Announcing our Triple Blessing at Church

Yesterday I talked about the pleasure when announcing that we are pregnant with triplets.

One of the most fun announcements was to our church family.

When I was 12 weeks and just starting to tell people, our worship pastor asked if I could speak for a few minutes about what a blessing it is to be a part of God’s adoptive family. As I started to reflect on this topic, I saw an instant connect with my current situation. So, I decided that I was going to use this time to make a mass announcement! The fact that it was Mother’s Day was a nice touch also. A bit bold, but why not?

This is kind of what I said:

It is extremely meaningful for me to reflect on  Mother’s Day what it means to be a part of God’s family. I can remember some years ago being up the front of the church and blurting out that my husband and I desperately wanted a family but were having difficulties. At the time I was really embarrassed for my blurting, but it turned out to be such a good thing to share with my church family. This was because so many of you listened to my story and had such compassion for us. So many people started praying for us, even people we didn’t know very well. People would come up and encourage us constantly. It was so good to have others standing in faith for us.

So on Mother’s Day, I feel such a great deal of gratitude to my church family, because I don’t underestimate the power of your prayers, and I consider you a part of my journey to motherhood. I know that a reason I have two gorgeous little boys is because of the prayers offered up on our behalf.

So, it is such a special thing to be a part of God’s family and have people stand with you and support you. We so appreciated it during that time, and I know that if I let you in on a little secret we’ve been keeping, you would do it again.

The secret is: We’re pregnant again. (A gentle “Ahhh”, and some tentative claps are uttered by the congregation.)

With more than one baby. (A louder “Ooooh” and some laughter and clapping is uttered by the congregation.)

In fact, this time I’m pregant with triplets! (Lots of clapping, laughing, a large variety of loud comments, smiles and ruckus erupts by the congregation.)

(When noise settles down.)

So, I’d really appreciate your continued prayers that this pregnancy which is a higher risk than normal pregnancies is carried safely. (Lots of nodding, still some comments.)

But, if you have continued to pray for our family over the years, you can probably stop praying that we have more children!!! (Lots of laughter. I hope they knew I was serious!)

And that is one of the reasons I love being a part of a church community. It’s no surprise that so these wonderful people are praying for the triplets and our family. There are so many who come up to us and love to hear progress reports or tell us that they are praying, or even prays right then and there for us.. It always bring me so much encouragement and peace.

If you want to read more of the story behind people praying for us while we were waiting to have children, click here

If you are a Christian, I’d love to you to share, What does being a part of a church family means to you?

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  1. I wish I’d been there! That would have been so much fun.

    Being part of a church family feels likea relief, to me. It’s so great to spend time somewhere with people who have the same outlook as yourself!

  2. Hey Caitlin,
    That was so touching for me it brought me to tears. I have been working every Sat and Sun for 2 years now and so dearly miss that homely feeling you get being a member of a church family.
    So thats what it means to me… HOME. 🙂

  3. Our church has been such a blessing to us as well. Our congregation and pastors were there for us through our infertility, pregnancy, and now they are such a wonderful support system as we raise our boys. Love this post…such a sweet story!

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