Book Review: The Time Travellers Wife

This book is exactly the reason why I don’t read very often.

I give this book 5 stars. (Out of 5)

I have very little self discipline. So when I get a great read like this one, I can’t concentrate on anything until the book is read. The implications of this was a very messy house as I kept ignoring the growing amount of debris on the floor, pile of ironing and toys strewn throughout the place while my nose deliberately remained stuck in the book.

I totally blame my friend Linda for loaning me the book. She refers to the book in her blog here

What a delightful story, in a crazy, twisted and bizarro way.

Henry is able to travel time due to a chromosonal abnormality. Clare meets Henry when she is 6, he is 36. Henry meets Clare when he is 28, she is 20. Clare grows up knowing Henry, due to his time travelling abilities, Henry gets to know Clare when she already has a memory bank full of experiences he has not had yet. I told you it was bizarro!

Don’t get turned off though. The Daily Telegraph describes it as “A big, reckless novel … utterly convincing.” I have to agree, it’s totally believable. There was moments that I was wondering what I would tell myself if I could travel back in time and talk to my younger self.

I loved the way the two main characters had such strength in their love for one another. The completely self sacrificial type of love, that even though they are fictional, it is inspiring.

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