8 Month Old Triplets

The triplets are concluding their 8th month. I thought I’d update you on their progress.

The pre-dominant precaution in our house at the moment is to watch your feet as you walk, lest you step on a baby.

They can pop up anywhere and everywhere. The boys are well and truly on the move, and now motor around on all fours. They also pull themselves up on furniture and toys and bob up and down as enthusiastically as any well bred parrot. This also means that they can grab lots of things also, so nothing within triplet reach is sacred.

Toby hanging out under the piano.

Little Imogen is also on the move. Slowly but surely. She chose not to rush into this new phase of life and spent a pro-longed period rolling to her destination, avoiding any long distance trips. In the last fortnight, she has decided to venture further into the world and will plod along on all fours. The poor little darling really is a delicate little petal. The little crawling she does results in bright red knees. If you didn’t know better, you’d think she’d crawled a marathon compared to the boys. Looks are deceiving.

Little Immy. Having a slightly miserable day. Nothing like a bit of music  to lift the spirits.

The three of them are like little worms when they are together. It doesn’t matter who you need to crawl over to get to your destination.

It really survival of the fittest. Jayden is normally the bully of the group. Imogen is normally the most picked on. Probably because she can’t crawl away quickest and doesn’t fight back. However she will protest very loudly and has a “My brother is picking on me” wail. I expect she will learn the words to this protest imminently. 

There is also a lot of dummy stealing that goes on around these parts. Jayden particularly is merciless, and has been known to claw another’s face before plucking the object of his affections from someone else’s mouth, and plonking it in his own. 

The baby boys are partners in crime. The will often get into things with one another. It amazes me the special connection that is obvious between the identicals. When you put them down together, they will eyeball each other and laugh or squeal at one another.

Busted! Conquering Grandma’s Tuppaware cupboard.

The babies had their first trip to Grandad’s large western farm. The last time I went there I was pregnant with the triplets. You can read about that trip here and here

The babies mainly stayed in the house, but loved being around all the family. They travelled really well once again. It took about three hours to get there, so I’m so proud they are such good travellers. Our Nanny, Miss Rachael came also. Click here if you want to read her account of the trip. Of course the big boys had the time of their life playing with their cousins, catching yabbies, riding the tractor and flying in the plane.

Aunty Katrina with my boys and her boy. They look like they could be brothers rather than cousins!
Miss Rachael adds the girl into the mix. 
Grandad with the bush babies.

After being sick with snuffly noses, coughs and colds for almost their whole 7th month, by halfway through their 8th month, the triplets were mostly recovered. That gave us a few days reprieve before teething began. They have been very m

iserable and irritable with all the signs of teething, but no teeth yet. It has also meant they all have been sleeping badly, well worse than usual. They still have not mastered sleeping through the night, it’s rather exhausting Alex and I. We had got into a pattern of getting up 2-3 times a night. But since they have been sick, it’s probably averaging 6-8 times a night. Alex is amazing, having to work the next day, I know I continually feel like my head is in a fog, I don’t know how he does it, but I so appreciate that he helps me out at night, bringing the babies to me, putting dummies in and a pat on the back or even just waking me. He’s a light sleeper and I’m not. It is so very tiring, but it’s only a season, we will get through it.

I look forward to seeing them continue to progress. They are starting to talk a bit more now. They all say “Dad” (most of the time, humph.), “Mum” (when they are crying. Double humph.) and Imogen and Jayden say “Bub” and Jayden says “Hello”. (So cute!) Toby is a bit more sparing with his words. I know it sounds silly, but after having four baby boys, I just can’t get over how cute Imogen’s voice is, she is so girly! I never thought that babies had girly voices, but it’s more high pitched and sweet and sing songish. It’s lovely.

So, that’s what the trio is up to at the moment. I can’t believe they’ll be 9 months on Saturday. They have now been born longer than were in the womb for. We have been blessed. Every moment. Even the pooping, screaming, tired and exhausting moments. Totally love my kids, all of them.

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  1. Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it?
    Probably because with multiples your life if one big blur, especially during the newborn days.

  2. Oh my goodness! That photo of the triplets in the suitcase (and chewing it!) is adorable!! I’m so glad you went for that photographer in the end – it looks like she’s got a good studio with props for babies. Just beautiful! Love, Marietjie.

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