Photo A Day – "Your Sky" and "Childhood"

OK. So, I’ve been doing a photo a day for a bit of fun. However, the last two days haven’t felt fun. It’s felt like a chore. And it’s got me to bed late. I don’t get enough sleep as it is. And apart from that, I haven’t had time to take a good photo, so it’s been feeling a bit pointless.

I’ll show you what I mean. Yesterday, the subject was, “Your Sky”. By the time I realised that the daylight was almost gone, I still had a baby in my arms, so I headed out to take a photo of the sunset. Normally we get some spectacular sunsets from our backyard, but not this time. Plus, holding a baby and a heavy camera didn’t go well together. I snapped quickly, without even looking at the result and headed back inside to the unruly mob. This was the best. Honest.

It shows my mood. No time to accentuate the lovely or correct the flaws, such as the lopsided angle from holding camera so I didn’t drop the baby. Focus is on the ugly that I’m discontent with. Kids new trampoline. Love that my kids have fun on it. Hate the thing being in my backyard. Ugly, ugly, ugly. The neighbours roof. Ugly. It wasn’t there when we bought our house. It was a sad day when the scaffolding went up and blocked my view.

Today’s theme was “Childhood”. I quickly snapped a picture tonight, which is even worse. Childhood, means someone is there to pick up after you. Normally your mother. Which is me. This is the table and the floor beneath it after the boys finished eating. It gets worse, and it looks worse than the picture.

So, the photo challenge is a challenge. If it continues to be so, I promise, I won’t subject you to more bad photos.
I’m loving the increased traffic. Hello if you’re new! You’re the reason I’m continuing. (Although maybe not tomorrow – to photograph ‘where I sleep’ would mean making the bed and tidying my bedside table. Not high on my list of priorities at the moment. And it would also show you the lovely picture we bought in England that The Accountant didn’t centre above our bed, so it looks silly.

Oh, and if you’re new. I like to keep ‘it real’, hence the depressed tone today. But don’t mind me. I know all the answers. Yes, life will get easier, it’s just a season, the housework doesn’t matter, I’m still doing a great job, yada, yada, yada. It’s just that sometimes a happy heart is not so happy.

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Photo A Day – "Routine"

OK, so I know the real title is “Daily Routine”, but Chantelle did say it could be open to interpretation. So, since this is a Sunday. I thought I’d photograph a part of our Sunday routine. Church.

Here we are, all packed up ready to go home. Except for T-Star. He’s wandering. I’m constantly losing him at church. It kind of stresses me out a bit. Luckily there’s plenty of people who watch out for him, or go chasing him if I’ve got a baby in my arms and he looks like he’s about to get into mischief. In the photo J Boy is complaining that he’s hungry. Most kids do that sometime after the service is finished. There’s also the sweet Mandy. Mandy is brilliant to have around when you have babies. I think she’s the only adult I know who can outlast a kid when playing ‘peek-a-boo’. She is also a favourite with children because she makes them little bead bracelets which is a hit with many girls, including my neices. She makes the boys little plastic keyring thingies. My boys have oodles of them!

Today I was in the mother’s room for the entire service. I fed the first baby, packed up, opened the door to go back to the auditorium and there was my sister with a baby. So we swapped. She then appeared with the third baby before I’d finished feeding the 2nd. By the time I finished I got to sing most of the final song.

It’s not a waste of time going to church though. I know people who have stopped going to church when they have babies/children because they say it’s too hard. I think this is not a good move. Yes, you don’t have to go to church to be a Christian. However, being a member of a church will most often strengthen your faith and encourage you to be a better Christian. I have also seen many families who stop going when their kids are babies, and then never quite get back into the swing of it. Before you know it God has become a low priority in their lives. There’s something about being a member of a church, especially an active member, which will spur you on to achieve greater things for Him.

It’s not easy getting out the door with triplets. Church is no exception. However, we do it most weeks. Occassionally, especially at first, we gave ourselves a break if we were to tired due to getting up too much the night before. Sometimes we might hang out with friends who don’t go to church on a Sunday. On the odd occassion we might choose to do something instead of church. But most Sunday’s we are in ‘our pew’.

As a family, it’s communicating to our children that we place God as our priority and that we will be faithful in devoting this time to Him. Our kids also get to hear about God from other passionate people. It’s worthwhile finding a place with a good Sunday school program if you have kids. That’s the beauty of having different denominations and church groupings. There ought to be a church that, while not being perfect, suits you. When you find that church. Try to stick to it and remain faithful. Placing your roots with the one congregation will assist your accountability, growth and sense of community.

Community is a huge part of being in a church. The friendships I have formed through being in my church have affected my life forever. We are built with a need for community. It’s why we crave relationship – with friends, with a partner, with our families. A church provides you with a community who will support you when it’s needed and celebrate with you in the good times.

Most of all, every Sunday, it’s another opportunity for me to hear from God. Sure, I hear from God when I’m on my own. But sometimes I get presented a whole new perspective on a Sunday. Or I learn something new about God. Or I just get the chance to worship him corporately.

And that’s why we will continue to go to the effort of bringing our children to the House of God every Sunday. There is nothing I desire more for them, that they will grow up and make their own decision to follow God. This is one way I can ensure they know about him. Plus, I need church. I need my church family, and I need that weekly connection with God that is different to my own personal quiet time.

I’d love to hear your opinions about church, whether you’re a regular attendee or not…

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"Favourite" – Photo a Day Challege

A favourite way to spend a Saturday.

Good Food

Good Fun

Great Friendships.

Last night my friend texted me asking if her family could bring lunch around and hang out with us. I’m so glad she did. It ticked many of my favourite boxes. Which is why she is one of my favourite persons.

How did you spend your Saturday?

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"Makes You Smile" – January Photo a Day Challenge

A little while ago I told the tale of the gnome and the budgie.

Sadly the budgie is no longer with us. He came to an unfortunate end when a large lump of wood was dropped, severing his plaster torso from his body.

The gnome lives on, and is frequently moved to various parts of the garden by J Boy. Whenever I encounter the gnome, he makes me smile.

As cute as the little fellow is, it’s not him that makes me smile. Rather it’s the thought processes of the five year old for choosing the gnome’s location that gives me mirth. Here, the gnome stands in a hole dug by the dog. The gnome is guarding the hole, making sure that the dog will not dig in the garden bed again.

See. No dog dares to dig.

Which makes me think. I ought to put a gnome here.

or maybe here:

 or I’d even consider posting a gnome sentinel here:

Because, whatever your opinion about garden gnomes, you must admit. They are far more aesthetically pleasing than the fillers that The Accountant has been using to deter the dog from further excavation work in his favourite holes.

So, do you have a garden gnome? Or do you have a dog that digs?
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"Something You Wore" – Photo a Day Challenge

You know how you are always told to have your bags packed so you are ready to go to hospital if the baby comes early? I always had a problem with that. Like most women, I need some (ahem) time before I fit back into regular clothes. So I need to wear maternity clothes after the baby was born, and I didn’t have enough to pack them and seal the suitcase. Hanging the clothes on a hook on the back of my door that I wanted to wear at the hospital became my solution. That way, when it was time to leave, I could grab what I needed and throw them in my suitcase. And if I wasn’t in labour that I could select what I needed to wear without it having folded crease marks on it.

I’m in the process of getting rid of maternity clothes. It’s a little bittersweet. It’s exciting that I can now retrieve a good portion of my wardrobe space. It’s a relief to farewell the items that made me feel daggy or frumpy. But there are some clothes that I really loved, and generally I don’t throw out clothes I love. And there are items of clothes like this shirt, that not only did I love, but there are beautiful memories of times while I had a human(s) growing within attached.

This shirt always makes me think of this picture. It was 7:00pm. J Boy was saying goodnight to me and his unborn brother. (Excuse the bad hair day…)

A few hours later at 4:01am, T-Star made his entry to the world.

I didn’t get to wear this shirt during my pregnancy with the triplets. By the time the weather warmed up sufficiently it couldn’t cover my tummy!

Maternity clothes – love, hate, or a bit of both?
How soon did you pack your maternity bags, and did you have difficulties with needing to wear the clothes that were packed?

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"Something You Adore" – Jan Photo A Day

OK, for those who are following the actual challenge at Fat Mum Slim, you will know that yesterday I got a bit mixed up. (Baby Brain!) But never mind, this is yesterday’s picture today!

Now, I bet you are thinking this is a picture of the triplets. But, you are mistaken. They are somones I adore, not something. So the next best thing that I have complete adoration of during this period our lives are the things that keep them gainfully occupied.

The electric swing. You are our solace and comfort, slowly lulling the babies to sleep with your rythmic rocking. It doesn’t matter that you are second hand. They sleep in peace, I issue a sigh of relief and with my aching arms free of babies, I rush around doing whatever I can until the next feed arrives. (Hoping they aren’t awoken too soon by a pain in the tummy.)

We have three swings. The third swing rocks back and forth instead of side to side and is shunned. Hated by all, it just doesn’t make the cut. Rather a shame I thought. It’s a very pretty piece of machinery. But the triplets pay no heed to aesthetics.

So, my third most used piece of equipment currently is a rocker, passed to me by sister. It has held her 5 children as babies, and is battered and worn and the ‘bed’ has sunk. The triplets love it. They feel enclosed and although it’s not as good as the swing, the triplet who has missed out, will normally settle in here. Definitely not their cot. For some reason they all reject the cot during the daytime.

Lastly, there is the play gym. This is a new favourite. Upon reaching the 12 week mark this week, wake time is on the agenda a bit more, and the triplets are enjoying staring at the mesmerising toys hanging from this contraption. They are starting to smile and coo at them. I love it when this interaction starts.

And just to show you why I adore my little someones on the adorable somethings, here’s another photo.

What baby paraphanalia did you consider invaluable for newborns?

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"Breakfast" – January Photo A Day

Oats. Integral part of my brekkie routine. Not every day. But many days. Today it will be raw muesli. And I will make some Bircher Muesli for tomorrow. I love a bit of bircher in the summer. In the winter the boys and I love porridge. The Accountant doesn’t. He abhors the taste. But he’s learned how to make it. He cooks it for the boys. He’s figured out that it’s cheaper than cereal.

How do you like your oats?

(Oh, I’ve been a bit tricky. I’m using the colour sketch effect on my new Nikon D5100.)

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Photo A Day Challege – "You"

Fat Mum Slim has issued a Photo A Day Challenge during the month of January. I thought it looked like fun, so I decided to take the challenge. Of course at this current time, with triplets, that would make it more challenging than normal. Right now, feeling like this is a school assignment, I’m quickly jumping online to post my first days photo before midnight. I’ve been holding babies (normally Missy) continuously since 2:00pm-10:00pm. and pretty well most of the morning before that. At one point I hastily held up the camera in front of me and snapped and at another point I put the timer on, crouched down and waited till the beeping stopped, feeling a bit foolish. At least the baby in Mummy’s arms won’t remember, and didn’t think the least of me, unlike J Boy who walked in and started laughing hysterically that I was taking a photo of myself. Obviously I need to teach him the words “self portrait”.

Let me note. I am no photographer, I am a writer. I enjoy taking photos, which is why I thought this might be fun. I’ll write a quick blurb each day too. (Fingers crossed.)

So here I am on the first day of 2012.

The thing I like about this photo, is it shows my wrinkles. I hear people sigh and complain about getting older and gaining wrinkles. I’m proud of them. Look at them on my cheek and the crows feet at my eyes. Those wrinkles are caused by smiling. I have lived a life where I have smiled so much that the mulitudes of happy moments have been etched on my face. I’m proud of this.

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Triplet Portraits – Bits and Pieces of Modesty

This week I got Salt Studios to take newborn portraits of the triplets. It was lots of fun, there was a combination of sleeping babies, crying babies, feeding babies, piddling babies, funny face babies and ‘so cute they melt your heart’ babies.

I can’t wait to see all the final products. In the meantime, I asked the talented photographer, Andrew Coates, if he could send me a few pics from the day so I could include them in an invitation to the babies dedication next month.

Being a very obliging photographer, he did. However I had to say even though they are completely adorable, it made me gasp! Two of the three images have my children’s gender on full display! The beautiful image above was a full length shot. Completely gorgeous seeing their little chicken legs. However, the boys were able to cover their parts with strategically placed ties. Poor Missy was left completely exposed. I couldn’t help it, I’ve cropped the picture. It really doesn’t feel right to crop a professional image. I felt like I was defacing a piece of artwork. You know like putting some fig leaves over the statue of David. So, I’m thinking of asking Andrew to crop and photoshop the other images in order to keep me happy and give my kids a bit of modesty.

What do you think? Does it matter for newborns? Am I being a prude? (If so, The Accountant is also!) But don’t you agree with point one? My threesome totally melt hearts.

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