    He likes when the baddies get found out
    ‘Cause he’s a great guy, there’s no doubt!
    (email is kookla123ATyahooDOTcom)

  3. Really hard to choose, he loves cooking..reading thrillers watching war stories and a history buff. . Maybe home and garden, give him another interest!!!

  4. most likely a cooking dad, my father was the one who first got me into cooking, and we both enjoy watching master chef and other cooking shows together, as our schedules allow these days, although he also has a love for Australian history, absorbing some of the most obscure facts about it. overall id say he is a true blue cooking dad though.

  5. My dad is always cooking so I would get him some brand new cookbooks..something thats NOT Asian so he can expand his cooking repertoire!

  6. Gosh that’s hard because my dad dabbles in everything but I would have to say thriller because I do know that he does enjoy figuring things out 🙂

  7. History Loving Dad…Dad has become addicted to the History Channel and forever is wanting to “check the facts”…but the internet is not his favorite toy…you cant “touch it”.

  8. what a hard choice – it would depend on whether I’d be choosing a book for my own Dad or choosing a book from our son for his Daddy….. if it was my Dad – he’s definitely and “HOME & GARDEN” kinda Dad.
    Although it the choice was for son to give to his Daddy – he’s definitely a combo ” COOKING & DRINKING, who loves to improve the HOME & GARDEN while listening to MUSIC” kinda Dad

  9. History Dad. He loves nothing more than dissecting battles of WW1 and WW2, and reading up on famous Generals, and has lots of books on the same subject so that he gets differing points of view.

  10. My dad is definitely a reader! Go to present is a book and I have so much fun picking them that often he’ll end up with a book as well as something else!! When he’s not reading he is outside in the garden or doing something around the house so hard choice between fiction & home & garden!!!

  11. Well, I guess my Dad would be an Aussie Dad but he’d read a business auto-biography that caught his eye…I guess that’s because he’s an Aussie businessman! My father in-law however is the type to relaw with a good story; he’ll read to get the day rolling and read to unwind at the end of the day, fiction suits him.

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