Construction Site Toddler Entertainment Service

Yesterday we went to one of the weekly playgroups we frequent. Playgroups are great, they give children heaps of social interaction, experiences, activity and conversation for us Mum’s as well. Afterwards we had a wander across the road to watch some construction that is happening. I have taken Trent across the road a few times when he has been on his own. Normally the triplet’s are pretty tired by the end of Playzone. However, this morning I had read a moving article about Not saying “Hurry Up”, so I decided to savour a moment and let the kids watch the roller and tip trucks. (Unfortunately the Excavator driver seemed to be having smoko.) They loved it. And it reminded me that watching a construction site in action can probably maintain a child’s attention (especially three one year olds) more than a Disney movie.

It’s all about cherishing the moment. It’s a unique position to be in when you are in a Stay At Home Mum. Sometimes we can be so busy rushing around trying to finish this and that and we forget the real reason we are staying at home is actually for our children, not to keep our house tidy, even though that needs to be attended to also.
Anyway, I hope there will be construction work to observe next time we go. It seems that we have potential site workers after all.
Nothing like getting dirty in style. Dump trucks and frilly skirts totally compliment one another.
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