A Pleasant Day

I have been working on a blog post all week. Honest I have. The problem is that it’s been one of those weeks where interruptions abound. It hasn’t helped that four out of five children have been snotty and a little miserable. The triplets particularly have wanted extra cuddles and refused to sleep simultaneously. And when they weren’t sleeping, they didn’t want independent play either. So the little old blog post I’m working on has been written at the pace of a sentence here and short paragraph there.
I’ll deliver it to you, I promise. But as I snapped away today, I thought I might share the pictures of our day with you in the meantime.
It has been an altogether pleasant day. The triplets co-ordinated a sleep, and I was able to rush around tidying up here and there. Including making my bed. It’s always a good day when your bed gets made. I checked some work emails, and responded according with a phone call. Called in on facebook. Did more tidying. Most importantly today I found some time to play with T-Star, train tracks being the order of the day.

 When train tracks got boring, it was concluded that snapping Mummy was a lot more fun. I am learning that in a male dominated household, violence is celebrated, and doing something like eating Mummy up or snapping her to pieces is as much fun as you can get during the hour. (But the next hour, enjoyment will no doubt be had when Mummy is sizzled by a laser beam or sawn in half with a plastic chainsaw.)

 Meanwhile the baby boys hung out by the playgym.

 And sweet Missy had a little doze.

 When J Boy arrived home from school, it was time for a trip to the library with Miss Rachael. (Our sweet Nanny) Hopefully the end of the week tears from an ultra tired Prep boy cease to pour during the excursion.

 Inside Joey had woken up from a nap and endowed Mummy with precious smiles. I smile back, because it really has been a lovely day.

 (Excuse the pink. If you are one of a mixed gender trio, there’s no getting around it. There will be regular periods where you sport the wrong colour.)

Have you had a nice day?

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  1. No such thing as WRONG colours. Colours aren’t for boys or girls; colours are for everyone!

    Sounds like a lovely day. My day was relaxed… I’m off work until next Wednesday, and that’s never a bad thing. 😀

  2. lol – oh how I remember the boys laying on a pink blanket every now and then. Seeing your pictures brings back so many memories of when mine where young. They are gorgeous!

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