8 week old triplets

The triplets have this thing going on where they have a good day/night then it will be followed by a bad day/night. I suppose at least they are consistent. But the bad days mean that you spend the good days recovering. It’s totally full on. They normally need to be held until around midnight. You just can’t put them down, when you do, they scream and scream. Of course then you do the whole round robin thing. Hold one baby for as long as possible until you need to pick up third neglected child. Console neglected child until the consoled baby becomes neglected child and starts campaign to for a bit of alone time. Round and round it goes… We do hold two or three at once, but often they aren’t able to settle down because one starts wriggling and wakes the other up. The wriggler then finds it’s comfortable position, falls asleep. Meanwhile the baby who has been freshly awoken needs to wriggle to find new comfortable position, in doing so, wakes baby who has fallen asleep – yep, you guessed what happens… Merry Go Rounds, that’s what our lives resemble right now people. Merry Go Rounds. We continue to go round and round doing the same thing repetitively.

Someone get me off!

The only drawback of escaping the merry go round, is I just know it’s going to be replaced by the roller coaster. Oh yes I do know it. Just you wait.

Enough complaining because there are plenty of things to be excited about this week. For instance both Jayden and Toby have started smiling. Meanwhile Imogen is really perfecting this art and starting to smile for even longer. Even long enough for me to catch a blurry moment with my camera. I’ve already blogged about it, but gosh, since you asked, I’ll show you another one.



After Alex and I spent all Saturday trapped holding babies we were more than willing to take advantage of my brother when he showed up for Sunday lunch. After eating pizza, Alex went and mowed the lawn while Jonty and I dressed the Christmas Tree. The bare tree had been sitting there all week, driving Jonty crazy with the desire to adorn it. Unfortunately I just could not find a minute to trim the tree. Anyway as my brother jiggled this baby and that baby for 2 hours while we embraced the Christmas spirit.

We then further embraced the spirit of Christmas by deciding to go to the local carols by candlelight that evening. The triplet stroller got it’s first outing! We bundled all the kids into the car. My brother followed in his own car with our stroller. Our stroller actually can’t even fit into our car, Buster. The Accountant is starting to realise that a van might be in our future. It is not a happy moment for him. He has always declared that he would never own a van.

The night was fantastic. The babies laid in the pram very happily, then fed and were content being cuddled by Mum, Dad and Uncle Adrian. The only near catastrophes of the evening was that we almost lost each of our big boys. Firstly Trent decided to follow another mother taking her kids to the toilet. (Unbeknown to the Mum) Luckily we realised he wasn’t in our group, just as he was disappearing over the top of a hill, so we caught him in time. I shudder to think what would have happened in such a big crowd of thousands with a 2 year old walking by himself. I didn’t think that I would need to worry about 5 y.o. Jonty.

Not so. Halfway through the evening I noticed that Jonty was missing. Just as we were starting to panic a friend appeared with him. She had been standing with a security guard that Jonty had walked up to asking for help. Phew. So glad it happened this way. She recognised him and brought him back to us! Somehow Jonty, (he doesn’t know how, in the clueless way of a child), just wandered away during the middle of the service. So strange. So scary.

But, at the end of the day, we were so glad that we got out of the house and enjoyed a beautiful family evening with half of the city! Gotta’ love Christmas.

During the week we had new in home carer begin. For a few reasons, the lady we originally got didn’t work out. It has been a bit stressful, however we now have two carers coming 3 full days and 2 half days instead of 2 days. It has made such a difference, Alex instantly remarked how less stressed I was, so that must be a good sign! Both ladies have been fantastic and the boys love them both. Even better sign. The triplets are enjoying the extra arms to hold them throughout the day. Happiness all around!

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