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Yesterday I spoke about the friendships I’ve made or extended through blogging. I cut this section out of my post and decided to post it today.

I’ve got loads of blogs that I follow. These lovely ladies aren’t the big time bloggers who blog as a career – they just make the world a better place for those of us acquainted their writing.

I think this is a nice little spot to share some of my favourite blogger buddies! Only a few – I’m sure this list will grow, I’m already starting to adore some blogs I’ve just started to follow, especially some awesome multiple Mum’s, so refer to my blogroll.

Graze If You Want to But Don’t Eat Dirt Written by the hilariously funny Crazy Sister, this blog will often make me laugh. And you know how much I love a good giggle! What’s even more awesome is that I discovered that this Crazy Sister, (So named in her sister’s fabulous blog – also worthy of  a look see. Check it out here), literally lives down the road from me! So now we are cyber pals and friends in the flesh!

Reaching For Green Emily Sue often drops by this blog and leaves lovely comments. I’m not half as good at leaving comments back to her, but I love reading her raw, honest blog. If you want to start making blog friends, do as Emily Sue does and leave comments. Just like in ‘real life’, the key to establishing friendships is communication. Thanks Emily Sue!

A Fruitful Life Lacey is a friend of mine. I feel like I know Lacey so much better since reading her blog though. She has fresh and honest writing style. She writes a great blog about all types of subjects ranging from DIY’s to babyhood. It’s always a great read.

B Being Cool B is another friend. I’ve known her forever, we were young fair maidens together. B was even my bridesmaid when I married my Prince. Since our uni days, our paths don’t cross quite as much, even though we are fortunate enough to be living in the same town once again. However, B. and I are loving reconnecting so much more since facebook and through our blogs. Her blog is really excellent and a tribute to her as a writer. It’s thoughtful, insightful, witty and as the name suggests, very, very, cool!

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