Easter 2013

I hope everyone had a great Easter. Just like last year  we travelled to my parent’s beach house.

On our way!

This year we shared Easter with my brother and my sister, her hubby and five kids. Yep, 10 kids in a house with only one living area. My brother has since declared that he is never having kids. Which I find quite distressing because A) I want him to get married and give me some more nephews/nieces. And B) it’s concerning that my kids could have that effect on someone.

Admittedly 10 kids 10 and under is a bit intense. Especially when 6 of those kids are 4 and under. (Although I don’t know why he would complain that much. I had the youngest six on my own for a morning and it was a perfect little holiday, we had a lovely time!) I did try to explain to him that the likelihood of him having more than one baby at a time is highly unlikely. And it didn’t help that the triplets are cross teething, which was responsible for three little grumpy bums running about who would not hesitate to drop to the ground and have a nice little scream session on a frequent basis. I have learned to quite often ignore them when this happens, but I perhaps should have considered that it is more grating on a single man’s ears! The poor little one year olds were also running fevers and snuffles.

Alex’s favourite aspect of going to Bundaberg, more specifically, Bargara, (a little beach town just outside of Bundy), is the beach. The Bundy beaches are just right for children within our age brackets. Because the Great Barrier Reef begins offshore from Bundy, the surf is very minimal. There also lots of inlets with shallow or still water which is great for the children, especially toddlers to safely play in. Just to prove that being with his nieces and nephews wasn’t all bad, Uncle Gregory was a super uncle playing with the babies on the beach. He built sandcastles for them, dug holes which they loved sitting in, especially as he kept filling them with water. Toddler heaven.

Meanwhile the bigger kids were exploring around the waterhole with Daddy and Aunty Katrina.

After so much sunshine and physical activity, the triplets had a good sleep afterwards. Jayden was so tired that he completely flaked out on the grass while the rest of the kids ate chips.

Easter morning was full of chocolate deliciousness. Because my parents were not staying with us this year, Alex and I stayed in the very large master bedroom with the five children. The triplets weren’t feeling well, so this was challenging at times, since the triplets took advantage of the knowledge that we were close by and requested parental services at ungodly hours (oh, the memories) and moaned, cried and snuffled in their sleep. However, I did love hearing all the kids wake up on Easter morning and discover their Easter buckets.  (Alex had no sentimentality about such things, rolled over and kept his eyes shut throughout the whole proceeding!) The delight of children discovering little treats always warms my heart. I let them eat a chocolate straight away. It did mean there was chocolate mooshed everywhere, but hey, you got to let them do special things every once in awhile, there’s only one day of the year you can get away with chocolate before breakfast!

First thing Easter morning. Sorry for the blurry photos, I tend to get a bit excited sometimes and click before focusing! You can particularly tell that Toby was sick. He konked out before even finishing his egg! 

It wasn’t long before all 10 children were up, and more chocolate was consumed. Although this time, the children were very civilised and went and ate at the table without even being told!

We went to the local Catholic church with my brother. The last time I was in that cathedral was for an end of year mass back when I was a teenager and a student at a local Catholic high school. Unfortunately getting out of the house with five kids to attend a service at 8am is not easy. (Especially when I thought we were going to a 9 o’clock service) Consequently by the time we arrived, 5 minutes late, there was only standing room in the church. We stood in the doorway of one of the side doors, and the five kids kind of rolled, toddled and crept around the floor. Until they inevitably started wanting more space and the littlies started crying. At this point, it was great being positioned so close to the door. We didn’t quite make it to the end of the service, which I think disappointed my Catholic brother, but The Accountant was getting frazzled, and I’m not sure that Jayden’s wailing from the footpath wasn’t still interrupting the congregation within. Everyone was made happy again with a post church visit to Maccas!

My kids plus one. Trent declared, by the middle of the service, that this child was his best friend.

The kids really loved their little tin buckets I got them this year and hunting for Easter eggs. The triplets look so cute toddling about with them.

The big boys are super enthusiastic egg hunters. We did a hunt with the cousins on the Tuesday, just before leaving. Plenty of chocolate for a sugar high on the way home. The kids also went hunting in a nearby park before Easter. I think it’s so sweet seeing excited children tearing around the place full of hope, expectation and determination to succeed!

So, that was our Easter. Altogether, a delightful family time, and there was even some chances to catch up with all school friends, which is always delightful. It was just great having the cousins play together and developing bonds with my nieces and nephews. Even if I think that my niece displayed a little bit of one upmanship. Trying to outdo me with quads. Hmmph.

I would love to know what you did over the Easter weekend. Please share in the comments!

I’m linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT today.

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Introducing My Family.

Hi there! I’m loving the new look on my blog, are you? The amazing Miss Rachael has given Caitlin’s Happy Heart a facelift, which is very much appreciated because it has been frustrating me that it hasn’t been quite looking completely like me, but I’m too time poor and technologically challenged to do anything about it! Anyway, let me know what you like about it, or even feel free to give constructive criticism if you are feeling brave and see an area that could be improved. And if you are really enthusiastic, feel free to put my new shiny button on your page as one of your blog friends!

With the new blog look, I thought this would be a nice time to do something that The Accountant and I have discussed. That is to start using the children’s real names in this blog. We love our children’s names and would prefer to use them. Plus the little boys names were given when they were so young, they didn’t quite seem right as time has went by. Also, we want people we know to think of and use our children’s actual names, not their blog pseudo names. Another thing, that many of you noticed, is that I often slipped up and would mention a child’s name from time to time because it just wasn’t natural to use the pseudo names.

So, may I introduce you to my five wonderful children?

My six year old firstborn child. I called him J Boy on the blog because we often call him Jonty Boy. Full of energy and life. Jonty has a very strong will which makes him a very driven and determined person. I’m proud of him for being extremely polite and for his excellent conversational skills. He is really a delight to chat to!  His preferred time to have in depth conversations is at bed time.

My three year old big boy. I called him T-Star on the blog because we call him Trentster. When he smiles, it’s like a burst of sunshine. Trent is our early bird, often appearing at our bedside at ungodly hours, annoying us by repeatedly telling us “It’s wake up time now. It’s morning. Wake up. It’s wake up time.” (Repeat x50) Trent loves being around people and is a very enthusiastic friend to have. Especially if it involves roaring loudly.
The oldest one year old in our family. (By a matter of seconds.) I called him Joey on the blog after a Joey kangaroo. Toby, the blue triplet, is a little go-getter. Very active, the other two babies have learned to run away from him, or scream loudly, because he has a habit of stealing toys. Toby is the most enthusiastic child outdoors, and will get grubby the quickest. Most times he makes sure that he will be dirty by rolling and rubbing himself  in the dirt.

The red triplet. Jayden is very gregarious. He loves people and will often be waiting to catch anyone’s eye and laugh and smile and babble away. I called him Chook on the blog, because that is an Aussie way of saying chicken. He is also the triplet most likely to keep the other two awake at night by keeping a party like atmosphere in the crib(s). He can also be very sensitive and cuddly.
My only girl. I called her Missy on the blog, because this is what I call her sometimes, I also call her Miss Mouse and Miss Im. Others call her Immy or Imogen. Imogen is already a little chatterbug with an impressive repetoire of words and phrases for a one year old. She is feisty and will put the boys in their place if necessary. She loves shoes (makes her mother’s heart swell with pride) yet can still make impressive engine noises for toy cars. (Just to equal up Daddy’s pride.)  
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Happy 3rd Birthday Trenster!

My little boy has just turned 3. 3 year old boys, from my experience are extremely cute. Which they need because it makes them easier to forgive their challenging behaviour, which in our family seems to come with the age.

Trent is one of those kids who universally would be acknowledged as a gorgeous boy. He talks in beautifully crafted sentences, which coming out of his young mouth are heart-warming and often so funny! Do you know how many times my little boy makes me laugh during the day? So much. So very much.

It’s funny isn’t it, how words that we say every day, when repeated in those baby voices are suddenly completely adorable and make us chuckle. When he makes a mistake, he has said, “Silly old Trentster.” He refers to himself as Trentster now. That is cute also. He has been so looking forward to his birthday ever so much and in the lead up has been singing “Happy Birthday dear Trentster”.

So here is an update on what my little star is doing now that he is three.

Oh my, this child likes to eat. He eats all day long. By that I mean all.day.long. I am constantly hearing the refrain, “I’m hungry.” Luckily he is easy to please. He is an absolute fruit bat. He will happily eat nothing more than fruit if I let him. He will always choose fruit over cake. He loves cooking and will often beg to make muffins, but once they are complete he will have the smallest little bite before pushing it away and begging for an apple. Apples are his (and J Boy’s) favourite fruit. Other favourites are sausages, pizza, noonels (noodles) and if you ask him what we should have for dinner, he will almost always say “Pasta”. Although once the pasta is in front of him, he isn’t always pleased. I haven’t exactly worked out what he is picturing when he says pasta!

Apples are party food for Trent!

Potty Training
Thankfully he never really used the potty. I was so grateful. Horrid things they are. And cleaning them. Ugh. Anyway, I digress. Our little champ does all his wees on the toilet, but we are still perfecting the correct place to dispose of number 2’s. Cleaning jocks is something I do regularly (Thanks to him being a fruit bat). He does have some success, hopefully it will continue to increase!

A completely social child, Trent loves his friends. He adores going to Storytelling on a Monday morning and Playzone on Wednesday mornings. He always comes home talking about ‘my friends’. Trent is getting better at playing on his own. He loves playing with playdough and making pizza, sausages, snakes and people from gingerbread cutters as well as the various playdough gadgets. Proving that he is definitely masculine, this play will often involve brutal squashing, cutting off of heads and snakes biting his beloved Mummy to death. He is morbidly fascinated by dying at the moment. Of course he has no idea of the implications of death.

He loves playing with his wooden train set and enjoys Mummy and Miss Rachael making him tracks. He’s starting to be able to connect the pieces to make his own track also. (Normally in a straight line!) Big trucks and cars that he can wheel around the house are also a popular choice to zoom around. He has a little blue indoor trike that he calls his “motorbike”. He jumps up and down when he starts to ride it like he is kickstarting it, then he will zoom “off to work”, “to the shops” or “to the beach” on it. He also hooks up a pull along dog toy to the back and will drive around the house with the plastic dog faithfully following wherever he leads.

A big fan of the outdoors, you will often find my little man outside playing on the swings, trampoline, sandpit, and generally having a great time with his brother once J Boy is home from school. He loves going on Grandad’s quad bike and has Grandad twisted around his little finger.


There’s not too many reasons why Grandad would miss postpone a Sunday afternoon sleep. But Trent’s requests are mostly granted and his enormous smile is during these trips are worthwhile. (Perhaps another motivating factor is the hope that perhaps developing a love of the motorbike and the land on which it drives will help breed a future farrmer.)  On Saturdays Trent and Jonty like nothing better than to traipse around in the yard with their father. It is so heartwarming watching them and knowing that this is an important part of their early lessons on how to become men of character.

Just to keep it real, it’s worthwhile putting on the record that Trent is certainly not a completely angelic child. He can really be a very moody. Often when people arrive at our house, they walk in the door and say hello and Trent will give a very discourteous growl at them, and no matter how nicely the person speaks to him, he will continue his ill mannered growling until they leave him alone. He has also decided that he would like things done his way and will quite often do everything possible to ensure that his will is not crossed. This will often result in exceptional tantrums with much crying, wailing and protesting. They are not reserved for the privacy of our own home either. (Although, who am I kidding, our home is not very private at the moment, there’s almost always someone here.) On Sunday he gave a spectacular performance after the service was over (thankfully not during) because he objected to Daddy’s refusal to take him to the women’s toilets. Thankfully with most of these battles we know it is a simple case of weathering the storm and staying consistent and not giving in. We’d much prefer to fight these battles now while he’s small in the hope that it will decrease the number of battles to fight during his teenage years.


The beauty of growing up around the extended family is watching the blossoming relationships as the cousins play together and the children relate to their grandparents, aunts and uncles. These are Trent’s favourite people. He has a firm friendship with his cousin Nay Nay. In fact, she was certainly the most important person on his party guest list and according to Trent it was imperative that she attend. (As if she wouldn’t!) He enjoys Saturday afternoons with Nanny at the house and Thursday mornings have become his special Grandma mornings where he will often visit and delight his great grandparents.

He is such a loving member of our immediate family also.  He knows the way to make a woman feel soft and mushy. He will often come up and say, “You look pretty Mummy, you look like a ballerina.” or “You look like a flower Mummy.” Trust my words son, the girls will love you if you continue to appreciate their fashion and express it accordingly.  He dotes on the babies, too much often, but he is gradually learning  (I think, I hope) to not kill be gentle with them. He will follow his big brother to the ends of the earth and is often content to just do whatever Jonty chooses, just to enjoy his company. (To  which Jonty exploits.)

I’m so thankful for my little boy and all he brings to our lives so I’m linking up with Thankful Thursday.

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The Triplet's First Birthday!

It’s official! The triplets are now one year olds!

Sunday was the big B-Day. The babies had a wonderful start to the day by waking up at 6:30am instead of 5:00am. It was just as well, because they had very little sleep the rest of the day. They just snatched catnaps here and there as we had them on a very hectic schedule! (Poor babies!)

Once we were all up, we did the breakfast routine, and scurried around getting ready for the party that was scheduled after church. Of course in the midst of this was the opportunity for the triplets to receive their presents from Mummy and Daddy, (and their big brothers).

I love all their checks in appropriate colours – the colour theme of the day of course had to be red, blue, pink!

This is the first glimpse of the colours of the day. Of course it had to be the triplet’s colours. Red (Chook), Blue (Joey) and Pink (Missy).

So, what was in the boxes?

These cute little wheely bugs are adorable! If you are interested, I got a great deal over here at Classic Baby. (I’m just sharing this with you because I think they are wonderful, no other reason.) They go backwards, forwards and side to side. T-Star has already done some serious doughnuts on them! (Just as well he is getting a larger sized tiger one for his birthday in just over three weeks time.) At the moment the babies are using them as walkers or pushing them around on their knees. They are seriously loving them.

We then headed to church since it was a Sunday morning. After one year we are getting closer at arriving to church on time. We are now getting to the church just before it starts, but by the time we unload all the kids it’s started by the time we walk in. Just need to work on getting out the door five to ten minutes earlier! It sounds so easy. If only it were so.

Our church family were happy to share in celebrating the baby’s birthdays. We had this picture on the big screen of when they were tiny babies, and then one of last weeks beach pictures. How big they have grown in the last year!

As per usual the triplets fell asleep en route to church. As per usual they woke up during the transfer from car to stroller. In retrospect, we should have left them sleeping with one of us staying in the car and texting the other parent to come and help once they woke up. But hey, most of us don’t have the wisdom of hindsight to operate on.

So instead, the only sleep the babies got all day was a bit of a nap on the way to church, two babies had a little snooze in church, (Highly unusual. A friend offered to rock their pram while I listened to the sermon with my husband. She must have a gift.) and a little nap on the way home.

When we got home the house gradually started filling with guests. As I have said, it was only our family and a few very close friends, but my goodness! It became so very noisy so very quickly with 16 children 10 and under. I could blame the fact that 10 of those children were 4 years old and younger, but the reality is that it was the older kids making the most noise.

The babies couldn’t wait for the chicken that was being cooked on the BBQ. They ate some of their favourite root vegetable mash while most others consumed nibbles.

After that, being the eternal optimist I put them down for a nap. Considering all the older children were playing in the hallway outside their bedroom, expecting anyone to sleep under such conditions was an entirely ridiculous notion.

So, we all donned our party hats, (party hat wearing was strictly policed and enforced by eldest brother and pocket rocket cousin), and partied on.

My Dad and I
Good ol’ Dad manning the barbie.
Uncle Jo perfected how to wear a party hat AND not get sunburnt.

Anyway, why should the triplets miss out on their own party by going to sleep? Oh, extreme tiredness. Yes, that would be a good reason. Oh well, never mind!

Chook having a snuggle with Miss Rachael

But they were little troopers and embraced the birthday cake experience with enthusiasm, despite their sleepy states.

Cake time!
Chook, about to sample his cake.
Joey gives tick of approval

Having a post cake laugh with cousin R.

A tired cakey birthday girl sporting an impressive bruise. (She fell over on the tiles that morning.)

Once the babies had all finished, they had a bath.

Once they were dressed in their new owl shirts, they continued being the centre of attention.

With their owl beanbags.

Lastly, there were presents to open.

It was quite chaotic with so many willing ‘helpers’ all yelling instructions and on hand to tear up paper for the babies.

By the time everyone left, we had some babies suffering from extreme tiredness. (Not to mention us parents!) Poor little things were too tired to eat much dinner and had a good cry before drifting off to sleep. It probably has taken them three days to get over the excitement!

I’ll do another post detailing more about the owl theme of the party.


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Photography Giveaway!

A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.
Zara from Zara Jane Photography recently took some family photos for us. I have already shared some of these lovely images of the triplets and our family.

At the moment I’m living in the buzz that happens before you are about to embark on a project. You know that sweet feeling of anticipation before you’ve started the work and before you regret how ambitious you have been? I’ve been collecting black and white frames and in a little while, I’m going to rearrange the pictures on my wall and make an awesome picture wall. I’ve been flicking through some my other favourite photos that Zara took and trying to decide which pictures to include on my wall. Because seriously, her work needs to be framed.

I’ve already chosen a lovely photo of all 7 of us, but I also wanted to include some more candid snaps. Here’s some of my options:

The Five Children

Autumn Chook

Mummy and T-Star

Daddy piggy backs J Boy
Mummy and Daddy

J Boy

The boys

Aren’t they lovely? I love photos which just capture natural moments in time. And Zara has done some funky things with the lighting during some of those moments.

If you were looking at these images and wishing you had some similar images of your own family – today is your lucky day!

Drum roll please – dum, dum, da! It’s my first ever giveaway!

Zara Jane Photography is giving away an hour long photo session and 20 photos on a disc. (Worth $150) How awesome is that? Anyone is free to enter – but the catch is that Zara is based in Toowoomba, so you need to be prepared to come to Toowoomba to claim your prize or pay for her to come to you.  But Toowoombians (and surrounds) – don’t hesitate, enter right now! Imagine the beautiful photos that she could take of your family. (Or with friends, pets, chocolate … whatever!)

Here’s how.
1. Head over to Zara Jane Photography’s facebook page and “like” it.
2. Enter a comment below telling me which photo you think I should hang on my wall AND why would you like a Zara Jane photography session?

The winner will be judged by The Accountant and announced on this blog, Tuesday the 7th of August. I will remove the names while he judges, that way he will be unbiased – so friends and family, you may enter! One entry per person please. Make sure you check if you are the winner, because you will need to give my your contact details if you are.

Say Cheese and Good luck!

*Disclosure: I have not received anything for this promotion. Zara offered to take some photos of the triplets for their first birthday (stay tuned) so I thought it might be nice to promote her wonderful work on my blog to say thank you. The competition just goes to show how nice she is! So if you are looking for a great photographer, make sure you consi

der Zara Jane Photography!

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Family Photos with 7 Month Triplets

I recently shared some family pictures back when the triplets were newborns. (See here) We’ve had some more photos taken more recently by Zara-Jane Photography. Here we all are in the triplet’s 7th month.

I love the way J Boy is looking at us here. I think it give a kid a certain sense of security to see obvious examples that his (or her) parents are still in love.

The other day a lady paid us the nicest compliments anyone has told me since the triplets were born. She said she was watching us during church one day. I was doing my usual walk in/walk out to the mother’s room routine. I would get back, sit down, grab nappy bag, get a spew cloth, and wipe up spew, then another one would poo, and off I’d go. Come back, fish around for sultana’s for T-Star. Another baby would insist it was starving, off I’d go again. etc, etc. Church is not about what we get out of it at the moment, it’s about establishing a routine for our family. We want our children to always know that we prioritise a weekly time where we go and worship as a family with our church family.

Anyway, this lady, who has known me since I was a girl, was watching our shenanigans and feeling exhausted by the performance. “I was wondering how on earth you cope,” she told me, “You must be tired as well, and you just never stop. And then I just saw you and Alex look at each other, it was like time paused, even though you were both still doing things. All of a sudden I knew, you were all right. Your marriage was getting stronger throughout everything. The way you looked at each other was the type of look you see a husband and wife looking at one another on their wedding day.”

Isn’t that sweet? And it’s true. My goodness I love this man. I have married a good man. A Godly man. And he is an excellent father.

(It’s also an excellent example that you never know when people are watching you and that your actions tell the world a story about your life.)

This is Alex’s Mum with our family. She’s been such a great support since the triplet’s have been born. Providing meals, staying overnight to help, buying goodies for the babies, and helping out on Saturday afternoons so Alex has time to do special things like bike rides or yard work with the big boys. (Although occassionally I utilise the opportunity to flee the house myself!) I know the big boys enjoy seeing her regularly as well.

I am so proud of my family. God is good. He has given me far beyond what I ever could have dreamed or imagined.
As you can see, I’m a bit of a fan of photography. I love to freeze in time some moments. Do you get family photos taken regularly or are they rare occassions? Have you ever been paid a compliment that makes your heart warm inside?
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Newborn Triplet Photos – The Family

So, I’m a bit all over the place at the moment with my posting, but it’s just a case of doing a post when I have time, and I just don’t have the time to post methodically at the moment.

Today, I thought I’d continue sharing some of the professional photos by Salt Studios when the triplets were newborns. Already I’ve shared some of the triplets together. (See here)

Now I thought I should share some family pictures back when the triplets were 5 weeks old. I love J Boy’s expressions – so cute. When T-Star has his cheeky little grins. Also so cute. And our teeny tiny triplets. So cute. Of course.

We have every reason to be the proud parents!

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Easter 2012 – 2012 – Good Friday

The fun being about being in Bundaberg over this Easter was family. We stayed at my parents house in Bargara. They were there and my 2 sisters were there and our brother joined us late Saturday night. Of course my kids were overjoyed that all of their cousins were around.

On Good Friday we went down to the river and had some fun with my brother-in-laws boat.

I came down for a few hours in between the triplets feeds. Just long enough to go for a ride on a giant shoe with my two sons! One loved it, one didn’t! Can you tell which was which?

After I left and went back to feed the tiny hungry mouths I understand that the Accountant had a lot of fun. At least that’s how I interpret the photos.

It was Alex’s first time on the knee board. He came home itching to ski – a pastime he is rather fond at, although rarely has the opportunity to indulge in. I suspect that when the kids are old enough we’ll be able to convince our Accountant to become a boat owner. Nothing like being able to get out on the water for a bit of fun and family time.
Because look how precious time with family is. J Boy spent the whole time plastered to his older cousin’s side. In PNG they have the term, “cousin brothers”. I think it’s an apt description for these two.
Sadly I had to leave the crew at the river and return home to feed three tiny mouths.
Not so sadly, I got to hang out with one of my very best friends throughout the afternoon and evening. Kylie and I started year one together many moons ago. The saying that the old friendships are the golden friendships is so true. Love hanging with my BFF!
Kylie was pretty comfortable hanging out with my family. Here she is holding a bub with my sister. She was very disgruntled that this baby vomitted over her, she thought she had been so good at avoiding spew all afternoon. Don’t think you can hang around me for any length of time and not go home with vomit on you somewhere…
Oh and we had some very delicious barramundi for dinner. Yum. Yum.
OK. Will continue the weekend in another installment!
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Easter 2012 Update – Part One

We had a lovely Easter.

The triplets did their first family road trip. We went to Bundaberg. I spent over two years of my teenage life in Bundy, and I still have a great fondness for the place. My parents have several farms there, so we are still frequent visitors.

Bundy is almost 5 hours travel time from our house. I’m proud to report that we did it with 5 children, including three (3) babies in 5 1/2 hours. It took us the same amount of time on the way home. We were so proud of the babies. They did such a good job. On the way up we stopped at the little country town of Wooroolin. I sat in the park and breastfed two babies, Alex bottle fed the third. The big boys played on the playground for 10 minutes and then T-star pretended to drive the car and J Boy sat on top of the trailer we were towing (because we can’t fit anything apart from people practically in our 4WD). We could have sat on the side of the road anywhere and the big boys would have been happy. We changed all their nappies and were on our way again.

Here are some happy snaps from along the way.

Big Boys in the back.

The Daddy

The Mummy

The road.

The babies

I’ll leave this as a to be continued. It’s getting late. Chook has been sick the last several days and has interrupted me, it’s very late and I’m tired.

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A Pleasant Day

I have been working on a blog post all week. Honest I have. The problem is that it’s been one of those weeks where interruptions abound. It hasn’t helped that four out of five children have been snotty and a little miserable. The triplets particularly have wanted extra cuddles and refused to sleep simultaneously. And when they weren’t sleeping, they didn’t want independent play either. So the little old blog post I’m working on has been written at the pace of a sentence here and short paragraph there.
I’ll deliver it to you, I promise. But as I snapped away today, I thought I might share the pictures of our day with you in the meantime.
It has been an altogether pleasant day. The triplets co-ordinated a sleep, and I was able to rush around tidying up here and there. Including making my bed. It’s always a good day when your bed gets made. I checked some work emails, and responded according with a phone call. Called in on facebook. Did more tidying. Most importantly today I found some time to play with T-Star, train tracks being the order of the day.

 When train tracks got boring, it was concluded that snapping Mummy was a lot more fun. I am learning that in a male dominated household, violence is celebrated, and doing something like eating Mummy up or snapping her to pieces is as much fun as you can get during the hour. (But the next hour, enjoyment will no doubt be had when Mummy is sizzled by a laser beam or sawn in half with a plastic chainsaw.)

 Meanwhile the baby boys hung out by the playgym.

 And sweet Missy had a little doze.

 When J Boy arrived home from school, it was time for a trip to the library with Miss Rachael. (Our sweet Nanny) Hopefully the end of the week tears from an ultra tired Prep boy cease to pour during the excursion.

 Inside Joey had woken up from a nap and endowed Mummy with precious smiles. I smile back, because it really has been a lovely day.

 (Excuse the pink. If you are one of a mixed gender trio, there’s no getting around it. There will be regular periods where you sport the wrong colour.)

Have you had a nice day?

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