Triplets Before Bed. Not So Sleepy.

On Saturday I blogged about how full on life is with triplets who are almost two, especially when they get into unsupervised painting projects. (See here)

To further illustrate how adorable this busyness is at the moment, may I present a video, taken straight from my iPhone of the triplets getting ready for bed.

The triplet’s are actually great at going to sleep at night. Even if it looks like they are wide awake here.

Their routine is that they eat dinner earlier than the rest of the family. Normally around 5:30. It just was easier  to do it earlier when they were younger and got tired and hungry sooner. It continues to be easier, so I’m in no hurry to move it while they are happy. It also allows them to have a bath after eating, since they make such a mess and not make our evening crowded with bathing, stories and family time after dinner.

After dinner, they have their baths and then are put to bed in their cots, with bottles, (yes, I know some would find this controversial, but it works for us), lights out, door shut tight. Thankfully, they don’t climb out of their cots at night, even though they will during daytime naps. They will most often go to sleep straight away, but sometimes you can hear little voices and movement for a few hours afterward. They used to all mess around with one another at bedtime, but since they have dropped down to only one daytime sleep, they are normally pretty tired these days and are well and truly ready for bed. And outdoor playtime just before dinner also helps tire out. Nothing like fresh air and activity to get little ones ready for bed!

What’s your bedtime routine? Do you have/had climbers?

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  1. I had a climber but like yours was only during the day when playing in his room. Was a great sleeper and transistions to a bed at 18 months no worries.

  2. Oh the way he climbed in was amazing! My boy loved climbing out of bed, but never mastered climbing in! Then he might have to sleep 🙂
    They make me kind of clucky watching this. Not for triplets at all, but they are very cute. You’re doing such an awesome job Caitlin xx

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