A 3rd Birthday Party

3 year olds are full of fun, imagination and celebrating the small things in life with passion and joy. I wanted T-Star to have a party which would mirror the excitement and exuberance of a being three.

I’ve already talked about my special 3 year old and his birthday here. If you follow me on facebook, you would have seen that before T-Star’s birthday I was on the hunt for a birthday party theme.  There were several possibilities including monsters, dragons, motorbikes and fruit. Then J Boy threw in some suggestions and tried to indoctrinate T-Star to chose Diego. T-Star instantly said he wanted a dragon birthday. Done! Then I double checked, and he changed to an ice-cream party. Wasn’t on the party menu, but I thought, yep. I can do that. Done. “So, you want an ice-cream party?” No. It changed to a monster party. It then changed six million times. (Well, close to that amount) And I realised that I was the one that wanted a theme more than him. He just wanted a party and so long there were people he loved there, his friends, junk food, a cake and some games, he was going to be happy.

Oh, and then he had a request. He wanted a motorbike at his party.

Well, why not? He has got a grandfather who is a farmer, who does own a quad bike that T-Star adores riding. So, I got T-Star to ring Grandad up requesting to have his party at their house, which also has the added bonus of being able to use Grandma and Grandad’s pool. Of course, how could Grandad could not refuse, even though it would mean some major work helping the pool to recover from lying dormant over winter.

The party was starting to take shape. In the end, Grandad got right into the spirit and attached a trailer and bought some nice soft hay to take the kids for hay rides. They loved it. T-Star always insisted on driving with Grandad and was as proud as punch.

The pool was actually freezing. But it didn’t stop the kids! Which meant the parents demonstrated their unconditional love once again and got in to help them out and keep them safe.

After the swim it was time for some afternoon tea. T-Star (who wouldn’t swim) he was declared that we were having a ‘picnic’.

I was really pleased with what was on offer at the food table. Although there could have been more. Probably because I just didn’t have the time to prepare, the table was empty by the end. I always prefer leftovers, I hate to think of anyone leaving hungry. In this case, the kids certainly did not! They feasted! The adults probably could have nibbled a bit more, but I think there was enough for everyone to be content at least!

Anyway, here’s a closer look at what was on offer.

Tiny Teddy Cars.

Wormy Apples. (T-Star’s absolute favourite food!)

Had to include more fruit since T-Star just adores anything fruity. Watermelon stars

 Orange Fish

A Monster. The boys said he was spewing fruit salad. Apparantly it’s very cool to eat spewed fruit.

A friendly fire breathing dragon (especially one the candles were poked in his mouth!) was the birthday cake.   

My main idea for this cake came from here. I did modify it a little. Here is what my cake looked like before icing. I used one 20cm round cake and 2 bar cakes. After taking this photo, I put the cake in the freezer for half a day. I always ice frozen cakes. It makes it easier because the crumbs don’t get stuck in the icing as much.

All the hours of work making the cake is certainly worthwhile with the joy on his little face when he looked in wonder at the cake and blew out the candles.

 And ate it!!!

I had some games planned, but in the end we just did two time honoured favourites.

Pass the Parcel.

And a dragon pinata. You kind have to use your imagination to see that he’s a fire breathing dragon.

But he was lots of fun to smash.

And of course there were party bags to take home. The dragon dough eggs are playdough.

So altogether it was a lovely day. I just love doing parties for my kids! And their smiles really do make it all worthwhile!

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