A Lovely Day

After Tuesday’s parenting low, we had an excursion to Ipswich on Wednesday.

Every year we go to the Ipswich Rail Museum’s “Day Out With Thomas”. Jonty absolutely adores the whole event. So much so we got an annual pass in 2009. We didn’t last year, but he begged to go the train museum all year, so I’ve got another one this year. Toot toot! (They have lots of special events for the kids with well structured activities, the kids love it.)

J Boy’s behaviour was exemplary – all day! He was sweet, responsive and back to his well mannered self. Hooray, and a big sigh of relief.

Lookie at that face! Such delight. Such a delight! If only parenting was always like this.

The fact is, you’ve got to have the hard moments and stay strong if your child is going to grow up to be a productive man or woman.

One more picture because it makes me smile. Here I am hanging out with The Fat Controller!

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