Blogger Problems

Hello. I’m terribly sorry, but for the moment I am not blogging because blogger is saying that I have reached 1GB storage limit. But I’m hearing there are a fair few of these stories happening at the moment, and it just doesn’t seem right to me, so I’m just paused trying to work out my next move. I could pay the monthly $2.50, but quite frankly, I used blogger because it’s free, so I’m thinking it might be time to head across to WordPress, but that will take time also. So sorry, but stay tuned…

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  1. I had this trouble a few months back. I now load my pictures into Flickr (free) and just copy them across. I thought about swapping over but today is my 900th blog post….that is a lot of stuff to move!

    1. Is this easy enough to do? It all feels like such a hassle…. But then again, as you say, moving it all across is a hassle also. 900 posts – WOW! Go AJ!

  2. I’ve read the online tutes about how to move everything to WordPress, but I’m so confuzzled. And I don’t think I’d pay someone to do it for me, so I’m stuck. If you work it out, let me know! (I haven’t reached my limit yet despite being nearly at 1000 posts, so I’m not feeling too urgent about moving just yet.)

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