12 Month Old Triplets

I am so thankful my triplets are 12 months old.  It is such a cute age. They are ADORABLE! Also, it is a route marker. I’ve survived the most difficult bits of higher order multiple babyhood challenges. Granted, I am about to embark on the challenging era of toddlerdom, but for now, I am basking in the bittersweet warmth coming from the glow as the sun sets on babyhood. Of course I do have a few sniffles as I contemplate that my children are growing up, but for now I am thankful that they smile those baby grins, give baby cuddles and wet baby kisses.

And as a sidenote, if you tell me they aren’t babies anymore, I cross my fingers at you and hiss as though you are an approaching vampire. I want to prolong their babyness for as long as possible. In my opinion, they really stay babyish until around the 18 month mark, where magically they lose their babyfaces and widen their scope of interest. Which will often include TV. See, I told you, it’s a magic age (and an excellent consolation prize for no longer having a baby). (Yes, yes, I supervise their viewing and limit it, but TV is great for diverting little people’s attention so Mummy can get something done. Let’s keep it real people!)

Anyway, here is an update on what my darling threesome is up to now that they are 12 months old.

I’m so proud of them! They are starting to wak this week! Joey started the week before his birthday, Chook started the day after his birthday, and finally Missy joined the merry crew of walkers this week! You would not believe how unbelievably CUTE three little wobbly walkers are! I’d share a video clip here, but they never seem to work for me. It might be my incredibly slow internet connection? If you wish though, we were in the local newspaper this week, check out a video on their site here.

Joey is starting to favour walking over crawling, so you will often see him toddling for no reason of late. Chook will get up and have a little wander on occasion. Missy took two steps on Monday, was a complete show off when the reporter was here doing about four sets of six or seven steps, and hasn’t walked since.

On their birthday, Missy has six teeth, (four up top, two down the bottom) and the boys both only had their bottom two. In the last two weeks, the boys have had their four top teeth coming through. It hasn’t been easy for them, so there has been a bit of misery in the house lately.

We’ve started decreasing the purees and increase the finger food/real food. I hate it. Such.A.Mess. If you walk anywhere near the highchairs location, it will most likely be crunchy underfoot. The highchairs are such a mess to clean up afterwards, the babies always have food stuck and dried to their clothes and food stains. Plus, the babies often aren’t that impressed with eating by themselves, so we have a lot of wasted food. I am finding though they are starting to get the idea, and if you just give them the food and leave them be, they are more likely to eventually eat something. Their favourite foods they are corn on a cob and sausages. They loved macaroni and cheese, but pasta is normally a bit hit and miss, you never know they’ll like it. Last night they had rice, it was a slow start, but eventually they ate a bit, (I think. There was so much left in the highchairs and on the floor, perhaps not!) Of course they love junk food too. Plain biscuits are always a winner and they have had a little ice-cream now, which went down a treat!

Rice and mince chow mein. Chook’s bowl is empty because he has just dumped the contents on his lap.

I’m very proud that we made breastfeeding the triplet’s 12 month mark! They have been supplemented since 4 months, but generally they have all received breastmilk two out of their three feeds. In the last week Joey has refused breastmilk at all, so he is now weaned. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to do the other two, but I’ve now had three children who have done this, so I’m hoping it will be that easy for Chook and Missy. If not, I don’t think it should be too big a drama since they are used to having bottles. I’ll probably be more upset than they will be! Sniff, sniff.


The babies most often play together and crawl around in a pack. They are starting to become even more away of each other and more affectionate. They will often give each other cuddles and kisses, (Altogether now, everyone saw, AWWWWW.) If they are tired one might lie their head on the other’s lap.

The still fight, and the boys quite physical at times and will push and hit. Missy can also push and hit with the best of them, but is more likely to cry and/or yell and look for intervention. Dummy stealing is still a popular activity, although as they develop an awareness of one another, they will often try to stick it back in the mouth (albeit the eye, nose of cheek) of the crying baby that it was stolen from. They may instantly steal it back, but hey, they are starting to get the idea that other’s have feelings too!

Favourite toys right now are walkers. They also love their wheely bugs that they received for their birthday, and mostly use them as walkers at this stage. Missy in particular charges around with her walker like a woman posessed. She has also discovered that if she rams her wheely bug into Daddy’s legs/feet it gets an instant reaction. She doesn’t mind that it’s a negative reaction and will delight in doing it repeatedly and then laugh. She has a wicked sense of humour.

They can now open doors, which means that T-Stars train set is no longer safe. Of course, because this is a forbidden activity it is now a favourite activity. It causes T-Star a lot of grief. And you can’t blame the little guy, it’s three against one.

There’s lots of it. All the Triplet Hot Spots are still strong favourites. Bookshelves have also gained popularity.

We are getting lots of words. Mum, bub, dad are favourites. “Hello” is probably the most said word by all three. The identical boys can say each others names which is very cute. (Admitedly, you do need to be listening to notice, but they certainly do it!

) Having only one girl and four boys, I’m constantly amazed that Missy will just garble away nonsense sounds for no reason at all. It seems that whenever the boys are talking, even if it’s only making sounds, it’s for a purpose. Missy will happily just babble just to make noise. It seems she already has more words to use in a day than her male counterparts.

Seeing their little personalities develop is one of my delights in life right now.

Joey tends to be the trailblazer.

He is the most adventurous, so he will crawl off and explore first and the other two will so join him if it looks like fun! He is still the smallest, at 8.8kg, but he eats the most food and is the least fussy. He’s very quick to smile and gives lovely cuddles, grabbing you around the neck and holding on tight. Melts.My.Heart. Absolutely every time.

Chook is Mr. Social

He loves interacting with and being around people. He’s growing up and is 9.4kg. He’s very cuddly at the moment and will often crawl up and lie his head on people’s (siblings included) lap. Another thing he is doing at the moment is when he finishes breastfeeding, he’ll pull away, look up and eyeball me and give a beautiful time. Heartcrush.

Missy is so unique, cheeky and always makes us smile.

Another picture I discovered today of her in her beloved chair.

She is a girl who know what she wants and is resolute in her objective to obtain it. She is vocal and can be quite forceful. She’s a power to be reckoned with, my girl.

Today, with my heart full of 12 month wonder and gratitude, I’m linking up with Thankful Thursday over at Kate Says Stuff.

What are you thankful for today?

Thankful Thursday

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    1. Thank you! I am sure it won’t be long before she’ll be toddling away with the best of them. And then we will all be sighing about the days of old when they didn’t run away from us!

  1. Wow! What wonderful things to be thankful for. They look like gorgeous babies. I am with you they are still young enough to be called babies. My two year old is still a baby 🙂

  2. Oh Caitlyn they are gorgeous I’m thankful every day that we have our trio and my beautiful big Bear and WBH (worlds best husband). I was thinking of you the other day as I bought more Biscuit Cutters they have Owl cutters (www.biskart etc etc) now and Squish Preschool FB page had a craft item on Owls aswell. YOU MADE IT AND YOUR MARRIAGE IS STILL IN TACT – YAY!! It can be a real strain on your relationship so many little snipes with Sleep Deprivation now we just look at one another and laugh about most things we get to sleep thought the night now so it makes everything easier. So so so pleased for you – your children are ALL beautiful xo Kim

    1. Thanks Kim. You’re right higher order multiples are really hard on a marriage, but we have made it and more in love than ever! (Most of the time.) I have a lot of people who think of us when they see owls now! It’s kind of nice!

  3. What a glorious post, gorgeous, gorgeous! I have twins and am sure that triplets would have pushed me right over the edge!! But yours are so delicious, you’re making me miss having babies. Twins are 6 now and older boys are 15 and 13 so it’s a very different household these days. Ahhhh…..

    1. Aw, thanks so much! Yes, looking forward to seeing the children grow and change and weathering all the different stages. But for now I’ll enjoy the moment, hopefully I’ll still be able to keep it all in perspective by the time they’re teenagers too!

  4. Wow Caitlyn! Good for you documenting these details for them! Thanks for stopping by my blog, The Journey. Glad to see your are already managing to get in the picture with your little ones. They will treasure seeing how you enjoy them. 🙂

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