100th Post! Blogging From the Heart.

This is a nice milestone for my blog. This is the 100th post that I have written since I began in October last year. I still consider myself a blogging newbie, and I’ve have so much to learn about blogging, (for instance, HTML’s are baffling), but what a wonderful ride it has been since I began!

I really didn’t know the extent of the blogging community before I began. I rarely read blogs. Boy, has that changed! Blogs/Blogging have now become a slight addiction. I’m totally loving sharing my life with people all over the world and completely loving reading about other’s lives and all sorts of ideas, tips and stories that change my own little corner of my world.

So for this milestone post. I thought I’d reflect on why I started this blog and what I would like to achieve.

1. Chronicling Family History
My initial inspiration for starting the blog, was to try to document some of the family life moments. The ones that are hilarious or poignant. The moments where you smile and your heart is happy, but gradually fades from your memory. My sister has been great at documenting special things about her 5 children in a little book. I thought I would be the same, but in the end, I found that I am more likely to write if I have an audience. So thanks for being my audience – even if sometimes it means just reading a memory that I want to keep, but might not hold as much interest to the rest of the world. Luckily for me, since starting this blog I became pregnant with triplets, so this stage of our family history seems to be really interesting these days!

2. A Heart Full of Happiness
I can’t even remember when I finally decided my blog’s name. I was playing around with lots of different names before settling on “Caitlin’s Happy Heart”. I’m glad I did. I am a happy person, I smile a lot, I laugh a lot, I like others being happy around me and I like to make people’s day a bit brighter. I hope I’m able to do this through this blog. I am grateful for the blessed life that I lead, I have grown up in an incredible family, I now have my own lovely little family. I’ve great friends and a wonderful life. Most importantly I have a strong faith, and the joy of the Lord truly is my strength. This more than any other contributes to my happy heart. I’ve had my own set of challenges though. Sometimes when you are going through the hard stuff, you need to decide that you are going stay positive and hold onto the hope that happiness will return once again. Happiness spreads though others  I hope you often smile after reading my blog, whether you are in a happy, or not so happy stage of life.

3. Presenting a Real Live Mrs. Mum
I always consider it a huge compliment when people say, “Reading your blog helps me feel normal.” A friend once told me that we may think there are a large number of ‘normal’ people in the world that just live ordinary lives where things don’t ever go too wrong and you can comfortably live day to without to much hassle. In actual fact, the percentage of people who live life like this is very low. Which basically means that you would have to be abnormal to be a normal person! I’m a very honest person, and I don’t mind telling about my highs and lows. Sometimes it is nice to read that someone is having the same hassles or struggles as us, so I hope that you can read this some days and just sigh with relief. And maybe have a chuckle, at my expense. If I make you laugh, it might make my own calamity a bit more worthwhile!

4. Blogging Friendships
One thing I wasn’t prepared for was the blogging world. I have become an avid blog reader, and I’m very proud when people have become regular readers or even better, have chosen to follow this blog. I’m always thrilled to bits every time a person leaves a comment, so thanks to all who do, believe me, I’m not joking when I say it gives me such a thrill!

5. A Chance to Share
I love sharing ideas and things I like. When I was teaching, I was always running next door when I made a great worksheet or taught a great lesson to share with my teaching buddy. I’m the one who is always telling about the great things that worked for me. Yep, I know this can be annoying at times – you know, I’m the friend who always has a suggestion, even if you don’t need one. But hopefully more people think I’m a generous soul then get annoyed at me! I’m delighted that blogging gives me an opportunity to share about my favourite recipes, books or activities.

So, thanks being a part of my blog journey. Hopefully there’s lots more tales to tell and thoughts to relate that will continue to make yours and my heart’s happy!

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  1. It does make me happy to read your blog. It is the most contact I have had with your life since Uni days!

    I pray that you continue to blog even when you pop out those babies…

    100 posts – congratulations!

  2. I hope very much that you’re able to find time to keep blogging during the early days with your babies coming up.

    It won’t be easy to find the time, but we’ll need quick updates if we want to know how to help!

    And such a magical time MUST be documented, even in brief fragments. Here’s hoping you’ll be able to!

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