18 Month Triplets

I thought it must be time for a triplet update. My gorgeous ‘babies’ are 18 months!

They love drawing, but oh gosh, it’s such hard work! They start well, but before long there is squabbles happening, climbing on table, and Toby will always -ALWAYS- start pegging writing implements around the room.

OK, truthfully, I wrote that first line several weeks ago. You may have noticed that my blogging is very random at the moment. I never had the time to complete the rest of the post, so it is more accurate to say my babies “were” 18 months, up until Tuesday, when they clocked into the 19 month arena. I shall still update you on their 18 month happenings. Because 18 months is somewhat  of a milestone in my opinion.

To me 18 months often marks that period where a child leaves behind the baby days and fully embraces and looks no longer like a baby, but just a toddler. I’m pleased to say that my babies still look like babies. Hurrah! I’m now wondering whether that may be because they were 2 months premmie, maybe they will stay babyish for an extra 2 months?

In any case, I’m thrilled they still look babyish. I am cherishing this time while they are little, but looking forward to the next stage also. You would not believe how unbelievably fun it is in our house at the moment! There is mayhem and ruckus, cuddles and kisses, cheeky grins, chatter and laughter. Of course, there is also the other side of the coin, which would include screaming, crying and tantrums. You can be assured of one thing. There is never, I mean NEVER, a dull moment!

So, what do 18 month triplets do? Lots! They are really perfecting the art of climbing. I have shared that table dancing has long been an art form in this house. That has not changed. As much as I am trying to keep them to stay off the table, and there has been improvement, the table is still a platform for chubby legs to run along. It was especially funny not so long ago when all three were on the table and kept stealing their big brother’s lunch. Admittedly, it wasn’t funny for Trent. He was rather upset. OK, very upset. Poor child. If there ever was a reason to plead middle child syndrome, Trent has every reason to claim it. I just hope it has no long term ramifications. I try to get heaps of photos of him though. I’ve heard that middle children often have less photos taken of them then eldest and youngest. At least this is one way I can atone for his middle child neglect.

So in addition to table climbing, we have cot climbing – by the girl. Unfortunately Immy’s cot sides are lower than the boys. So the boys have not commenced attempts for freedom. Imogen however keeps climbing up the end of her cot, and then trying to get things off the shelves that are mounted on the wall above her cot. Which is annoying, because they are full of special trinkets that are supposed to be out of reach. This morning I found a broken helicopter propeller from a pewter money box. *Sniff, sniff* Imogen also climbs the screen door. Sometimes when she is sick of being outdoors, she tries to let herself inside. She’s never been able to do it, so we end up with a shrieking girl stuck to the screen door like a cat. It’s rather precarious opening a door with a child clawed to the outside too!

They are talking a lot better now. For awhile Imogen was by far the better talker. At the moment though it is my social bug Jayden who is now also the chatterbug. He is constantly delivering impressive words such as “gentle” and can amply communicate his desires with words such as “more”, “no no” and “tank ooo”. Immy also says these words, but not as often as Jayden at the moment. Toby remains a man of action, preferring to communicate by doing rather than saying. Although all three do talk, “Bronco” (our dog), “Woof woof”, “Bye Bye”, “Dadda”, “Mumma”, “No” are constantly used by all three. They are all obsessed with labelling whoever is crying, (be it each other or one of the older kids), as “Bubba”. It’s rather sweet. They will start saying, “Bubba, bubba” when someone is crying and come up and pat the sad persons back or head and give them a cuddle. Jayden and Toby tend to take it one step further and sit on the sad person while patting, or lie down on them to cuddle. This normally does not have a conciliatory effect, and because it is Imogen who must often receive this treatment, there results much high pitched shrieking and the noise increases a few decibels.

They all LOVE shoes! Imogen and Jayden will say “shoe” and ask for it to be put on their feet. Imogen particularly likes getting into her own shoes and insisting on wearing them when she is dressed. They all love putting on shoes that are larger than their own foot. It becomes a dilemma, because we often find it difficult to find a matching pair, as they get stomped around and deposited in the most unlikely spots. In fact this week we had a new In Home Carer start work for a 5 week stretch, and the poor lady had to go home with only one thong as we just could not find it’s mate anywhere! (Thankfully it appeared the next day, although we still do not know where it had been hidden, it was just a case of catching a toddler wearing it later the next day.) I have two gorgeous memories of little Miss Imogen. The first that I know is looked into my mind is her after church one Sunday, shrieking (Have you gathered that Imogen likes to do high pitched girly shrieks?) because her little blue ballet flat came off. She went charging up to Alex who was having his Sunday afternoon nap, she threw the the shoe in his face, lifted her leg up and continued wailing until Cinderella once again had two shoes, and off she toddled! The other memory is her in the hallway, a big brother’s shoe on one foot, and attempting to roller skate with a wooden toy car on the other foot.

Cuddling is also a popular past time. It warms the heart to watch them being affectionate to one another.

Anyway, that is a quick peek at life at the moment. Lots of love and laughter.
What do you think – do they still look like (bigger, admittedly) babies? Bre

ak it to me gently if you disagree…

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  1. Oh, triple blessings! You’re the first blogger I’ve met with triplets! Can’t wait to read more about your gorgeous 3!

  2. Oh what cute triplets you have! Happy belated 18 months to them AND you! I’m the mum of twins – who are now 20.5 years of age. When they were little I was a member of the Multiple Birth Association and made many friends with mums of multiples. I had two friends who lived nearby who had triplets…so I know what life is like with triplets. Hard work, tiring, but rewarding 🙂 Min xo

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