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Can you believe how quickly Easter is approaching? Granted, it is earlier than usual this year, which is shame, because that’s less time that can be devoted to consuming hot cross buns. Yes, yes, I’m a shameless hussy who eats hot cross buns in January. But back to the topic. It’s almost Easter!!! I realised with a shock this week that I should start doing some Easter-ish stuff with the kids. For starters, we always love reading Easter Books. This started today by reading two new Easter books that Scholastic* has released this year.  The triplets loved them, and we are now getting into the mood and perhaps will start some Easter craft this afternoon or tomorrow.

Both books have CD’s and the text from the book is sung by much loved Australian children entertainers.

Aussie Easter Hat Parade – Colin Buchanan and Simon Williams

An Aussie Easter Hat Parade Colin Buchanan and Simon Williams

True to Colin Buchanan style, this book was vey Aussie. All the Australian animals in the story strutted around in hats made from Australian flora and fauna. I can tell that after this we will be on the lookout more for Australian flowers. And why not, they are so unique and spectacular.

An Aussie Easter Hat Parade Colin Buchanan and Simon Williams

If you are having an Easter Hat Parade for children this year, this book is a really a must to read with them. It’s bright, colourful and fun. And add to that, it just makes you proud to be Aussie.

Egg Hunting We Will Go – Jay Laga’aia and Kim Fleming

Egg Hunting We Will Go Jay Laga'aia and Kim Flemming

This is a new Easter picture book based on the traditional rhyme, A Hunting We Will Go. I really loved the illustrations in this book. While the children were hunting for chocolate eggs they came across a range of other animals inside the eggs such as an owl, snake and crocodile. At a time when eggs are constantly on display, it was nice to discuss with the children the different animals who hatch from eggs. Just a little educational sidenote before we were distracted by chocolate eggs and the Easter bunny. And who said Easter fun wasn’t any less important then educational sidenotes anyway! (It’s only once a year after all!) I loved the marching rhythm of the music on this CD, and it’s going to be a fun way for the triplets to practice their cross motor skills as they listen to this book.

Egg Hunting We Will Go Jay Laga'aia and Kim Flemming

So – are you shocked at how quickly Easter is approaching? When do you start eating hot cross buns?

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*Scholastic gifted these books to me for review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I started on the buns about three weeks ago because I like to be at the forefront of things 😉 these books look great and is there anything that Jay Laga’aia can’t do?!

  2. When growing up hot cross buns were part of the menu as we did the traditional Easter camping, fishing, boating. I wonder if any of these pursuits are still traditional? But yep hot cross buns are delish even if they have changed the name.

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