6 Month Old Triplets Portraits

I so appreciated those who left encouraging comments on this blog and on facebook when I admitted I was a little stressed out in my last blog. Thank you.

After that, I thought I would end the week on a pleasant note. I’ve so many photos I can share with you. I’ll backtrack and show you some more photos taken by the wonderful Zara Jane. We had a few sessions. (It’s easier to break it up over a few days if you have multiples and a flexible and obliging photographer.) We took studio photos of the babies and some family photos at a local park. Look here some photos of the whole family in the park.

Here’s some super sweet studio photos. (Excuse me for not having them centred on the page. I’ve got limited computer skills, and I concluded it was better to have a good look at a larger photo then to have this post looking pretty. Is that OK?)

To start with, if you’ve been following my weekly updates when I was pregnant, you will be familiar with me referring to the babies as T1, T2 and T3, according to where they were in the womb. (The top letter is their initial of their name.) So here they are.

And again. See any similarities now compared to the Week 19 ultrasound pictures?

My motivation for having the photos taken was so that my parents could hang a six month picture on their wall. It’s a bit of a family tradition. So these are the three new pictures for Grandad and Grandma’s wall.

Of course Joey and Chook always like hanging out together.

And our pretty little lady always brings a smile to our face.

 This was so adorable. As soon as they got in the suitcase, the triplets started chewing it. Made for such a cute picture!

So, you agree? Super sweet? Which photo is your favourite?

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  1. Oh how darling! I love the trunk photograph as their group photograph. Would it be possible to get a frame with that centered and then have an arrangement featuring each single shot that you like the best (they are all fabulous). You could have T1, T2, and T3 underneath.

    We really want to do something like this after the girls are born.

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