5 Favourite Candid Triplet Photos

I am linking up today with Multi Mommas sharing is my favourite 5 triplet photos. I decided to only chose candid photos from our personal album, since I’ve already shared many of our professional photos on this site already. So here are my five favourite photos that we have happy snapped!

1. First time holding the triplets together.
I thought my heart was about to burst. I was so proud and so in love. This was day 8 in the special care nursery.

2. Triplets coming home.
It was so lovely the day we brought the triplets home and started life in our home with 8 family members under one roof. Later that afternoon Grandma, Grandad, Aunty Katrina and all the five cousins came around and our two big kids showed off their new little siblings. The cousins weren’t allowed in the special care nursery so this was the first time they met the little guys. The triplets were asleep when they arrived. (Not for long) and the room soon resembled a petting zoo with little hands poking through the bars in the cots to stroke the babies, kids hanging over the edge to get a look and cameras clicking away. I get tears just remembering how happy I was that day.

3. Christmas Photo
They look so sweet dressed in their Christmas clothes. But wow, weren’t they tiny?
4. Easter Photo
We went to Bundaberg for Easter and had a wonderful time hanging out with extended family there. Grandma gave these ears to the triplets as an Easter present, and they looked adorable dressed in them.
5. My Five Children
The triplets are seven months old here. I love the kids all dressed in their screen printed shirts that their great-aunts gave them. The triplets are wearing their cute stripey pants that a friend bought them in London before they were born. I’m just so proud of my kids. They make a good looking crowd, not that I’m biased at all!

So there you are, 5 of my favourite photos. I don’t think I could say with certainty that they are more top 5, because there are far too many to choose from, but these are the first five that came to mind!
If you want to check out some of the professional photos, here’s some links. 
Multi Mommas

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