And So The Advent Begins…

The J Bomb has been exciting at the arrival of Christmas ever since the shopping centres started to put the decorations up at the end of September. I tell you, they know how to mess with a kids mind!

Anyway, today the day has arrived for the official countdown to begin. We got a lego advent calendar this year. The antcipation to open it has been great!

It wasn’t cheap, but Lego never is. When you consider that you are getting 24 little Lego projects, it’s not really too bad. Lego is such a good toy for manipulatives, construction, creativity and fine motor skills, I feel it’s well and truly justified educationally as well! Here’s inside the box, all the little windows are just waiting to be opened!

And here is J Bomb with Day 1’s gift a little snowman and a cheesy smile. Good opportunity to have a lesson on climates in other countries. I don’t think he really got it.

I have to show you the next picture. The J-Bomb has been playing with the snowman all morning. Sometime during the night he had got up and gone to the toilet. I don’t know why he took his PJ’s off to do so, but it’s obvious that he did.

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