A Frustrating Day with 6 Month Old Triplets

When my face was vomitted on before I even got out of bed yesterday morning, I should have known it was going to be an average day.

Alex had brought Toby into me and I had fed him and he had been sleeping and starting to squirm. I had been ignoring him, trying my best to squeeze a few more ounces of sleep, (hey, I take whatever I can get these days), when I realised that he was moving around because his tummy must have been hurting. I started to move the baby into an upright position to burp him, when all of a sudden the vomit came, and somehow his face was positioned exactly at my face. Thank-you projectile puke.

I left Alex with the baby and had a shower. I thought I may as well start getting ready early because I was planning on going to town with the kids.

Normally I have a lovely older lady who comes and helps me Thursday morning. Since she’s not able to make it for a few weeks, I thought I’d try to go to town. It would be something to do, and I wouldn’t need to rearrange anyone’s schedule so I could do so.

Probably won’t do that alone again in a hurry. The plan was to go with Mum and possibly my sister. All I had to do was get Jonty and The Accountant off to work and school, feed the babies, dress the kids, gather our stuff, get in the car and go.

Oh it sounds so easy.


By 10:00am I was close to tears as I struggled to find the exact angles to load a double stroller and a single pram into our car. There’s no boot space in the car, and the only reason I could take anything extra at all was because I could fold Jonty’s seat down. Trent needed to be strapped into his car seat first because there is no way he could get in once the prams were precariously stacked beside him.

I had been feeding and feeding. The babies still breastfeed, but you never know if they are going to be satisfied after a feed or not. Yesterday they all needed top ups of formula. I would finish feeding one, try to do something, and then need to give someone else a bottle. It just kept going around in circles. Then getting them dressed, only to have to change another one shortly after, or worse still, re-dress because a dirty nappy had leaked.  

In the meantime Trent was keeping busy playing with playdough, getting toys out and generally being a good boy, but making lots of mess.

By the time I left at 10:30, (Just as well I started getting ready early!), I had come up with another plan. I left Trent to play with Grandma, thinking I’d meet up with my sister who was already in town. At the last moment, Immy stayed also, since I hadn’t had responses to my text messages to my sister. Just as well, I never did meet up with her, but spent a morning rushing around with the boys pretending to be twins.

We didn’t really get much of what we wanted in town.

We returned to my Mum’s and had to waste time waiting for Trent and Imogen to wake.

Back home. Feed time again. Try to clean up. Interrupted constantly so didn’t get too far.

Sometimes it can be so frustrating with baby triplets. I just wish that I could make my own mess, (You know, coz’ that’s what I do), and not have to worry about anyone seeing it. And then I wish I could have un-interrupted time to clean up my own mess.

At this stage, there’s always others cleaning up after my family and I. Which is nice. And necessary. But who would have thought cleaning up after one’s own self could be so liberating!

Not that I clean up after myself necessarily when others aren’t around. I tend to do other stuff, like blogging, that I feel guilty doing when others are around. Such a conundrum.

Anyway, to continue with the day. It ended taking Jonty to soccer training. But he was in “Don’t listen and roll around on the grass instead” mode. Fairly frustrating. When we got home, the babies were extremely unsettled. Because soccer finished at 6:00pm, dinner had been prepared, but was waiting to be cooked. I couldn’t put babies down, so I couldn’t make the stir fry. Then my husband arrived home late. Of course he got in and helped straight away, but the boys still got to bed quite late. The babies got to bed extremely late. They just haven’t been settling in the evenings lately.

We were up three times overnight. Not such a bad effort. Hopefully it’s a better day today!

Just as well the triplets are this cute – it makes them very easy to forgive for our new discombobulated style of living!

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  1. They sure are cute! Sorry you had such a frustrating day lovely lady…hang in there. Lots of love, Marietjie.

  2. They are adorable! And so big! What a frustrating day for you – top marks for doing what you DID do! Do you remember the days with just a single baby? When you say, “Oh, this is just so difficult and futile!” That’s all I’ve got to compare with, and it mustn’t come close to the difficulty that three little ones must bring! But their sweet happy little faces there prove you’re doing a totally awesome job.

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